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Updated on November 02, 2010
V.L. asks from Lexington Park, MD
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My husband and I are expecting our second child, and we cannot agree on a name! We need both boy and girl suggestions, and we have 2 stipulations: please no names that start with "J" (my husband and son's names are both J names and it'll just be confusing with 3) and nothing incredibly trendy (eg Emma, Olivia, Peyton). Thank you in advance for your help--I look forward to reading your suggestions!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all of the suggestions! Can't wait to go through all the names with my husband...hopefully we won't have to take the baby home without a name :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Owen, Eli, Ethan, Drew for boys. It's nice to have names that don't shorten into a cutsie nickname for boys. I don't have any girls, so haven't really thought about them :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I've always loved my husband's name (Brice). And I hope it's not too vain to say that I like my own name (K.). I have two girls - Tyler and Tori (short for Victoria) A friend of mine just named her baby girl Piper. I thought that was cute. When you decide you should let us all know!!

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answers from Richmond on

I have always LOVED Adam as a boy's name. I also like Ian, Henry and Caleb. I think girl's names are really difficult but I like Susanna (I would love to call her Anna), Julia (but it's a J), Lillian and Alaina. I wish I could have another child just to be able to give 1 more name - I love naming them! Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I don't really have any suggestions, but thought I'd offer this website that we used when thinking about a name for our son. You can type in the name and it will tell you how common it is and has been and what the trend is. It's also just fun.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have a son Caleb and a daughter Lydia. Both names are found in the Bible, they are a "known name" but definitely not trendy or a popular name. I really love those names. I like family names -we have a Harrison and Kate (short for Kathryn) and another daughter was named Madeleine b/c she was born when we lived in Paris. I think names should have strong meanings to the parents. I have a friend who just named her daughter Harper - I fell in love with that name instantly!

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answers from Scranton on

My daughter's name is Katarina. Its not very common but still a pretty name. I had to laugh when yopu said about the J names. My husband is Andy and our 3 boys are Adam, Austin, and Andrew. Yeah it gets confusing, I am always mixing them up. They all anwser to "Hey you!"

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answers from New York on

My daughter's names are:
Kara Lynn Pearl (yes she has 2 first names)
Dakota Marie

I've always loved Savannah and Autumn for girls and the ever popular Jacob for a boy. How about something with V to balance the family?

Of course my family was all K's: Kenneth (Kenny), Kristal, Karisa and Kristopher (KC for short). My poor mom's name started with a G so we jokingly called her Ka-Gina.

Congrats on your pregnancy!

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answers from New London on

My son's name is Grayson - my husband ran across it while watching Drop Dead Diva (don't ask me why he was watching that!). Before finding that name we could not agree on anything. I also liked Carson and Connor but those might be too popular. In his daycare there is a Gavin which is nice. My nephew's names are Everett (which I like) and Laszlo (not too fond of). For girl, my daughters name is Carissa. I also like Vanessa, Vivienne, Caris. Congrats and good luck finding a name - it will pop out at ya when you hear it!

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answers from Denver on

Stella, Estelle, Gwen, Reese,

Gavin, Sawyer, Eden,



answers from Chicago on

If we are ever blessed with a girl we will name her Elena Marie

My top boy name is Alexander


answers from Washington DC on

My kids were supposed to have all K husband and I could not agree on a K name for our first son, so he got a C...sometimes it causes confusion, but not normally :).



answers from New York on

I am pregnant with a boy and we are going to name him Caleb Luke.
If it were a girl we were going to name her Amelia Grace.
I also love the name Eva for a girl.



answers from Pittsburgh on





answers from Norfolk on

I'm having the same issue trying to find a name for our 2nd baby, a boy! It seemed like the first time, it was much easier to decide on a name. Here are my names:

Girls: Kinsley, Khloe, Klara, Addyson

Boys: Parker, Brayden, Kayden, Greyson, Brady


answers from Topeka on

My daughter's name is Magdalyn Grace... pronounced just as it is spelled.... Mag-da-lyn. We call her Maggie for short. Or Monkey. haha! Other girl names I like are Victoria, Emily (not Emma), Alexa, Alexanderia, Bonnie, Courtney, Cassandra, Daria, Laurie, Lauren, Angel, Maddie, Samantha, and so much more. I do not suggest using boy names for girls such as Peyton or Taylor.

Boy names... Samuel Caleb, David Alexander (these are my two boys).... also old school names are trendy.... Alex, Cade, Damion, Taylor, Victor, Wesley, Haine, Blaine, Blake, Ethan, Nicholas, Kyle, Aidan, Landon....

There are plenty of name websites. Google it.
Good Luck and congrats!



answers from Bloomington on

I just named my baby boy Rowan. My girl name was Fiona...but I also like Charlotte and Juliet. Good luck!


answers from Sioux City on

I love Colette for a little girl. I am fond of Brennen for a boy.


answers from Washington DC on

If I had a girl, I would have named her Mira Rose. I also like Claire and Chloe.

Finn or Ronan for a boy.

My son is Matthew. I think the meaning of the name is important too.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Will, Jack, Elizabeth, or Katherine (Katie)?

Shane or Tyler?

Casey? (girl)




answers from Chicago on

I think J names would be great!! That is what we did in our family and it has not caused any confusion !! I have three kids...Fun and they are neat names. Give it some thought. google social security administration. Look up baby names on their site. They give tons of names.



answers from Boise on

For a girl, even though it is a J sound, Gillian (I love my name). I always loved Victoria, Veronica, and Antoinette because I liked Vicky, Tori, Roni, Toni. Unfortunately for boys, even the traditional names are really popular right now, but I love some of the traditional Irish names - Declan, Kellen, Finnigan.



answers from Dallas on

I was watching the Time Traveler's wife and loved the name Alba for a little girl also would suggest: Violet, Madeline and Robin (I don't meet many Robin's these days. . . ).
boys: Kruger, Ryder, Kelly or Cooper.
Have fun!!



answers from Dallas on

Boys: Alexander (I love Xander as a nickname too!), Gabriel, Michael, Donovan, Sebastian, Elijah, Emerson.

Girls: Alexandra, Elizabeth, Madeline, Seraphina, Grace, Isabelle, Lilly.



answers from Eugene on

For a boy I like:
Roudy or

For a girl I like:

I already have a daughter named Kayden...:)



answers from Chicago on

Here's our favorites for baby #2:

-Ava Jean
-Eva Grace
-Maggie Jane
-Betsy, Mallory, Audrey, Lucy, Simone, Sasha, Colette, Penny, and Nora

Owen, Oliver, Beau, Dane, Caleb, Henry,


answers from Albany on

Tehehe, well my boys are James Joseph (sorry bout the Js!), Daniel Patrick, and my daughter is Margaret Katharine. Oddly, as common as all six of those names are we rarely run into kids with any of them!!



answers from Boston on

I have 4 girls and for reasons I won't spell out here I never got to use my absolute favorite girl name: Tabitha. Very old American traditional name, puritan if you will without being ugly like Prudence. And it means "gazelle." Shouldn't every daughter be a gazelle?

My son is Matthew. Excellent, masculine, timeless name.


answers from Columbus on

Some of the names on our baby name list over the years were....

Boys were...



answers from Houston on

My daughter's name is Victoria Leigh (Lee), but we call her Tori most of the time unless she's in trouble and then it's "Tori Leigh!".

I love the name Presleigh for a girl (pronounced Presley) and also like Brooklyn, Tonette (long O)

Boy names - Garret, Pearce, Mark, Micah

Congratulations and blessings for a healthy baby!



answers from Washington DC on

When I was pregnant with twins, we had 4 names ready (2 girl/2boy) just in case. Well we used the boys names, but the girls were Willow and Abigail. Also for a girl I like Autumn. I do like Cooper and Jackson for a boy as well.

Our criteria was that the names (first, middle, last) all sounded good together. That the initials didn't spell anything odd/bad. I tend not to like names that have automatic nicknames (ex: Edward - Eddie/Robert - Bobby). It seems hard for many men to outgrow the kid version of their names. Anyway, we also wanted unusual but not odd names - although Willow is rather unusual, I really liked the sound of it. And if you do choose a name with a default nickname, make sure the name sounds good with last name (ex: Jackson Ash sounds fine, but Jack Ash is a different case!!)

Don't stress - Enjoy! This is the fun part!!


answers from Dover on

Matthew James or Matthew Charles for a boy.
Cheyenne Nicole for a girl.


answers from Dallas on

I named my daughter Cheyanne its not very trendy yet its cute and we call her chey



answers from Columbus on

Congrats first off, but wanted to share our list of names as well. We are due with baby # 3 in 2 weeks and we are still nameless (we are waiting to find out what baby is and then pick from our list):

Ian Cooper
Nicholai Michael
Bentley Morgan
Collin Michael

Hailey Renee
McKenzie Rose
Gracyn Mae

Good luck!~



answers from Seattle on

How it sounds with your last name will matter the most! I like Austin, Landon, Hayden, Carson, Blake, Brody, grant, Ryan, drew, hunter, mason, Evan, Collin, Elliott, Aidan, and Leland. Amelia, Eliza, grace, Anna/Annie, Julia, maren, Georgia, ruby, Charlotte, Scarlett, Evelyn, and lane.


answers from Dover on

My favorite girls names (which my husband vetoed each & every one so we have a Hailey Ann) were:


Boys name always make me go more traditional. We went with Michael for our son, but my all time favorite little boy name is Jackson, it just didn't work with our last name. I also really love Christopher & especially Benjamin.



answers from New York on

Just had to put in a vote for my daughter's name, Angela - classic and timeless! We chose Nicholas for my son - although it is a popular name I wouldn't consider it trendy. When I think of "trendy" I think of names that you hear and automatically know what decade the kid was born in! LOL. I guess I tend to gravitate to more traditional names...I've also always liked Grace and Rose for girls, and Vincent and Daniel for boys. Best of luck to you with Baby #2!



answers from Washington DC on

I really liked the book "The Baby Name Wizard" by Laura Wattenberg which has different categories of names and different considerations in naming children. It also has suggestions of sibling names so if you look up your son's name it has brother and sister names. I think it also depends on your last name and if you care about what the name means. We have a one syllable last name that begins with "K" so we did not want to use any one syllable names or names that had one syllable nicknames, especially that ended in that letter (Eg. Nicholas=Nick, or Michael-Mike).
Also, my husband and I could not really agree on a name for my second either and we ended up each making a list and then getting veto power on each other's lists until we had it narrowed down to one we could both live with.
Good luck!

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