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Names and Meanings....

J.F. asks from Fayetteville

I was just wondering if most people name their children by names that they like or if they actually look at the meanings and origins. I love finding out what names me...


Baby Names with Biblical Meaning

H.V. asks from Grand Rapids

I was wondering if anyone had any decent websites to go to that offers biblical meaning to names that aren't necessarily biblical. If that makes any sense. The ones...



M.F. asks from San Francisco

I am looking for some unique (but not WEIRD) baby GIRL names. Any suggestions? I like Quinn, but I have a friend that just named her baby it would b...


Baby Names

B.F. asks from Rochester

So it has been 10 years since I last gave birth and so many things have changed! However one thing that remains constant baby names. Once I had thought I was done w...


Baby Names

J.P. asks from Salt Lake City

I know that picking a baby name is personal preference but thought I would get some opinions anyways.... Our due date is coming up in 3 weeks and we can not decide on...


Baby Names

J.W. asks from Philadelphia

I just wanted some thoughts on whether Moms thought I was justified at feeling annoyed at this. I just recently had a daughter and her name is a family last name and...


Ideas for Meaningful Room Mom and Volunteer Thank You's

M.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Hello all! So I am in charge of room mom and volunteer appreciation this year for my children's school. We usually have a light brunch and then hand out a thank you...


Baby Names

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi! I am due in 8 weeks with my first baby, a boy. We have a great name picked out, but we are not sharing it with anyone until he is born. The first name is one we r...


Boy's Name Meaning "Second Son"

C.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas! Does anyone know of a boy's name meaning "second son"? My husband and I lost our first son the day before Valentine's day when I delivered him at only 2...