Do Flocks of Birds Poop in Unison or Something??

Updated on September 06, 2011
A.G. asks from Clinton, MA
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I went out to my car this morning, and yes it is already a poop green color (besides the point) HOWEVER my whole car was covered in bird poop!!! I mean 3 different "loads" on my windshield, a looong streak down my passenger window, and a hugenormous pile on my hood complete with several flies swarming it... really... so had to drive to work but 1st thing after I need to to find a car wash...
So my question... do birds poop at the same time with each other?? I know as soon as you empty the cat box the cat naturally has to poop in the clean litter, so like a flock of Canadian geese do they let loose the same time for the benefit of the flock?? Speed factor?? Just wondering.

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So What Happened?

I was parked in my driveway, same spot as I do every day.. no trees around :) So roosting idea, no go... I mean this poop was so immense as I was driving I could see the chunks of whatever they ate through the glass, equivilent to people eating corn maybe? LOL... just amusing really. Bird poop.. Geesh...

@ Malia
LOL I am sure they "unloaded" and felt much better haha!!

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answers from Seattle on

I think they do! I remember once being in high school and a group of friends were walking down the street and a huge flock of seagulls came by and all pooped on us at the same time. Seriously. It was awful.

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answers from Austin on

My husband says he has no idea, but be glad it was not a "flock of pigs with wings.." Yes, I have to live with this man.

"Poop and swoop" .. my husband just added after I reading Jo's post to him...

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answers from Los Angeles on

Most birds are evil. It's a known fact. Refer to Prof. hitchcock.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I think so. When my sister and I were teenagers we went to a basketball tournament. After we had finished playing, we came out and mom's car was polka dotted. We did park under a tree, but had no idea that 200 birds would all need to poop at the same time. I am not even kidding, the front of the car, you couldn't tell if it was a white car with blue spots or a blur car with white (it was blue). Mom was most displeased with us when we brought it home that way. We still hear about it today it was so bad.

The moral of the story, if you get your moms car covered in bird poop, wash it before you take it back or you will hear about it for the next 20 years.

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answers from Washington DC on

This has happened to me! I counted 25 "spots" JUST on the windshield... My mom and I were driving at the time- we were shocked!

Oh, and it DID happen at the same time, we were moving, and it all happened within 1-2 seconds...

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answers from St. Louis on

They don't poop in unison unless they are taking flight at the same time and going in the same direction. So say you had a tasty feast in your front yard, they are all munching away, someone scares them and they take flight across your car. There ya go.

Otherwise if they are already in flight it is just random when they need to go.

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answers from Medford on

Every now and then birds will land on my car and let it go. They perch on the little rain gutter at the top of the door frame and it drops on my windows. Sometimes we get a huge flock of crows roosting in big trees in the evening. Its weird to watch, almost like they are playing a game, flying from tree to tree, and circling the neighborhood crowing the whole time. The next morning we usually find a lot more droppings on the driveway, and deck, so they must go while flying since there are no trees right over the areas. But when you have 2000 birds overhead you gotta expect some poop. Maybe its the same thing that happens to people,(usually guys) while looking over the edge of a bridge,, they cant help but spit.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My stomach hurts from laughing. And to answer your question...Malia is correct. You must be along their flight path, near where they roost or close to where they congregate for food and water.

Not much you can do about it, except use a garage or buy a month pass to a local car wash. :)

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answers from Austin on

No, but you probably parked under what is commonly used as a night-time roosting area.

Look at the pavement near where you park... if there are trees there, some trees are frequently used every night as a night roost.

edit... who knows? Maybe something startled a flock as they flew over.... animals frequently "unload" in a stressful situation... make themselves lighter, I guess?

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answers from New York on

Just be thankful elephants can't fly. LOL!!!
We went to canada for a vacation. I parked my car in the hotel parking lot. Since everything was within walking distance from the hotel, my car never moved. When we got ready to leave my car was covered from front to back with bird poop. It was gross. I had to find a carwash before we could leave cause I couldn't see to drive. It was that bad.
One year during the superbowl there was a commercial that a car was going down the road very clean. Along comes a bird with a ear piece on and calling all the other birds to follow the car. Well at the end the car pulls in the garage and the door closed. Next thing you see is the birds beak in the door and saying "medic". It was the dirty bird commercial. Funny!!! Type in Nissan Maxima Pigeons on Check it out its funny.
I think they do it on purpose! LOL

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