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Updated on July 19, 2008
B.M. asks from Walled Lake, MI
7 answers

I need help from my techno-savy sisters!!!
Our family needs to purchase a digital converter box (we don't have cable or satelite, and we have bunny ears and an "older" TV). I got the government coupons that are due to expire July 16th.. and I have mixed feelings about which box we should purchase. So I thought I would ask you all!! Is there anyone out there who already has one (or knows people who have one) and loves it or hates it. Any consumer feed back would be greatly appreciated!!!! I'm running out of time.....
Thanks for your time!

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answers from Detroit on

We weren't concerned about the brand, but more with the price tag so we went to Walmart. There was no choice at Walmart. They only carried the Magnavox converter. After the coupon, we only paid $10. It works great, and is very small. We've had for a few months now, and have no complaints.



answers from Detroit on

I am probably late here, but I heard the cheat boxes aren't worth it and its better to go for the 50 or more dollar ones. I have mixed feelings about even buying the box here at all. We are opting to just buy a new tv and not even have to mess with those boxes at all. I have been asking around and have been told that the newer tv's won't need the box and well that sounds good to me. I hope you found something that works for you.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I heard from two different people that did a lot of research to get the Zenith converter box that Circuit City carries. The converter box is $59.99 and then use the government coupon to get $40 off. I'm not sure if anyone else carries that same one or not.
Hope this helps,



answers from Detroit on

Any particular reason you don't want to do the cable? I'm just wondering? A lot of people are not aware the cable companies usually have a very limited signal service which is under $20 a month. It gives you a clear signal and usually gives you all your local goverment channels which actually can be very nice to have especially with the school aged children. I know my son had a concert a couple months ago and the local govt. channel played it several times so I was able to record it and let my grandmother and the kids grandfather who were not able to go got to see it from a better angle then I was able to record myself.

I know there are people out there who think it is all bad, but actually you can have a lot of control over what your kids watch and then on the flip side if you have a digital box you have more control and there is a lot of program specifically for the kids where you can dictate how much they can watch and what they watch. Sprout is wonderful for the little ones.

Good luck, if I can answer any questions let me know.



answers from Detroit on

My uncle purchased 1 about 2 months ago and my mother sent out for the coupons.He went to Walmart and I believe it was a Magnavox brand.I don't remember the exact cost but it really wasn't that much after the coupon.He loves it.You get extra channels even though you don't have cable.Gives you info on what you're watching and what program is next.Picture comes in clearer.He's even got his buddy purchasing one too.

Good Luck!



answers from Detroit on

The one we got is called Insignia (I believe that's it...I'm at work now so I can't double check!). I believe my husband got it from Best buy, and we used the $40 coupon and we paid $20 on our own. I have no complaints with this digital converter. We were first going to go with one that was cheaper, but my husband found some online reviews that said they weren't as good. So we went with this one.



answers from Detroit on

My family doesn't have cable, either. Until a few months ago, we had the ~$15 plan that gave us very basic channels, but the cable company basically told us that they would keep raising the price of the basic package until people bit on a slightly-more-expensive digital package. It was NOT worth the $$$$$, especially since we aren't big TV watchers. Kudos to you and your family for not wanting/needing a cable package! We're right there with you!

My husband and I have the Zenith boxes (I'm 99% sure we bought them at Radio Shack), and we really like them! They cost a little money on top of the coupon, but it wasn't too much, and the box is far superior to the one my brother-in-law bought at Wal-Mart (I'm having trouble remembering the brand, but he ended up returning it and getting the Zenith box). With the converter box, we actually get many more channels than we did with the super-basic cable package (for example, now ABC has its normal network, a retro channel, and a weather channel), and it's been fun to see new channels emerge!

Good luck, whatever you decide!

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