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Updated on December 20, 2012
S.G. asks from Redmond, WA
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Any recommendations for diaper bags? I am looking for something not too big and not to small.

Thanks in advance!!

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answers from Chicago on

I use a terrific backpack from Land's End, It has great pockets and sections. I've been using it daily for over 3 years and it is in near perfect shape.

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answers from Springfield on

I used the freebe diaper bag that the formula companies gave me. I got one from my doctor and one from the hospital. They came with a simple changing pad and a package of wipes.

I found many of the diaper bags sold in stores were too big. They didn't fit in my stroller very easily and were just more than I really needed.

ETA - I just saw Julie's post. I liked using the diaper bag for the first year or so, but really liked using a backpack once they were able to walk. It was great to have both hands free!

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answers from Houston on

I like the larger 'knock off' designer bags that you an find at any Asian Beauty Supply Shop, on Canal Street in NYC or at a thrift store in the front counter. I feel less frumpy with it than with a REAL diaper bag.



answers from Seattle on

i suggest a backpack. then you have both hands free when you need them!



answers from Washington DC on

My favorite bag, after many diaper bags, is the medium tote from Thirty One. It's about $25, but it has 4 slots for bottles or other drinks, and is large enough for me to tote around stuff for twins, but still not be too big. My sister uses it too. The downside is that it doesn't zip shut. As for a regular diaper bag, I probably like my JJ Cole bag the best. It seems to really hold up well. I had problems with zippers braking on me, and I haven't had this problem with the JJ Cole. In terms of a diaper bag with zippers, there really is something to be said about you get what you pay for. All the cheaper bags zippers broke within a month or too.


answers from Grand Forks on

Lug. There is a Lug diaper bag, or you could pick any of the smaller Lug bags that will suit your needs. They really hold up well.



answers from Syracuse on

There are so many out there, different styles depending on YOUR style and what you're looking for in the bag. I only wanted to have one bag and I wanted it to be something my husband could carry at a moments notice. So I went with a black diaper bag from LLBean.



answers from New York on

I use an LL Bean backpack sometimes and sometimes just a Vera Bradley tote. When I go out I always have plenty in backpack. My husband says baby can live for a week out of pack pack but rarely take that into the mall etc. I just grab what I need and throw in small tote. Diaper, wipes, food, bib, bottle. Vera Bradley makes a really nice diaper bag

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