Desperate Need of a Vehicle.

Updated on April 21, 2009
L.A. asks from Garland, TX
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Help! I'm a single mother, I have no car and I've been having to borrow a car or walk to be able to get to work. It won,t be much longer before I can't borrow my friend's anymore. I have had to quite my job because it's hard trying to rife a bus to drop off my daughter at daycare then get to work by 8am it was just impossible, but I want to go to work & support my daughter and myself & I have this problem. Does anyone have any idea where I could go to either apply for a car donation or any charity that might help me? I'm in desperate need. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi L.,

Have you talked to your boss about your difficulties? He/She may have some suggestions for a closer day care or other options, possibly a more flexable schedule. I don't know where you work or for whom, but sometimes people can be surpirsingly understanding and helpful if you let them know what is going on.

In the addition to talking to your boss, check with churches or other places of worship. They sometimes have access to all sorts of things including a car. Search the Yellow Pages for family help centers. Good Luck and I know you will succeed.



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i don't know you or your situation, but i can try to offer some encouragement...
when my husband was in school and i stayed home with our firstborn, we would go to bed early if there was any chance of rain. that way i could wake up super early to take my husband to school. i didn't get our baby ready for the day until later, so most of the time he would fall back to sleep in the car and we'd drive around until the rain stopped or he woke up hungry, whichever came first. it's not the same situation you describe, but the point is that it was tough to get up that early with a baby, but sometimes you just do what ya have to do, know what i mean?
most days, however, my husband would walk. he would see moms walking to school with their little ones in strollers too, as there was an on-site daycare on the campus. rainy days we would see some even walking in rain coats & umbrellas.
so maybe you can keep your job & go to bed early & wake up early?...maybe you can find a job with on-site daycare?...maybe you can find a job that's closer to home /or your daughter's daycare?...maybe you can find a job in a company that has a van pool and on-site childcare? (they're out there, i used to work for one!)
whatever you do though, you are a loving, hardworking mama -- you'll find a way! don't give up!

and i looked up a number you might try as motors in dallas: ###-###-####.




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If I were you I would apply for a job at a close daycare to your home. You could walk to work & have your child cared for while you work.



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I recommend "Helping Hands" in Rockwall. I think they might be able to help you and guide you. I hope you are able to find all the help you are needing at this time.


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