Curves During Pregnancy

Updated on August 16, 2010
J.T. asks from College Station, TX
4 answers

I was curious if anyone does or has done Curves during pregnancy? I just started going back because of having a HORRIBLE first trimester with feeling sick 24/7. I'm 16 weeks and finally feeling better. My doctor gave me the go ahead to work out, with no further instruction. I went to the Curves yesterday and the women there didn't really have any guidance on what is or isn't safe during pregnancy. Does anyone have any idea? I thought I read somewhere not all of the machines are safe during pregnancy, but perhaps I'm wrong? Thank you in advance!

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answers from New Orleans on

I would hire a personal trainer who has experience working with pregnant women to go with you to your gym and show you appropriate exercises before I did anything other than walking on a treadmill. You may only need book 1 or 2 sessions to get enough to create a couple of workout routines. Pregnant women can pull and tear joints and muscles (especially in the stomach, causing a hernia) a lot more easily than non pregnant women, so you really need to know what your doing. Generally, the treadmill, eliptical machine and stationary bike are all relatively safe as long as you have something to hold onto incase you lose your balance (very easy to do while pregnant), I would steer clear of any wieght or resistance machines, as I have heard those are highly unsafe (using free wieghts and body-weight resistance exercises are far safer if you have proper support and form, hence hiring a trainer to show how to do those). You don't want to pull something and end up on bed rest, unable to get around, let alone exercise!



answers from Philadelphia on

I am pretty sure that curves is ok. You can ask the ob if you are afraid. Congrats on your pregnancy :)



answers from Texarkana on

Just don't push yourself too hard. Most everything is safe except running or hard core aerobics. You don't want to jump either. Treadmills, elipticals, and weights are safe during pregnancy. Just don't do anything where you might fall or bounce your uterus (and thus your baby) around too hard.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I worked out through most of my last pregnancy. I didn't have any special guidelines either. I did the elliptical, lifted weights and did some classes. Just listen to your body and don't over do it. Good luck!

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