Cleaning the "Rust" off of Stainless Steel Dishrack

Updated on February 16, 2012
J.J. asks from Garland, TX
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Hey Ladies,
I was wondering if anyone knows how to clean off the rust off a stainless steel dishrack. I had it for 3years, and no matter how much I clean, it just keeps rusting.... i thought stainless steel wasnt supposed to rust... Please help... Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks Ladies.... I tried baking powder (it was really old and I was about to throw it out and thought i should try it on the dishrack...and it cleaned a little bit.... :) I guess the next time i go to Walmart I'll get the bar thing someone suggested. :)
Thanks everyone!!

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answers from Springfield on

I have not used barkeepers friend but have been hearing about it. I have used CLR. If you have a plastic tray, you can fill it with water and CLR and let the rack sit in it overnight. It is not the stainless steel that is rusting. If it were, there would be nothing left. What you are seeing is brown spot build up from minerals in the water and only regular cleaning will help. WD-40 is another thing you can use. You can find more instructions at



answers from San Antonio on

When i was in the Army we used oven off to clean our tools (mechanic) for big inspections.. Dont ask why mechanics tools have to be clean but they do. So maybe this will help with stainless steel??



answers from Dallas on

I saw something on BBC about that. It was ammonia in a spray bottle, possibly diluted. Put the rack in a large yard bag, spray it down very well and tie it up. Leave it overnight. You will want to use plastic gloves and face mask.
Good Luck! I would love to know if this works!



answers from Houston on

We made a paste out of baking soda and water and rubbed it off with aluminum foil. It sounds wierd but it worked. (I looked around online to find this. It took of the black stuff too.) We used it on our rotisserie rack.



answers from Dallas on

I thought the same thing that you did about stainless steel rusting. I got so tired of trying to clean mine all of the time that I just threw it out and bought a white on and so far I haven't had any rusting. I think I tried vinegar and water once and that cleaned it a little.



answers from Austin on


I like the barkeepers friend also but I would use it along with the magic eraser. I use that for just about any stubborn stain including soap scum on shower doors it does the trick every time



answers from Dallas on

barkeepers friend can get it at walmart in the same row as comet. It is in a gold can...has many uses...

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