Christmas Gifts for My 6 Year Old Daughter

Updated on December 17, 2011
L.M. asks from Lewisburg, OH
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I am having sooo much trouble finding stuff for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas. It seems like she always get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts @ Christmas and even her birthday. She is starting to play with her Barbies a little bit more and her baby dolls but not really anything else. My 4 year old son will see stuff on TV and tell you thats something he would like, but she doesnt ever say anything. This is my last weekend to buy her stuff and I need some ideas...please!!

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answers from Cleveland on

crafts, puzzles, cute socks, slippers, jammies. almost yearly i get my DD Now 9 new bedding. an easy bake oven, board games, or how about some sort of lesson, my DD does gymnastics and a lot of girls do dance, then you could get cute leo's and bags ect. bathtub goodies seem fun even at this age.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We have a 6 yo and these are some of the things we've purchased this year:

1. Real sewing machine, doll clothes pattern and fabric
2. Camera
3. Flip video camera
4. Books, including "Where the Sidewalk Ends" (she loves the rhyming poems)
5. Target's version of the American doll
6. Barbie Glam Vacation House
7. Monthly Science Project from the Big Yellow Bus series
8. Real microphone
9. Art/painting paper

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answers from Washington DC on

I personally love for Barbies and doll clothes and you can get her a matching outfit. Not sure if they'll ship in time for Christmas, but you can ask. The owner is supernice and always upfront with you. I got some great Ken clothes there for my SD a while back.

If she's into cooking and you are near an IKEA or can get it shipped, look there for their play food and pots and pans. Yes, she's 6, but they make great "real" products that many kids love for years.

Would she like her own bath stuff? A robe, a body poof? Maybe get some Bath and Bodyworks stuff. I think they sell American Girl branded stuff.

What about books? I'm a big fan of books for kids. Does she like jokes? Amelia Bedelia might be a good series. Or start reading her Little House on the Prairie or Ramona.

An art kit is good. Michael's sells several different sized kits, and I think both they and IKEA sell small easels and paper.

Sometimes the best gifts aren't requested. My SD asked for one of my flash drives last night. I am gifting her one for Christmas. I have enough Staples rewards that I think I can get her 8G for nearly free. Keep your ears open to what she talks about.



answers from Washington DC on

My daughter likes and wants everything, so it is often difficult for her to narrow things down. I will give her a toy catalog or sit her in front of the computer on a toy website and ask her to make out her list for santa. I think at that age she wanted a calico corners dollhouse, a leapster explorer and games (hard to believe that 2 years ago there weren't that many games for DS for her age and now there are), art projects. At age 8, she now wants a new 3DS, games, another American Girl Doll, art projects, Fairy Magic books. Good luck. I have the same issue with my son. But even though he doesn't tell me much he seems happy with what I pick for him.



answers from Detroit on

My 7 year old is into Monster High dolls, "fake" american girl dolls (target), password journal, Totally Me craft sets (toys r us), Nintendo DS, wii games, dvd's, Junie B books, barbie house, la la loopsy dolls, make up kits, she does ballet, so ballet bags, leotards etc


answers from New York on

There are beautiful dolls called my generation imitating american dolls for alot less money (I saw them at Target). There's a new Barbie Townhouse my 5 1/2 yo wants. There's new wuggle pets my girls are getting (mini diy build a bears basically). There's a crayola model make your own jewelry set.
There's nice kidizoom cameras for kids that are very cool.
Or a DS.
Or a wii.
Or a bike.
Or a pogo stick. We got a fisherprice grow to pro one.

Depends on your budget and her tastes.
My kids want everything! I told them headsup, you don't get every single thing you see an ad for on tv! LOL!



answers from Minneapolis on

I went to Michaels craft store to shop for my 6 year old niece, art supplies, craft books, beads... there is so much fun stuff there for kids! I ended up with a Klutz brand book with punch out horses/unicorns and fairies that have stickers to decorate them with. Super fun.

I'd also say, she likes fairy dolls, dress up stuff (still), books, puzzles, games.

I'd try someplace beyond ToysRus or Target. Michaels, Barnes and Nobel, a small bookstore, or in our area we have a store called Creative Kidstuff, which tends to be more expensive, but they have a great selection and helpful staff.

Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

My girls love crafts; bracelets, beads, sun catchers, markers, etc...


answers from Indianapolis on

I always struggle with this same thing! One thought might be to take her to an educational store, a bookstore or a toy store and let her gravitate to things on her own! Stamps, painting, dress up clothes, etc... You'll be able to watch her and see what she gets excited about! I did that with my daughter last week.... went back and knew EXACTLY what to get for her!

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