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Updated on November 06, 2009
M.D. asks from Naperville, IL
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I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good music CDs to listen to during playtime. I have one from our music class but would like more to choose from.


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Justin Roberts, Jim Gill, Laurie Berkner, Dan Zanes, Ralphs World, Barenaked Ladies have kids music and so do They Might Be Giants and Lisa Loeb, many of the world music CDs by Putumayo, A CD called For Our Children and another called For Our Children Too. If you like the Ramones, try The Boogers.

Justin Roberts, Jim Gill and The Boogers are all from Chicagoland.

Check your local library for these artists. And DON'T buy any that have kids singing! They are SOOO annoying!!



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I asked a similar question a while ago and got great answers! Click on my name to find it....


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We really like the sing-a-long books with CD's from Barefoot Books, as well as the world music CD's from Putumayo. It gives them a little bit of a taste of other cultures, which I love. You can find them all at They are having free shipping on $35 or more orders right now.

Here's a little video of my son's new favorite song/ book- Driving My Tractor.




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I got a few kids CD's at the dollars store!! They sing all kinds of counting and number songs! A little annoying for me, but my daughter loves them!



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We are still big fans of Ralph's World! We have seen him in concert a dozen times and he does such a nice job with kids as young as your little girl! He is a Chicago dad. The website is

We also love Jim Gill, an Oak Park dad! You can get him stuff on Amazon.

Jeanie B. and the Jellybeans is a super-cool Evanston mom. She has her own website if you google her band.

And Putomayo has some nice CD's. Check them out at the library first to see which ones appeal to you. Our favorite is an African one called "Dalom Kids and Splash" but that may be out of print since we can rarely find it to gift anymore.

Happy listening!

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