Updating Wardrobe...I Always Feel like I Have Nothing to Wear!

Updated on October 11, 2011
K.K. asks from Fredericksburg, VA
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Hi Moms!

I always feel like I have nothing to wear. Any suggestions? I'm kind of getting tired of the same old stuff; solids and all. Can anyone give me advice please? I'm 27 and feel like my clothes don't fit my age. I like to dress in all different styles. I really like dressing up and all. I went to Old Navy and I bought a few things like shoes and a coat, but no tops or pants. I'm really looking for fun, bright cute clothing. Any store suggestions????

Also; does anyone have a romper? I saw some at Old Navy awhile back, they were cute; but I didn't buy one. :( I do love Vintage items as well, but we do not have any good shops around here for that.

P.S. I love Ann Taylor Loft! :)


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answers from Houston on

Read a few fashion blogs, they give me tons of ideas. A few of my favs, they love Loft too:


To start, get cute leopard print scarf, or ballet flats, a mustard flower corsage pin, a distressed chambray button up, a colorful cardigan and a skinny belt... a big ole bright statement necklace and chunky bangle set.

H&M, anthro, forever 21, LOFT, gap, all cute... marshalls is a good place too! Also, I get a lot of vintage clothes on http://www.etsy.com

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answers from Phoenix on

I felt like that too about a year ago and pulled everything out of my closet to go thru. I had 80 pairs of pants, shorts and capri's. Really embarrassing since I felt like I had "nothing" to wear. I have so much more than some people do! So I went thru everything and donated a ton of clothes and now only buy things I really love and know I will wear. Before I would just buy it because I'm a sale shopper and couldn't pass up a "great" deal. But now I only buy it if its going to last and not too trendy and something I really like. Good luck shopping, I hope you find some great things you love! =)

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answers from San Francisco on

I have started wearing scarves ever since my trip to Paris back in February. I don't know what it is but they just perk up an outfit and make you look and feel more put together. And they are not just for winter, you can find lightweight ones for summer, too. Of course I had to look on youtube for instructional videos as I had know idea how to tie/wrap them, lol!
Also, it's fun to break out of the "jeans and a top" rut with a short skirt and tights, with either flats or boots. Wearing a skirt and tights (tasteful length for my age of course!) instantly makes me feel more girly and fun.
Since most of my clothing is dark and monochromatic (lots of gray and black) it's easy to make an outfit pop with a little color, like a hot pink bag, or a pair of red shoes. Costume jewelry is fun too, a lot of bang for your buck :)

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answers from Chicago on

Try www.shopmama.com. I don't know if there are any stores around you (it's a small boutiqueish buisness/store). The stores themselves are called Hot Mama (obviously if you put that in your browser something else will come up!) and I love that all the clothes are cute but just perfect for moms. Not too short, tight or too trendy crazy. They are really cute things that you can transition from work/day to night. Their prices range from $35 to over.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Get a few classic cut "neutral" color pants--grey, navy, black, or brown, then save the fun colors & styles for the tops.

And, I've gotta say, the O. item that I can ALWAYS put on in the fall or winter & feel appropriate for work, school, shopping etc. is a sweater set. They don't have to be boring at all--get a funky color or splashy print.

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answers from Savannah on

Have you tried jazzing up what you have with accessories? That boring shirt can have a multitude of looks!

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answers from Chicago on

Add Accessories...a little bling around your neck, earrings, bracelets...That outfit seem dull and boring jazz it up with a new pair of shoes and handbag or scarf. I go for solids because by adding the aforementioned I feel updated. who has the money nowadays to buy tons of tops and bottoms. Also, layering is good. Button down black sweater and buy a few different brightcolors/styles of tank tops.

I like Ann Taylor Loft, but also love Kohls...tons of coupons and sales, TJ Maxx is fabulous to get some designer names..Calvin Klein, Nine west, Ralph Lauren. Got a nice Ralph Lauren grey skirt there for $15.

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answers from Chicago on

You could try those in-between stores like Express and Limited. I still have that issue, I look young enough to wear more trendy clothes and I hate the missus section of department stores. What, am I 30 going on 60? Those middle stores have trendy clothes suitable for the 20-30s crowd. The juniors sections of stores are too young, and Old Navy doesn't have the right career wear.

I like how stores like Express put the outfits together for you. And sometimes you don't need new clothes, you just need new accessories! Nothing like a really neat necklace, scarf or bag and shoes to change an outfit!

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answers from Boston on

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are my favorites. Do you have any near you? I have a few basic black pants and I buy really fun tops to go with them.

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answers from Dallas on

Besides scarfs, I love the new chiffon tops that you can wear over another top. I think they may be called dolman tops. I also like the batwing tops. They really dress up an outfit. I found three of them at Ross for less than $10 each.

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answers from Tampa on

A great bulky scarf, python handbag, ankle suede wedge boots will transition your look. Floppy hat, long leather gloves, jumpsuit, bright color pants and flare bottoms are must have for fashion diva. Happy shopping!!!!

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answers from Cleveland on

I LOVE Ann Taylor Loft, too! I also love when I find a great outfit from TJMaxx. I just saw some really cute shoes there, but not in my size. Old Navy and Target have some cute selections, too.

Do you have any thrift store near you? I just stopped into one to find a hat for our scarecrow and I noticed some really cute shirts and jeans. If I had more time and did not have my 3 year old with me, I would have sifted through the racks!

Just a thought!

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answers from Sherman on

clothing these days can make you feel so old! to liven up my wardrobe, i grabbes several funky t shirts at www.threadless.com. they are affordable and give my everyday look some whimsy!
i like tossing one under a cute jacket or blazer. or one of those long vests everyone is waring now! much more fun than a solid!
and accessorize!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I am around your age (26) and I love wearing tights and boots with the latest fall dresses. With a dress you have a complete outfitt and don't have to worry about pants and a top. Also you may have items in your currents wardrobe that you can use in new ways. I bought a "swim cover" for 75% off at target (it is a light blue empire waist tunic like tank top with little purple flowers) and put it over a white tee and paired it with jeans and boots, it looked very cute (and covered the fact that my white tee didn't completey cover my baby bump lol)

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answers from Detroit on

I like shopping Victoria's Secret! I look for their specials and they have things from very casual to evening wear. I also went to Abercrombie and was pleasantly surprised with the selection of jeans. I would also suggest a dept. store because they have good prices and plenty of styles to choose from. I know it's hard to do this after having kids, but maybe walk around a mall going from store to store and look at what you like. This is how I found Abercrombie jeans at a sale price. Oh, also Express! Have fun shopping :).

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love adding funky jewelry to my outfits. It gives it a whole new look. The best place for a bargain is Burlington Coat Factory around here.
Around this time of year I love sweaters, cardigans and coats. With the Cardigans I like to go to thrift stores and find old broaches to liven them up.

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answers from Lexington on

I think the best and easiest way to pump up an outfit is either with jewelry or a cute scarf, especially in the Fall! You don't have to spend a ton of money on a new wardrobe and throwing a colorful scarf on a solid shirt can make it look like you are wearing a completely different outfit. Cute belts seem to do this too!

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