Breakthrough Bleeding While Nursing

Updated on August 28, 2011
F.W. asks from Cumberland, MD
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My postpartum bleeding ended about 3 weeks ago. I'm exclusively breastfeeding my second child. With my first child I didn't get my period back until she was 8mths. old. I had a little spotting this morning after a marathon nursing session yesterday. Could the nursing cause breakthrough bleeding or does this mean I'm already getting my period---Boo!

I also just started the mini pill a week ago...

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answers from Dover on

it's the mini pill....#1 cause of breakthough bleeding, especially in the begining of starting it. I started mini pill @ about 3-4 postpartum, spotted and stopped pill right away b/c who wants to bleed, again? I also EBF both kids and didn't get my period for 10 months w/1st baby and 8 months w/ second one...Everyone and every time can be different. But, I would blame mini pill!

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answers from Des Moines on

Time will tell, but both my sister and I got our periods back 2 weeks after the post-partum bleeding stopped even though we were both exclusively breastfeeding. Her son is 2 weeks older than mine so I had 2 weeks to cross my fingers and hope that the rreason she got her period back was the mini-pill (I had my tubes tied) but no such luck!


answers from San Diego on

You can get your period back while nursing exclusively. With my first 2 I didn't get it back until around the 6 month mark. With my third I had spotting on and off then a full on period come 6 weeks. They continued regularly ever since. All 3 were exclusively breastfed, no supplements, no pacifiers, no bottles, no pumping, on demand. No idea why the third time was different.



answers from Phoenix on

I'm taking the mini-pill & have lots of breakthrough bleeding.


answers from Tampa on

Some women get their period back right away - others won't until baby stops nursing... each time you nurse a new child it's different. I know with my first, I got my period 2 months after my pp bleeding stopped. This time around, I'm still pp bleeding and nursing, so I wonder when this one will start back up again.


answers from Tucson on

I had my baby 3 months and 1 week ago. Last week i had a period for 2 days. I am also EBF. I thought this was so wierd. With my second who I also EBF i didnt get my period till 6 months afterwards. I'm not on any BC.



answers from Wausau on

I had this but didn't have a "period" until 7 mo and then not again till 12 mo



answers from Chicago on

While it is common to not get your period while nursing that is not always the case. Sounds normal and this happened to me.



answers from Honolulu on

I nursed both my kids... and got my period back within 6 months. And my periods were very regular after that.

Or just ask your Doctor.

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