Period While EBF

Updated on July 20, 2011
M.F. asks from Cleveland, TX
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I started my period two days ago. I am EBF my 10 wk old every 3 hours at least. With my last two my period didn't come back until 7-8 months later. Is this normal? I am really bummed cause one of the perks to nursing is no period. I am also on the mini pill that I started taking last sunday and I am taking it through this period, I am not sure if I should stop taking it but then that messes up my pack, but I thought I am suppose to start the pill the sunday after a period. Any thoughts?

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answers from Tampa on

I got my period back by month 2... but it was sporadic. I didn't become fertile until my daughter 100% weaned herself around age 4.5. I know this because my partner and I had tried getting pregnant for 2 years, and less than 4 months after she weaned, I was pregnant.

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answers from Gainesville on

You can start a pack of pills anytime but you have to use back up for the first month (I think) when you do it that way. Don't stop taking them now that you've started.
This might not be a period. Might be breakthru bleeding caused by the pill maybe? But every pregnancy and breastfeeding is different so it's possible to get your period back quickly.

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answers from Eugene on

My son was 8 weeks old when I got mine :(...and I think it really caused my milk supply to plummet too...



answers from Phoenix on

Stay on your mini pill to prevent pregnancy. It's common to have random bleeding/spotting when taking this type of pill. Make sure you are taking the pill the SAME HOUR daily. Taking this type of pill at different times during the day can allow hormone levels to change and encourage ovulation which would make you at risk for pregnancy. This pill is highly unforgiving when not taken consistently. Periods can return anytime between 6 weeks on 2 years for women who are EBF so your experience is not uncommon. Midwife mom



answers from Phoenix on

I was so annoyed when I got my period , when son was 4 mos. With the last I stopped BFing son at 9 mos. in July and didn't get period until Sept. If it makes you feel better , I only ended up getting a few periods in the year I BF, after I got that period at 4 mos. PP.



answers from Des Moines on

Normal is ALWAYS a bell curve-- totally normal. Two weeks after the post partum bleeding stopped my period was back AND WAY worse than ever-- I went with the Mirena to control the periods so I don't know about the mini pill



answers from Houston on

Hi Mamma F.
I would talk to your OBgyn. Every pregnancy is different as you know!
I started my cycle like you later after the birth of our first child. I was not using anything while I was breast feeding. I did not use the mini pill and was pregnant again with Number 2 when Number 1 was 10 months old.

Not too big of a surprise because we had planned to try again when Baby 1 was one. After the birth of Number 2, I too started within a few weeks of the birth and I too was breastfeeding. I immediately was put on the mini pill and used it just like the regular pill the 15 months I breast feed Baby 2. I then transitioned back to the regular pill. So as you can see and probably have heard, it is not unusual for you to start earlier and yes, I would stay on the mini pill while breast feeding unless you want Baby 4! Best wishes to you and your family! :)


answers from Hartford on

It's completely normal. Keep taking the mini-pill the way you're supposed to. EBF is not a guarantee of not having your period, ever. Many women who EBF get their periods back right away. I was one of them. I got my period back while EBF 5 weeks after my post-partum bleeding stopped. So something like 6 weeks after delivery. That happened twice.



answers from Houston on

Keep taking the mini pill, that doesn't have much to due with you getting your period. Unfortunately periods while EBF are unpredictable. It is normal for it to come and go, and be erratic for a while. You may notice while on the mini pill that it goes away again for a bit, then may be irregular.

I'm on the mini pill now and was on the mini pill with my firstborn son.



answers from Seattle on

TOTALLY normal, or there wouldn't be kids born in the same 12 month period, and that's been happening for thousands of years.

In my family, it's pretty common to have your period back 2 weeks to 4 weeks after you stop bleeding from the birth, even though nearly everyone (including me'self) EBF.



answers from Phoenix on

I started mine about 4 months after my daughter was born. No fun! My doctor said that everyone is different!


answers from Los Angeles on

I breastfed my 2 oldest exclusively, and had my first period with first child at 8 weeks, and at 6 weeks with my second. My OB/GYN said while some women don't have periods for a much longer time I was completely normal :-/ Sorry, I don't have experience with the mini-pill.

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