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Updated on August 18, 2010
C.H. asks from Portland, OR
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Ok, my son has never been a good sleeper since he started teething at around 3 months. He's now about to turn 7 months and he's started a big new problem last night. Before I tell, I'll say that right now we're being forced by him to do the cry it out method, even though beforehand we were rocking him to sleep and putting him down asleep.

So last night he started screaming uncontrollably at bedtime and pushing us away when he was in our arms. He's doing it again tonight and there's nothing I can do to console him. I gave him some baby ibuprofen in case it's his top teeth that are about halfway in, but he's not showing too many other signs of a painful teething process. No drooling at all. He's just screaming. Refusing to nurse, refusing a pacifier, refusing to be held, refusing to be put down in his crib. He doesn't want to crawl (he just learned how), he doesn't want to be rocked, he doesn't want to play with toys...nothing. Just scream. I feel like he wants something and I'm missing what his need is. He's changed and fed and nothing is making him happy. I would feed him if he would take it and I would cuddle him if he would allow it.

Got any ideas?

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answers from Fayetteville on

He probably has gas. You need to go to the store and buy some Milecon drops. At around the same age, my daughter started freaking out one night, and I couldn't think of ANYTHING to do for her. I called my mom, and she suggested the drops. They worked immediately! Good luck.

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answers from Norfolk on

My son did the same thing around that age, and we figured out that he was just exhausted. Some babies just can't go to sleep if there are distractions around (including mom or dad rocking/singing/playing). Try laying him down in his crib , saying "love you, night night" and leave him for a while. The first night we tried it with my boy he cried for 45 minutes before falling asleep, and now he just can't sleep if there's anybody else in the room (or any lights on for that matter). When they're overly tired they get very sensitive and have a really hard time settling down, and it sounds like he's just painfully tired. Best of luck!


answers from Los Angeles on

Ok so here's my first question, are you sure he doesn't have gas? If your not sure try the over the counter drops. If you are sure he doesn't then try them anyway. =) Sometimes you can't be too sure. You can also try "gripe water" which is sold at walgreens, target, etc. My second question is, could he have an ear infection? My daughter had one, and never played with her ears (the usual cue). The dr wasn't going to look in them but for some reason decided to and found that they were red and swollen. My daughters cue for the infection was fussiness and sleepiness. So if this lasts you might want to schedule and see if he does indeed have an ear infection. My last question is, have you tried tylenol (or the generic version) instead of ibuprofen? Sometimes ibuprofen is harder on kids digestive systems because it's an anti-inflammatory. Some times they reccomend you feed your child with the dosage of ibuprofen (i always gave my baby the walgreens brand infants tylenol through teething because it was easier on her tummy). I hope this helps, and I hope it gets better soon! Good Luck!



answers from Seattle on

I second the guess of ear infection. It can really hurt for them to lie down when they have one.



answers from Seattle on

Can he roll over? I'm assuming he can since he can crawl. He may have gas. My son did, and believe it or not, the doctor suggested I put him to bed on his tummy. I found it took about five minutes for him to cry it out, and it was really a cry to express his discomfort, and to settle himself to sleep.

I had walked the floor with him for well over a month before I resolved this, but all he wanted was to be left alone in a dark room so he could sleep. BTW, I called my mom, and she said I was the same way when I was little!

He may simply be too tired, too, and he just needs no stimulation, just darkness. Many kids and adults sleep better in complete darkness and isolation.

Just an idea. Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

He might have gas, alot of people have offered suggestions on that, which all were the same as mine.
My only other thought is he might be overtired/overstimulated. Try a modified(shortening) going to bed routine (bath, jammies, feeding, quick snuggle) and right into bed. Maybe try some soothing music and turning the lights really low. He might just be ready to be in bed quicker. My daughter was like that at times and the more I was with her, the more agitated she would be. On those nights, I just popped her in bed with some music and dim lights and her blankie and sometimes she would fuss a bit, but usually fell to sleep pretty quickly.
I was not a cry it out fan, so if she carried on to long, I would just go in a sit next to her crib and talk to her really quietly (sometimes just read a story)
Good luck.



answers from Spokane on

ear infection! this commonly comes with new teeth :(



answers from Portland on

Ugh! So hard to get through, espically when he doesnt want any cuddling or holding. Have you considered colic or gas? They are both worse near bed time, maybe the holding hurts somehow. Hang in there.



answers from Portland on

Did he start pushing you away before bedtime, or just while you were trying to rock him? Sometimes giving options- even to little ones helps a bit. For example, let him choose which "lovey" he brings to bed with him or which blanket to tuck him in with.
How many naps is he taking? Sometimes as little ones age they need a little less sleep during the day so that nighttime sleep comes easier...
Also it could be teeth- they don't always drool when they're cutting them... Could be a few teeth at once.
Lets hope that this doesn't last long- I'm sorry!

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