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Avent Baby Bottles Leaking

Avent Baby Bottles Leaking. I have been using Avent bottles since my now 9 month old girl was .... When you place the ring/nipple on the top of the bottle, ...

How to Add Cereal to a Bottle

Cutting your bottle nipples or buying the Y shaped ones let a lot of food go in your babies mouth, which makes you baby more likely to choke on the ...

Having Trouble with Playtex Ventaire Bottles - the Nipples Are Not Holding Up

And the Dr. Browns nipples do fit the vent air bottles. They have mich nicer nipples and they have a variety of flows for the age of your baby. ...

Issues with Different Bottle Nipples

He used the Preemie nipples with the very slow flow to about 3 or 4 months. .... Need Bottle Recommendations for My Breastfed Baby ...

Adiri Natural Nurser Baby Bottle

Born Free bottles have a wide base and soft nipples that our baby, as a newborn, took easily to. She also had no problems with the Evenflo BPA free bottles, ...

Which Fast Flow Nipple/Bottle Is Best?

Around 3 months I tried switching him to their Stage 2 nipple and it was way too fast ... New Mom Again Seeking Advise on Baby Bottle for My 11 Week Old Son ...

Baby Won't Take the Bottle from Dad

Sep 1, 2009 ... Your baby simply prefers you over any artificial nipple. Smart kid! :) Many babies will refuse every bottle nipple that is tried and simply ...

Breastfed Baby Won't Take Bottle

I eventually bought Platex old school rubber nipples and bottles and she was more willing to take those. Now I have another baby and she won't take the ...

Why Does My Baby Whine an Fuss While Drinking Her Bottle?

I just started feeding her some baby veggies (1st foods)and she is liking those. .. however ... anyway, try a nipple with a bigger hole. i didnt use bottles, ...

Baby Gags When Eating

You control the flow by which notch is under the baby's nose. ... check the bottle nipple. its possible it got punctured (possibly while being washed) and ...
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  • arent ever supposed to put cereal in 2 answers "Uhmm... you aren't >ever< supposed to put cereal in a bottle!"
  • hole in the nipple to make in 2 answers "... the milk just a little bit and then you can cut the hole in the nipple to make ..."
  • used the avent bottles in 2 answers "Also, I used the Avent bottles and had a horrible time b/c they gave my daughter severe ..."
  • vent aire in 2 answers "I use the Vent Aire, regular Gerber and Evenflo Comfi."
  • stage one nipples in 2 answers "He may just have a really strong suck and using the stage one nipples longer may do ..."