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Bottle-Fed 6 Month Old

Read all 30 responses: "My 6.5 month old has been bottle fed since 2 weeks old. We use the Avent bottles. We've tried to switch to the "3" nipple flow since ...

8 Month Old Won't Tilt Bottle

Read all 3 responses: "My daughter will be 8 months old next week. She can get a bottle to her mouth and starts sucking, but she won't tilt the bottle back ...

8 Month Old Refusing Bottles

Read all 10 responses: "I have two 8 month old twins. One has always been a good eater and the other has always been more of a fussy eater.

Seeking Advice on Cutting down My 10 Month Old Son's Bottles

Read all 9 responses: "I am just wonder how many bottles a day my tenth month old son should have a day??? Right now he has 4 a day. He wakes up at am with ...

Help with Feeding 5 Month Old

Read all 19 responses: "My son is 5 months old and is formula fed (after having many ... So maybe try other bottles/ nipples. I know a lot of people use the ...


Our 14 1/2 month old uses her sippy for milk and water during the day, but she still gets 2 bottles a day (of Enfamil Next Step)...she loves her bottle! ...

3.5 Month Old Hasn't Pooped in 36 Hours

My 3 1/2 month old hasn't pooped in 36 hours. Prior to this, she was doing 1-2 a day. She is strictly breastfed, with maybe 1-2 bottles of formula a week ...

4.5 Month Old Will Not Take a Bottle!

My 4.5 month old refuses to take a bottle. I have been exclusively breast- feeding and I want to start supplementing formula once or twice a day. ...

10-Week Old Won't Take a Bottle

Read all 11 responses: "We have been trying to get our breastfed ten-week-old boy to take a bottle ever since he was three weeks. Unfortunately, he will be ...

9 Month Old Eating Schedule

Baby #2 is 9 months old and starting to leave 1-2 oz in her bottles. For the life of me I can not remember what we did with our 3 year old. ...
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  • days without a bowel movement in 2 answers "... occasionally breastfed babies can go up to 5-7 days without a bowel movement."
  • adding a little rice cereal in 2 answers "... at around 5 months old, the flow is probably fine. Adding a little rice cereal ..."
  • strictly breastfed babies in 2 answers "... he's now 3 yrs old) and our doc told us that a lot of strictly breastfed babies ..."
  • karo syrup in 4 answers "go with karo syrup! Put a spoonful in the bottle w/ your breast milk and shake it ..."
  • prune juice in 7 answers "I think 36 hours is a little too early to start adding syrup or prune juice."