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Reusing Bottle Nipples

i will be having our second baby this summer and was wondering if it is ok to reuse the nipples from my son's bottles (of course after they have been ...

Having Trouble with Playtex Ventaire Bottles - the Nipples Are Not Holding Up

And the Dr. Browns nipples do fit the vent air bottles. They have mich nicer nipples and they have a variety of flows for the age of your baby. ...

Breastfed Babies and Bottle Nipples

My baby would only take NUK brand bottle nipples. Mostly because they felt the same as her ... I used Playtex Vent Air wide nipple bottles for my baby girl. ...

Suggestions on Getting Baby to Take a Bottle Easier.

A common, but little-known, cause for a baby to reject a bottle of pumped .... of all baby bottles/nipples for a resonible price. good luck. luv always C. ...

Has Anyone Tried the Born Free Variable Flow Nipples?

I use born free as well and my 5 month old is using the #2 nipples currently. I agree with the others though that you will see signs that your baby is ready ...

Playtex Nipples

When did you switch to the fast flow nipples as opposed to the..." ... baby bottle nipples · bottle nipples · slow · fast read · you switch · bottle flow ...

Advice on Weaning Newborn off Nipple Guard

My baby spent his first 3 weeks in the NICU with a feeding tube or a bottle. We of course needed to use the nipple shield when we finally began nursing. ...

What's the Best Bottle/nipple to Use When You Are Breastfeeding & Pumping?

Also, make sure to always stick with the level 1 nipple, even as your baby grows . The flow is not very fast (just like the breast). Good luck! Helpful? ...

Nipple Confusion

It's a tubing system that delivers more milk to your nipple as the baby is nursing so she doesn't have to work as hard. They can be a little frustrating to ...

Seeking Advice on Bottle Nipples

I have a 4 month old breastfed baby boy. He is fed by bottle during the day at daycare. All of his bottles currently have stage 1 nipples (Born Free). ...
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