3 Siblings Birthday Party

Updated on May 11, 2012
C.T. asks from Galloway, OH
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We have 3 grandchildren that are all about to have birthdays.They are siblings with birthdates that fall within 20 days of each other, Not only that but you have the Memorial Day weekend and Father's Day close by so it is very hard to separate them. They are: a girl turning 4, a boy turning 2 and a girl turning 1. We are definitely having a combined party and we are looking for an idea for a theme. We have a very girly almost 4 year old who is highly opposed to a neutral theme. We have shopped and have not found anything we can blend together very well with that many ages and the opposite sexes too. So we are hoping there is someone more creative who will have an idea. Any suggestions?

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answers from Dallas on

My first thought was Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Love the pirates and mermaids. Princess and Knights or Dragons is good, too. Castle shaped cake, she can wear her foo foo princess gear and the two year old gets a fake sword. What's not to love?

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answers from Houston on

Fairy tale theme
zoo/farm animals/safari theme (maybe not enough girlie there)
Gilligan's Island (the kids will be clueless here) - island/luau theme as more general
nursery rhyme theme
Super Why (maybe too old for them but certainly enough variety)
Word World (ditto on last comment)
Care Bears (maybe horrifically out of date/uncool and maybe not enough boy element)...
Dora the Explorer theme
Cooking show/celebrity chef theme (heck they are kids so probably way too young for this)

Hmm...I'm probably not much help. Good luck all the same.

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answers from Dallas on

I think i am going to do a Mickey/ Minnie Mouse theme this year for my boy turning 4 and girl turning 3 (almost exactly a month apart). My daughter is very girly but loves minnie mouse and my son loves mickey so it works out. Maybe you could pitch this idea to the 4 year old.

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answers from Los Angeles on

How about something to appeal to the masses?
-Carnival theme
-Hawaiian theme w/leis, grass skirts, coconuts, plastic fruit you drink punch out of?
-Fairy Land (wings, crowns, wands for the girls, masks over the eyes,
magic wands for the boys?)
-Zoo theme (stuffed animals in "pens" or call in a petting zoo, hot dogs,
nachos, snow cones, slushies/slurpees etc)
-circus theme (have a clown, decorate like a circus, have hot dogs, balloons, clown making animals out of balloons, cotton candy machine etc
Hope that helps. Have fun!

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answers from New York on

Cowgirls/ cowboys. rent a horse, give out hobby horses, decorate cowgirl hats, have a potato sack race, pin the tail on the pony, bob for apples, funnel cake, red and blue gingham, lemonade in mason jars, a few bales of hay, baked beans and franks. Cheap, easy & fun.

When we were little parties didn't have themes. No one seemed to mind. Birthday hats, cake, a few party games, and a favor bag and we were thrilled.

We did a monster theme for DS's 1st birthday, but that was because we enjoyed it. DS couldn't care either way.

Best to you and yours,
F. B.

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answers from Dallas on

I would say care bears or dora and diago. With Dora and Diago you have girl and boy and that should stretch the age rangers too.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You can have a Royal Party, where the girls can be princesses and the boys can be princes/kings/knights. Then it will still be very girly for the 4 year old.

A circus theme is great for any age and gender.

A general Disney theme can incorporate princesses, Mickey Mouse, etc.

Also, if you look at a site like birthdayexpress.com, there are several things that have the same theme for boys and girls, so you can get some stuff in pink and some stuff in blue. They have a "mod monkey" in both colors, or you can do Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Hawaiian Party can be good. The girls can have leis, flowers in their hair, hula skirts, etc.

There might also be something considered for girls that boys like too. For example, my son loves the cartoon Olivia (and the books, too).

Sesame Street - Abby Cadabby for the girls, Elmo, Cookie Monster, etc for the boys

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answers from Houston on

Pirates & Princesses! or Knights & Princesses... works every time

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answers from Detroit on

I just get two different themes of partyware and have a little bit of both. I cut the tablecloths in half and put half of each theme on each table. As for the cakes i get decorated cupcakes and decorate them according to each theme. Then each kid gets what they want as I have a boy and a girl.


answers from San Francisco on

Wow, if your four year old is that demanding now she's going to be a piece of work by the time she's a teenager!
My daughter had coed parties up until about third grade. One year we did pirates and mermaids, that was really fun. We did a treasure hunt and gave the boys paper pirate hats and the girls tiaras.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter's birthday is usually around Memorial day so I usually do a "summer theme." Beach balls, bubbles, chalk, sandpails & shovels, etc.



answers from Chicago on

These are all great ideas. You can also do a nature theme, butterflies and bugs. They even have 1st birthday themes with butterflies in them.

We just had my daughter's 1st birthday with my son's 9th. That's a little difficult because of the age difference. I just split the theme down the middle. We had a cake with butterflies in it for her and Pokemon cupcakes for him.

You could also do a movie theme. The girls can dress up like movie starts and get all glamerous. The boys can pretend they're stunt men or heroes.

You could also do Barbie & Gi Joe.

Good luck and have fun!



answers from Chicago on

What about a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme? You could have the kids pick a favorite character to dress up as for the party.Minnie Mouse is pretty girlie :)



answers from Chicago on

What about a Hawaiian theme? That could suffice for all th flower leis and could incorporate surfboards and such todos your grandson????

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