2 Year Old Birthday Party for Boy/girl Twins

Updated on August 15, 2009
P.P. asks from Spring, TX
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I have my kids 2 year old birthday party coming up in September for a boy & a girl and yes they are twins!! I have no idea what i am going to do for them does anyone have any ideas of suggestions. I orignally thought about dora and diego but i dont know. I would love feedback. Thanks so much

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for all the great ideas!! My husband and I decided to just stick with the Dora & Diego theme. I hope it all turns out okay. =)

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answers from Houston on

Dora and Diego sounds great. Or Sesame Street, Mickey & Minny, etc. Any thing that offers both boy and girl characters.

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answers from Portland on

there are places now that have thos big air-filled bouncing castles and slides and what-not. Many of the pre-k kids did that for their kids birthday parties. It's a good non-gender sensitve place to have it where everyone has a bit of fun.

A picnic at the close by park can be fun for all involved as well.

Gymnastics places often offer a birthday deal where the kids can play safely on their equipment including trampolines, balance bars, etc. for an hour or so...

As for a theme, the Dora/Diego thing can work...Also any of the Disney themes can be intermixed. Princesses with Cars, or Wall-E, You can do a Disney animal theme and have the fox and the hound, Brother Bear, Robin Hood, (any, all of the movies with talking animals) present on the cake.

Also you could do a cooking one featuring Ratatouille. Have the two year olds decorate their own cupcakes, cookies, and/or pizza.

You could go with Tales of Despereaux as the main charcters are a princess, and a boy mouse...works well.

If you want to go real old school, and considering they are the PERFECT twin types...you could go with Raggedy Ann and Andy...

I hope the above ideas help, if nothing else open up your own creativity...

Good luck!!! ;-)

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answers from San Antonio on

You can do "On The Farm" or "Under The Sea", "Beach Party" and go a little more creavite on them.

Or even "Circus", or "Carnival" and serve all carnival food! I am the person who like to think outside the box of cartoons. I like to put a little more thought into it. I love planning parties it is so much fun.

When you figure out what you want to do let us know so we can give you more ideas on what to do!

Good Luck!



answers from Beaumont on

I have twin boys but like most kids they don't like the same things so I let them pick there own theme. I get a 1/2 sheet cake at the local Wal-mart and they decorate half the cake in of the kids them with a border down the middle. I buy a couple of packs of plates for each them then buy just solid colored plates that coordinate with their themes. It has worked people often comment on how different the boys likes are. I also let each kid so a pinata with their theme and just pick up some generic goody bags and the pinata helps get rid of all the cost of goody bag favors. Even at two my kids loved the pinata. I also rent a bounce house for the kids to play in. That keeps them entertained while the adults can talk too. I hope this helps a little.



answers from Houston on

Although they're only two, surely there is something ea of them like. Try to find out what that is or simply ask them & try to accomodate. Good luck & have fun.



answers from San Antonio on

I like Mexican Fiesta theme parties. Get a pinata, candy, nachos, the delimex tacos that go in the oven, guacamole, chips, salsa ... which ties in with the Dora and Diego theme.



answers from Harrisburg on

When my b/g twins turned 2 this past January, we did a Backyardigans theme. What characters do your children like?



answers from San Antonio on

We did a birthday party for our boy/girl twins at Bisque Bistro in New Braunfels. You get to pick from a selection of small pottery items for the kids to paint and they have a blast making their own creations! I bought them their own cupcake 'cakes' from Walmart that they choose themselves. My daughter's was Tinkerbell and my son's, Transformers. I just bought the plain colored plates, it's cheaper that way. Only drawback is we had to wait 1 week to get the painted items back from being fired in the kiln but the kids loved that it was their own creation and it served as the party favor as well. They came packaged in their own little bags so it was like they got a present themselves a week later!
As they've gotten older, we've done generic parties like the pottery painting and they chose their own personal cakes. Our other parties have been a bowling party, zoo party, and ZDT's Amuzement place that has video games and such. At the younger age, we did the Precious moments theme, and then Blues Clues because of the boy/girl colors in the group of characters.
Another idea I've seen is cats/dogs. The mother bought some little bobble head dogs and cats from Oriental Trading.com and let the kids paint those as part of the party favor they got to take home.

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