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Updated on December 20, 2015
G.R. asks from Arlington, TX
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i am trowing a baby shower for my sister in law and is the first time a do a baby shower so i need some help with ideas what to do what to serve?

thank you

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answers from Miami on

Assuming you already have a location, make sure to figure out a budget and stick with it! I have thrown many showers (baby & bridal) and it's very easy to go over budget if you aren't watching it! With that out of the way, on to the fun part!! Play a few games and give small prizes to the winners. There are tons of games to play out there from the "dirty diaper" game (guess the melted candy bars in the diaper) to "how big is the momma's belly" (each guest estimates how much ribbon will fit around the mom to be's belly). You can go online and search "baby shower games" and find tons of fun stuff! As far as what to serve depends on the time of day. You could serve anything from snacks/appetizers to a full meal. Cake is always a hit! Beverages could be simple coffee/tea/water or you could make a punch, serve sodas, have wine available... whatever fits within your budget and taste! Hope this helps! Good luck and have fun planning!!

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answers from Dallas on

Easy little finger sandwiches like chicken salad in croissants or rolls, or queso in a crockpot with chips, fresh fruit or a vegetable tray and things like crackers and cheeses are good things to serve, then little cupcakes or a cake for the end.

Keep the baby shower games to only 2 or 3 little ones, so there are more time to snack and chat, I've been to showers with so many games it was hard to want to stay the whole time.

What the other mom suggested is good too about making a budget and sticking to it. It can be easy to spend a lot of decorations or foods or favors, but making your own favors and decorations can be rewarding and save money too. When you narrow down a theme and color scheme, and how many guests, then everything will be easier to plan.

Here are some good resources you can check out, a lot of these sites have free things you can print out too for favors/decorations/cupcake toppers/invites...:

this blog has tons of baby shower ideas:

some fun game ideas:



answers from Cleveland on

What's the theme? You would probably want to ask what she wants. Make sure it's something she can eat too. Also, what time is the shower going to be? Will it be an evening, or afternoon?



answers from Dallas on

Remember that you're not feeding them but just giving little appetizer-type foods. Usually I see little veggie/cheese/meat trays. Something we had for a friend was a sundae bar, which was really fun. We had different ice creams with the waffle bowls and any kind of topping you can think of for the guests to build their own.

BTW I make cakes that are different from the everyday sheet cake you get from the grocery store if you'd be interested. Just PM me, and I'll give you an idea of what I do.


answers from Jacksonville on

Yes, its true before we give you suggestion you must tell about your theme, then we can give you right ideas.. so what's your theme?



answers from Dallas on

What I serve at showers always depends on what my theme is. I threw a baby shower for one friend and my theme was "Polka Dots" and everything I served was little and round - M&Ms, Mini Ritz Cheese Crackers, Cupcakes... another baby shower I did was an Old Fashioned Frilly Tea Party complete with finger sandwinches, assorted pastries and tea. I threw a "Japanese inspired" wedding shower for my cousin and served egg rolls, sushi, etc. I threw a baby shower for my SIL and the theme was "Peas in a Pod" and everything was in pairs - PB&J, Sweet and Sour Chicken, etc.

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