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Updated on July 03, 2010
V.B. asks from Mesa, AZ
6 answers

I'm thinking about getting the Baby Bjorn Carrier Air for my daughter (3months). We live in AZ (HOT!!!) and she doesn't like being hot at all! Does this carrier really keep baby cooler than a traditional carrier? And how is it on your back?
Any suggestions? Thanks!

EDIT!! Sorry, I didn't mean I want to carry my baby on my back, I meant how does your back feel while wearing it. Sorry for the confusion!

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answers from Houston on

I live in TX and bought this one when my son was born. I think it was a little more expensive than the regular Bjorn, but it was so much better in terms of the material being breathable! My son was born in May in Houston, TX and I used it all summer long with him (it is also REALLY humid here, so feels like temps are well over 100 degrees). I really loved it and I thought it was more comfotable for me to wear than my peanut shell sling. I used them both, but ended up liking the Baby Bjorn more. Grocery shopping was the BEST with that thing. He slept the whole time. I would highly recommend it.

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answers from Sarasota on

I don't know about this one, but I live in Florida and cotton or linen ring slings (or solarveil if you can get it) work great! I've hauled my son around Disney in one and he's approaching 30 lbs now.

Baby Bjorns actually aren't the greatest carrier because of the pressure they put on the femoral artery (huge vein in the thigh). Also, one of the great things about carrying (especially in a little one) is that they can curl up to mom if they get overwhelmed--you know how they hide their faces on you? That doesn't work with the Bjorn.

Good luck--and happy baby wearing!



answers from Santa Fe on

I personally wouldn't recommend the Baby Bjorn at all for the same reasons others have listed. It is also not meant for back carrying. When my daughter was a baby last summer, she practically lived in a wrap style carrier on my back. They are very comfortable for both you and the baby and she's 18 months old now and I can still wrap her! A great website for all kinds of baby carriers is They're incredibly helpful there, I've purchased all my baby carriers from them. Good luck and stay cool!



answers from Phoenix on

I had the baby bjorn synergy- it is the air with the extra lumbar support. More money than the air. I used it for about 3 months and then when my daughter was about 4 months and13 pounds it started killing my back. Also she had a few problems and I took her to the chiropractor who has 4 daughters of his own. he told never to use it again! Horrible on your back and it is terrible for a developing baby! He suggested the ergo baby. You can wear them in front back or on the side and it holds them in a froggy style position. A natural position for babies that helps the growth of their spine. It is cheaper than the baby bjorn synergy and my daughter LOVED it. Not only that i still wear her at 22 pounds and it never hurts my back! even hiked with my 3 year old who is 38 pounds in the back position for 3 miles up hill and was never soar! And she was comfortable the whole time now she always wants to be in it. It is worth the money! Now it is 100% cotton and does breathe well but it can get a little hot in the summer months here in AZ. It is the best carrier out there for both mom and baby. You can get it at Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

We have one and have used it since our daughter was born. She's now almost 15 months and I still strap her in sometimes when we're grocery shopping. She LOVES it! They do keep the baby much cooler than other carriers I have seen and it's comfortable to wear and easy to adjust between my husband and myself. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially in AZ! Good luck!



answers from Boston on

get an ergo or a good sling or wrap

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