Amount of Sleep for a 20 Month Old?

Updated on February 14, 2009
D.W. asks from Warwick, RI
7 answers

My 20 month old son has been sleeping so much - about 13 hours at night and a 4 hour nap. Even when he naps long he still goes to sleep at night at a reasonable hour. We are on vacation this week so he has had the liberty to sleep in as long as he wants and I haven't disrupted his naps, figuring he must need the sleep. Is it normal for him to be sleeping so much? Thanks for your input!

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answers from Springfield on

I would run it by your ped just to make sure nothing is going on but my nephew does this and his dr isn't worried because he is very active when awake maybe your son is hitting a growth spurt my oldest slept a lot and ate a lot right before he grew. Consider yourself lucky my 21 month old sleeps 11 hrs a night and hasn't napped in months.



answers from Portland on

Deb, as a mother of seven, grandmother of 14, and greatgrammie of one, I must say it seems like an excessive amount of sleep.
When you return home from your vacation I would definately consult with the child's pediatrician.
Some possible causes for this amount of sleeping come to my mind but I am NOT a medical person so do not feel competent to throw out "things I know about" that have been the cause of excessive sleep.
I do, however, strongly recommend that you do not put off an appointment with doc. Do not let doctor brush you off , rather insist on full check up for this even testing for certain conditions.
Twenty hours a day is simply too much sleeping for that age.

Best wishes and God bless
Grandmother Lowell



answers from Boston on

I'm curious to see the responses here. My daughter, almost 20 months, just over this holiday break, has also started sleeping 13 hours at night, and has been taking 2.5-3 hour naps. Prior to this (while in daycare) she slept 11-12 hours at night, and only took a single 1.5 hour naps. I've been attributing it to a growth spurt, but I'm not sure.



answers from Boston on

My son is the same age. He has been sleeping more than usual because of a growth spurt coming on I assume. He has been eating more as well. Has your son always slept this much? or is this new? My son also has MANY allergies. (allergic to 30 things). This sleep could be from allergies. His body working overtime becasue of allergies and gets run down. I know many children with allergies that sleep more hours. I would see your pediatrician to discuss. Maybe even see your allergist. I could recommend one if you need one.



answers from Boston on

My almost 17 month old son does the same thing. The Pedi didn't feel anything was wrong because he is so VERY active when he's awake. Also, he could be fighting off a little germ which hasn't taken a hold of him, and may not with the sleep he's getting. I just make sure I'm feeding him well while he's up cause it's almost like he misses a meal with a 4 hour nap. I think maybe we could use this time to play catch up with all the things we've just thrown in boxes or in the closet for the past 2 years..... If your concerned, run it by the Dr.



answers from Lewiston on

My son used to sleep like that. He would go to bed at 7pm and sleep till 6am, and then take a 3-4 hrs nap during the day. He's 4 yrs old as of today and is very healthy. I think if you are concerned to see ur sons doctor.



answers from Hartford on

It is definately not unusual. At night they should be sleeping for 12+ hours. As for the nap maybe cut down to 2

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