Am I Pregnant? - Mount Washington,KY

Updated on February 20, 2008
A.M. asks from Mount Washington, KY
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I am about 4 days late, and am usually like clockwork. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, and both have come out negative. There really hasn't been a lot of stress going on, except planning my daughter's 1st birthday party. I have been having cramps like I am about to start, but nothing. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember having the same cramps. Not really sure what to do, and needed some advice.

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Go to the doctor if you're really concerned. If you don't turn out to be pregnant then at least you're there and he/she can find out why your missing your period in the first place.



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It took almost two missed periods for my hormone level to be high enough to register on the pregnancy test. To be sure, you can always ask the doc to run a blood test....

I had full on morning sickness before I tested +, my husband was sure I had a horrible, wasting sickness since I wasn't showing up "+"



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Are you on the pill? Do your boobs hurt yet...?? I know those sound strange but when i got pregnant, i remember the cramps as if i were about to start any moment and my boobs hurting SOOSOOOSOO bad...i never did start and took a test about 2 weeks late and it was positive....maybe try a different brand of test??




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uhh.. i am in the same boat! it is so weird. i dont know what is wrong either! good luck!

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