Allergies in a Breast Feeding Mom

Updated on April 25, 2008
B.G. asks from East Sandwich, MA
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Are there any allergy meds that are safe enough to take while breastfeeding? I heard claritin was ok but not sure. Has anyone tried it?

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So What Happened?

I researched it and apparently Claritn is safe enough for me to take... they even make one for kids and one for infants. I took one last night after my LO went to bed and now I feel better than I did earlier this week. Thanks for everyones advice.

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answers from Burlington on

I took claritin while breastfeeding, and the breastfeeding clinic stated it was OK. Considering my baby was born extremely prematurely and I had to be extra careful, I would think that it would be OK to use in the majority of breastfeeding situations.

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answers from Providence on

claritin is fine---i work in the medical field and recommend it all of the time to my patients who are nursing

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answers from Boston on

I know that Zyrtec is Pregnancy Category B, I would google antihistamines and breast feeding and just check with your MD to be on the safe side.

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answers from Providence on

Good for you for still breastfeeding! I was told that any of those medicines can dry you up some, so it may depend on how much milk the baby is trying to get from you. If she is eating solid foods mostly, than you might be okay but I would still check with your doctor. When I was exclusively breastfeeding, I was only given a nasal spray for my allergies. Good luck and I hope your allergies get better



answers from Portland on

Have you considered trying a neti pot?

Here's a recipe I have been using with success.
1 qt water (spring or well, not municipal tap)
2 1/2 tsp pickling salt (more pure than sea or table salt)
1 tsp baking soda

You don't even really need a neti pot, it just makes it easier. Flush your nose by breathing in the mixture and then blowing it back out. Do this 3 times, 3 times a day or more.



answers from Boston on

I take antioxidants and haven't suffered from allergies in years. If I stop taking them, within a week allergies are back. Get back on the antioxidants, gone. I have taken these for about 6 years, and during my entire pregnancy and my son has taken them since birth. We are never sick and do not need to use medication. Sounds like you are happy with a med you found, but if you are ever interested in trying something more natural... send me a message.



answers from New London on

I was told to avoid allergy medication because it may dry up your milk. That is what allergy meds are supopsed to do, dry you up, it makes sense but man did I miss my meds!



answers from Pittsfield on

Hi B.,
When I was pregant, I was told that Chlortrimeton was the best to take, because it had been around for so long and thus studied longer. I'm assuming the same would be true for when you are nursing. I've never tried any prescription allergy meds so I don't know about any of them. Good luck.



answers from Barnstable on


I suggest a natural approach to allergy relief. That way both you and your baby don't have to deal with the toxins of any medications. I have a low glycemic anti-oxidant fruit beverage that contains photo-sterols, amino-acids and a high level of anti-oxidants. It's been shown to help with inflammation, pain and allergies. It also helps you to heal faster. Plus it's all natural and great for both you and baby!
I am a Nutritional Microscopist, someone who studies the body at the cellular level. I try to help people make dietary and lifestyle changes to overcome health challenges. If you are experiencing allergies to foods or environment, it is a sign that you have an imbalance. I would try to avoid high sugar foods and drinks. Make sure you have plenty of water with lemon and try to limit or avoid dairy.

You can contact me for more information or to try the fruit beverage. You can get more information on the product at and look for the product Mistica.

Best of luck,
K. Acton
Nutritional Microscopist
Cape Microscopy



answers from New London on

Benedryl. I think, but always check with doc.

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