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Updated on March 10, 2011
D.S. asks from Katy, TX
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ok so i posted i needed a new washer and asked tor places to buy. alot of people suggested sears. now i found a washer dryer all in one unit. it is the washer and dryer in one unit?? my dryer is older and probably in its last legs anyway so my question is would you buy one and why?? would this make it twice as long as long to do laundry? i can buy a brand new washer and dryer cheaper line for half the price of this unit. this unit is almost $1400 and i can get a new washer and a new dryer for about $700 if i go low end? would this be worth the extra money?????

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So What Happened?

well with all the good references I decided not to get one. thanks guys you saved me alot of money and fustration

edited leslie if he is good at laundry send him over every friday and i can flirt with the laundry boy and make him never want to come back :)

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answers from Pocatello on

In college my apartment had a washer/dryer all in one unit. I hated it! Now the one you are looking at might is probably nicer then the one I had in college but it just took forever to dry and you had to do smaller loads in order to get a good wash and and good dry. So if I were you I wouldn't get it.

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answers from Chicago on

If you have the space and hook ups for a traditional washer and dryer, don't get the all in one. Those units were meant to be a "solution" for those that either don't have the space or cannot vent a dryer properly, such as in a condo like your brother. I also live in a condo, and we have one of these machines that came with the place. The only thing it has succeeded in doing is driving me crazy!! I HATE this thing. It takes FOREVER to do one load of wash, and the capacity is REALY small, like 12 lbs tops. And it does not dry the clothes well, unless it only has 3 or 4 items in it. Forget about washing towels and blankets. I constantly have laundry hanging all over the place to dry. It's either that or let it pile up until we can't stand it anymore and go to the laundrymat. We actually usually take our towels and blankets to my MIL's house to wash and dry, because she has the regular machines. Really the only reason I don't chuck it is because we cloth diaper, and it is effective for washing those (I don't dry them anyways), but it does take most of the day due to having to run them through 2 cycles plus an extra rinse. Oh, and I'm not sure why, but ours does not have a truly "cold" water cycle. The lowest temp noted anywhere on it is 86 degrees and when I run it on that cycle it doesn't spin out any water and leaves everything sopping wet. It has a temperature selector, but I'm not sure why because no matter where you set it, at the end everything is steaming hot. It is absolutely not worth the money, in fact it is nearly WORTHLESS, except for the diaper washing I use it for. Don't waste your money. Get a traditional machine and save yourself a lot of grief.

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answers from Milwaukee on

nope. i had one and it took 4 hours to dry a load of clothes. it was awful. i had an LG brand name and i hated that thing. parts for repairs were very expensive. after it died i went to lowes and got a roper washing machine for just over $200 and that was the best buy i did!!!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

honestly I dont know about the money part my brother bought one for his condo because of the space issue he says it works great but he is only one guy worth of laundry and the one he has is not very big. I think it depends on how much laundry you have it might extend your laundry time.

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answers from Dallas on

I wouldn't get it personally. We use cloth diapers and I cannot for the life of me figure out how I would do the diaper laundry in a machine that both washes and dries (I line dry some diapers). And I don't know if soaking is an option in the AIO machine.

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answers from Biloxi on

Hah, my all in washer and dryer is a strikingly handsome, 14 year old son - wanna' borrow him???

My Aunt had one of those stackables - she hated it - it was small and she wound up going to a laundry-mat or neighbors to wash blankets and duvet covers. She now owns two huge individual units that I think I could wash my car in. LOL

Go the cheaper route and spend the saving on something fun!!!

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answers from San Antonio on

My washer died at Christmas time. Washers are more complex and more things to break. Dryers can go for years....and years as long as you keep them cleaned out.
So when my washer croaked, I just replaced the washer only and kept the 13 yr. old dryer. It's still humming along.
Yes, Sears was the best place for these.

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answers from College Station on

Personally I would buy two seperate units. The technology is still relatively new and I think that you tie the machine up too much before you can proceed with the next load. What would happen if the washer chose not to work or vise- versa. You could find yourself at the laundromat. Good luck with your decision and happy shopping.


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