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Updated on November 23, 2013
M.J. asks from Huntley, IL
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We are moving to a new house and will have an upstairs laundry room . Looking for recommendations on a washer and dryer. Brand/model? Front loaders or not.? Heard they are noisy and hard to maintain as they tend to mold and need to be cleaned frequently.

Have 3 kids so doing laundry a lot so ones that hold large loads would be great!

If u love your washer and dryer let me know!

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answers from Chicago on

I have an old GE set that I won't replace until it dies but I recently found out or noticed something interesting. Recently, I was part of a washing machine research study. We were evaluating appearance and the amount of functions available on new washers coming to market. I must have looked over a dozen washers, with a variety of brands, and not a single one of them was a front loader. When I mentioned that and suggested that it is probably because of the problems people have with them, all the people there who had a front loader agreed and said they wouldn't buy one again. Maybe, they will be a thing of the past if out of a dozen washers, not one was a front loader? Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

We just bought a new set this year--my last set was Amana, and lasted at least 10 years. My new ones are Maytag, energy efficient & water efficient, and both have huge glass viewing windows. I prefer the top loading washer, so that I can pause it, and add that sock or T-shirt that I just found under the bed. The front loaders can't be stopped after they start. And the washer never smells, because I leave it open when I am not using it, and wash my husband's underwear with a cup of white vinegar.There are five of us--two kids, my husband & I, and my mother-in-law, so we have plenty to wash--I have at least one load every night. Had them since May, and I love them.

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answers from Boston on

Love my Whirlpool Duet! I've had it for years (at least 6 or 7) and have never had any trouble. Initially, I didn't want a front loader but after doing some research it seemed the best option. Mine is on a pedestal (great for storing things like lingerie bags, seldom-used laundry additives, drier sheets, etc.). Years & years ago, our top loading machine didn't have a strong enough motor to pump up from our old basement completely. I got in the habit of leaving the door up so it didn't get musty. I still leave the door slightly open on the Whirlpool and have no issue with mold or odors.

BTW, some people say you can't add anything once the washer started. I've found that I can. Not sure if all front loaders have this feature, but mine has an "add a garment" period. I think it's for, like, the first 8 minutes of the cycle. If that light is on, I simply hit the "pause" button on the washer, wait a second & then open the door & toss in whatever stray item needs to be added to the load.

Good luck with your choice!



answers from Chicago on

I had a front loader machines for 15 years and when we moved we didn't bring our machine with us. So, for Christmas, I'm getting a new front load machine. I'll be getting the Whirlpool Duet set with pedestals. I never had an issue with mold but I always left the door of the washer ajar.



answers from Los Angeles on

Complaint follows!!! Kind of a sore spot with me....

I have a fancy expensive Maytag Set. The washer is a top load high efficiency heavy duty washer with low water consumption, no agitator. I hate it. No moldy smells, but I have had clothes still dry in the middle after the load is done, time after time. Especially with sheets, jeans, lightweight blankets, then I have to rearrange and redo the load. What a waste of soap, water and time! Sometimes I just want to rinse something, not a whole wash, just run a simple rinse with fabric softener to freshen something, it has no setting for that.
The dryer sensor is unpredictable. I spin my own jeans/shirts to shake wash wrinkles out of them, then pull them out damp and hang dry. For me, my clothes fit better and stay nice longer that way. For example; the dryer will say 20 min, it turns off in 7 or 8 minutes and they are damp, next time in a few minutes they are dry in that time and trying to shrink/wrinkle. The laundry room is downstairs so you can't hear the buzzer. It's always a guessing game. It does fine with everything else that I dry, yet there is no judging by the timer.

So I bought a Kenmore old fashioned agitator washer from a friend that was moving, put it out on the covered back porch to use, and gave to new one to the rest of the family. Works perfect. Only have one hook-up for a dryer in the house, still thinking on that or I'd have an older type there too. We paid too much to totally get rid of the new set....I wonder why things can't be made to just function as they are needed to?



answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't love mine yet. But it's on its last legs, and I've done some research on what I want next.

I'm looking forward to an LG brand top loader with no agitator.


answers from Houston on

I just like the look of the stackable. I won't replace mine until I bury it but the next one will be a stackable that can also do lingerie on a gentle cycle. I live alone so a large barrel is not needed.



answers from Chicago on

We have a frigidaire gallery series stacked dryer over front loading washer. I love the fact that it fits in a closet on our second floor so I don't have to drag clothes up and down stairs all the time. However, it doesn't remove dog hair (from a golden retriever) very well. I don't know if that is characteristic of a front loader or just this particular machine. I do leave the door open and never have had a bad smell. Bending over (and nearly climbing in) to get the last sock or washcloth out is a pain. It's not noisy at all, including the beep to signal the end of the wash cycle, although the dryer buzz is loud enough to be heard across the street. Good Luck!



answers from Tulsa on

We have a front loader washer/dryer from Fridgidaire. We got them in 2006, and they have survived 3 moves (and three subsequent hookups, twice stacked and once side by side depending on where we were living). We've never had to have them worked on and have never had a problem. The washer will mold, leaving the door slightly open is an easy fix. I can fit a huge load in them, cutting down my weekly laundry by quite a bit compared to the traditional top loaders. Having to leave the door open a bit is my only complaint, and it's not a big deal.



answers from Seattle on

Front loading LG washers and dryers are great. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/4-0-cu-ft-12-cycle-high-effic...

Having a steam function on both a dryer and washer helps to make doing laundry easier. Front loading machines can actually work in less time than many traditional top loaders. It all depends on desired functionality and price point. One of the great thing about LG machines is they are equipped with an easy to use/read panel and are smart-phone capable to allow for ease of diagnosis should anything go wrong.


answers from Dallas on

I do laundry daily. I recently got rid of my Maytag Neptune series ( no Maytag!!) I HATED my Maytag washer and I didn't have moldy issues.

I replaced with a Samsung set and LOVE them. I love all features. Steam and more. No issues with mold or extra work . This is my 2nd front loader and I would never go back to a top loader. I also have the pedestals that the washer and dryer sit on and love them as well.

SO glad I got Samsung this time! I spent about $2700 total and they are worth it!!


answers from Seattle on

I am a family of 4, soon to be 5. We have the Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum set. The washer is a top loader with a glass lid that my 6 year old LOVES watching "washer TV" through. The washer is also agitator free, and gets everything clean through a series of spins and such.

These machines have cut my laundry down from 5+ a day (tiny machines) to 4 a week, max; usually less.


answers from Houston on

Interesting to read the responses. We have the Whirlpool Duet front loading, the ones on the news.. with the mold... yeah, those.
The mold can be controlled it just takes a few extra steps and being vigilant. That being said it hasn't given us a minutes trouble in the 5+ years we've owned them. From what I understand the issue with them developing mold has been fixed.
And all that being said I'm not sure we would buy front loading again. The bending over, completely over, to check and see if a sock or something is still in the washer gets old. A top load may be our next choice.



answers from New York on

I used to have a front load Kenmore, but when it broke and the barrel started periodically randomly getting water in it, rather than repair it we just chucked it and went back to a top load. I have a GE one that holds extra big loads. Wasn't the cheapest but was still reasonably priced and I'm much happier back with the top load.

The two things I wish I'd paid a little more money to get are a buzzer when the cycle is done (assuming that is even an option!), and the ability to set a timer to start the washer at a later time.



answers from Kansas City on

We have a front loading set from LG. It's okay. It works pretty good but I will say that I'm sooooooo glad we bought the warranty on them (from Sears) because I've had the repair man come out like 2-3 times in the last year. There aren't major problems but it was nice to have the peace of mind to just call a repairman and not have to pay out of pocket. The fixes were easy but annoying...

The dryer will randomly shut off and it's because the lint sensors (located inside on the drum) will be too linty and it will think the laundry is dry and shut it off. Now you can't see the lint but it's apparently there and needs to be wiped off. So now every other load or so I just take a dry article from the load I just emptied and wipe off the sensors. It has helped and I don't have an issue anymore.

I do big loads of laundry, mostly cuz I'm lazy, but the guy that was just out here for my washer leak told me the problem was me not the machine. Hrumpf. Extra glad I didn't have to pay to hear that! ;) I was basically overfilling it. Okay, I can fix it but I don't wanna.

I don't really find they need to be cleaned all the more frequently but you do need to leave the washer open just a tad so it will dry and not get moldy.

I thought the front loaders would change my life somehow...like make laundry faster, more efficient, more fun...I don't know...but I can tell you, they didn't. Would I buy them again? Not sure. Top loaders are a lot more energy efficient now a days, so maybe I'd check those out pretty thoroughly.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I love my front loading Samsung. I have had it about 7 months and have not had any issues with smell or mold. I use bleach, Clorox 2, and sometimes vinegar in the loads. I always use one of these items so maybe it sanitizes the washer better.

I don't know...

I've had good luck with mine.

Before, when I had a front loader in a small space, I had an Asko. THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!

It had it's own hot water heater in it. It used 220 instead of 110. I loved that I could put a load of whites in it and turn the dial to 90 degrees Celsius. 100 degrees Celsius is boiling so this water was super hot.

I can also say that my whole life I've had a gas dryer. I have had dryers that worked pretty good and then some that took hours to dry a single load of clothes.

I got an electric Samsung dryer for my birthday one year. I was so disappointed. I'm a die hard fan of natural gas. BUT this electric dryer dried a load of jeans in less time than it took the washer to get the next load ready. Seriously. I was astonished. When I heard the buzzer go off I figured I'd fallen asleep or something. But the washer was still going and the jeans were dry. Even the waist and the pockets were dry.

I was sold. I love Samsung.



answers from Kansas City on

I have a whirlpool duet front load set, and I hate it the washer has been replaced 4 times in under 10 years. Not to mention the times the repair man has been out to fix it so many I have lost count. The dryer has however managed to work...knock on wood. I say stay away from them they may look pretty but the are not worth the money or the headache after you spend all the money on them !!

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