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Updated on October 09, 2010
L.B. asks from Denison, TX
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I am in the market for a new washing machine... not my choice, but rather dictated by the death of our old washing machine last weekend. I have been doing research on affordable, large machines... by that I mean reading reviews of the lowest cost (under $600) biggest capacity (4.0 or larger) machines on home store sites. But what I really need to hear is YOUR opinion, dear Moms. I have a full household... 4 kids: 6 years old and younger, plus a husband. I need it to get tough things clean, not just save on my utility bills (because throwing out clothes doesn't make sense). SO, those who have an opinion on a certain brand, a certain model, or just a top load / front load opinion... please chime in! Thanks in advance....

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So What Happened?

I can see that we moms also have our opinions (very valid and valued), based on our experiences... I sure wish I could have experienced each machine for just a day before picking the one for me. But that wasn't a possibility, even if some of you were very hospitable people. Truth be told.... I needed a large, affordable, and available machine. After visiting 4 local locations (striking out with my "researched model" on price or availability). I ended up with a Top loading (high efficiency) GE with a 4.1 capacity for $404.... brought it home with me and it is now installed (11:00pm). In the morning, my journey to adapt to the newness of it, will begin.

Thanks for chiming in... laundry is a priority to many of us moms - I felt the passion in many of your responses... continue to be passionate about taking care of your family, even in the simple things like laundry!

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answers from Albany on

I had brand new front loader Bosch washer and dryer in my old house, sprung for the 'good' stuff for a change. Complete with pedestal. I HATED every second of it! I found the front load BACK BREAKING! All that bending over. I have a full house as well, no END to the laundry, even with a large washer I'm doing 3 loads a day. In my new house I have a stackable, which I LOVE! My laundry room seems huge and no more bending over.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have a top loader. My sister has a front loader.
I love my Whirlpool.
She likes her front loader, but she has to leave the doors open so they don't mold.

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answers from Sacramento on

Our Kenmore recently died after just nine years, so we set out to get something that will last. After researching a lot, we got the Maytag Centennial. The reviews were awesome and it's not that expensive. It's also a top-loader, which was important to me because of front-loader safety issues with young kids in the house (seen too many disturbing news reports about kids dying in them). We've had ours about six months and love it. It's energy efficient, cleans really well and seems reliable so far.

I honestly don't think it makes too much difference with the brand. It's about the particular model. So many are made by the same company. For instance, Kenmore, Maytag and Whirlpool have the same owner.

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answers from Houston on

I had a hand-me-down Sears washer when I got married and it lasted another 13 years! Only a minor repair or two during that time. I got another Sears washer to replace it and love it. Two boys, sports uniforms, I even volunteered for band uniform washing duty when my son was a freshman (15-20 multi-piece uniforms per weekend, lotsa loads!). Never had a front load myself, but have not heard good things - my co-worker replaced his door 'lock' twice in one year and either it won't run or leaks on the floor. He already replaced it with a top load. Good luck!

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answers from Springfield on

Don't get a front loader. You can't fill it up, they stink, and they take 2 hours for the allergiene load(at least my LG does).
I had the biggest kenmore toploader and i stupidly gave it away when i moved. It held like 17 pairs of jeans. it was maybe 499??? on sale.


Don't get a front loader. You can't fill it up, they stink, and they take 2 hours for the allergiene load(at least my LG does).
I had the biggest kenmore toploader and i stupidly gave it away when i moved. It held like 17 pairs of jeans. it was maybe 499??? on sale.

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answers from Houston on

When we moved to Texas, we sprung for the LG front load washer with matching dryer. It had one of the best ratings in Consumer Reports for energy efficiency, cleaning capabilities, and value.

I have not had any problems with either unit and absolutely love them. The normal cycle for washing is a bit long but everything comes out clean. It does such a great job in getting the clothes clean that I usually run most items on the speedwash cycle which is around 30 minutes. One of the best things about it is that it is extremely quiet - even on the spin cycle - and clothes come out of the wash barely damp so they dry in half the time.

My favorite thing about the set is the capacity of each unit. I can wash all the jeans for a family of 4 in one load and still have some room. It saves me so much time on laundry day it's almost ridiculous. I have seen a little mildew on the seal which wipes up easily and can be controlled by keeping the door open every now and then. Sometimes I'll spritz a little bleach on it when I do a bleached load such as t-shirts and socks.

We also bought the pedestals for underneath which have roomy drawers perfect for storage. And they elevate the units off the floor so I don't have to stand on my head to get clothes out.

Looks like you've been provided some excellent reviews of various brands and models. Good luck in your search!

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answers from Savannah on

I have a front loader made by Bosch and I love it!! Yes, you have to leave a door open on all front loaders but if you think about it, you leave the door open on a top loader right??!! I've had my washer from almost 3yrs and have had minor problems that have been covered under warranty and have been fixed quickly by the appliance company I've chosen. I can fit (all in twin size) mattress pad, sheets and quilt in mine at one time. Which was great when my son would have an accident at night!!

A friend of my has a LG front loader but it is designed to look like a top loader. Meaning the control panel still runs across the back side of the machine. It's a great space saving design and she loves her washer too!! I know there are a few other brands that are designed this way too but I'm not sure if they are all made by the same company in the long run.

I did a lot of homework before I picked my washer and I highly recommend you stay away from the agitator-less top loaders!!! No matter which brand I read about, people complained that the twisted and tied up their clothes.

Good luck and happy shopping!!

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answers from Houston on

I had the Sears repair man her yesterday! I asked about the front load option machines...he said DO NOT waste your time buying it. They will break in a few years do to load in washer pulling down on drivit...since it sits sideways. Sorta makes sense? I bought a maytag and he said this is one of the best machines built. It was saved for another 10 years !

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answers from Barnstable on

Run for your life from a front loader. I had a $1200 Whirlpool Duet front loader XL capacity and for 8 years it ran great and then, one day it started grinding and all this plastic junk was coming off inside.

I called the repair guy at to repair it it was going to be $600!!!!!!! He said that no washing machine built today (except for Bosch) is designed to last more that 5 to 7 years. Once I heard that I went out and bought an Admiral top-load washer for $350 at Home Depot. Love it! I do 3 loads a day at least. Cheap to run too - CHEAPER than the energy star!

You can also get a COMMERCIAL grade washer (top load) which should last 15 to 20 years and handle a million loads a day. These are repairable too!

Best of luck

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answers from Houston on

I purchased a Fischer Paykel about a year ago and love it! I think it may be a little more than $600 but not by much.
Top loader
energy and water efficient
made in the USA!!!
Strongest spin-has meant much less drying time
easy to operate
doesn't require HE soap

when it spins esp. with towels it is loud. Would not recommend if you don't have a separate laundry room where you can shut the door.
have to get use to not having water initially...you pour soap down the middle of the agitator, put the softener holding top on the agitator, shut the lid and then start it. It isn't bad once you get use to it. I just put my shout, etc. in with the laundry as usual.
Has a computerized mother board BUT it doesn't cost you the price of the machine to repair it if it goes out. It is only around $90 to replace as opposed to front loaders which can range start around $300 and go up.
Sometimes, it gets a funny odor but it doesn't last long and the salesman can tell you about it. Mainly, leave the top up and it doesn't occur.
I really love mine, so far and feel good about supporting the American economy.
Hope this helps

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answers from Portland on

I highly recommend a front loading high efficiency machine. he I bought mine at Sears for around $400 I think. It's a Kenmore and I love it. The one I bought before was also from Sears and it was a Whirlpool. There are just a couple of companies that make all the domestic machines. The serial # contains a code that will give the manufacturer's name. Sears sales people will tell you.

My machine holds a large load and spin drys so well that the clothes dry in a short time.

It's important to use he detergent. I didn't with my first one and it only lasted a few years. I don't think they were recommending the detergent when I bought it. And it's important to leave the door cracked after using it so that the inside dries out. This is the same as for all washers.

My daughter has a large load top loader because of the cost of he front loaders but wished she could afford the front loader because it is more efficient, no only with the spin cycle but also with the use of water and electricity.

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answers from Austin on

I was in the same boat as you a year ago. I spent loads of time researching the best washer. I did end up going with a front load LG washer (got very good reviews). My biggest concern is that all of these new appliances, with computer boards, are likely to malfunction within years. It makes me so mad. I am used to my mom having a washer and it lasting 20+ years. There is no excuse for these companies making the junk they make these days (as inexpensively as they do). The life expectancy of a washer is 5-8 yrs. That's insane when you are spending nearly $1000! Our washer is a year old now and I have no complaints. You do have to keep the door open on your washer after you use it (until it dries out). However, many people do the same with their old top loaders to prevent smells. The LG got good reviews but I have to admit, it's fancy. ....too fancy. I wish these machines were more basic so there are fewer things to break. I feel like the new washer and dryer are both much easier on my clothes. What I don't like is that the wash cycles are really long. I use the normal cycle most often but I use the heavy soil cycle some too when we have a potty trainer's undies or sheets in there. If I just use the normal cycle, they are still a little stinky. If you end up replacing your dryer too, I find that mine gets REALLY hot on "normal." I dry everything but sheets and towels on perm press or delicate. I'm so sorry you have to replace your washer, it's an annoying thing!

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answers from Boca Raton on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Frigidaire front loaders... 4.2 for washer, 7.0 for dryer... They are HUGE... My king size comforter fits perfectly in there (I used to have to bring it to the dry cleaners)..
They aren't the cheapest though... We bought them Labor Day Weekend at Brandsmart and we paid 1,600 for both.. WELLLL WORTH IT!!!!! Brandsmart was doing 0 interest for 2 years, so we are paying them off... They even gave us 6 months worth of coupons for free detergent and dryer sheets..I'm sure with it being President's Day this weekend they are doing more sales like that..
Good luck!

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answers from College Station on

I would not look for the cheapest. You only get what you pay for. Having said that I switched to a front load and I will never buy a top load again. They hold more laundry, save considerably on hydro and water. They also spin better making it less time in the dryer if you use one. I live in Canada and we take advantage of outside drying whenever possible. Hope this helps. I am not familiar with the brands that you have in the U.S. Good luck.


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answers from Phoenix on

We have a GE profile front load washer and dryer set. I love them! It has gotten almost every stain out (the only one that stayed was one I forgot about and the shirt sat stained for about a week with no pre-treat or wash). The washer has a "stain inspector" so you can select the stain type (very specific, choose a category, then the item ie- food- ketchup). It also has a regular pre-wash cycle you can set. It has several different cycle choices and hooks through a computer cable to my dryer, so the dryer automatically sets itself when the washer finishes to the correct setting and time based on the cycle the washer used.
I love it! And it fits our king size blankets without any problems which was one of the big things I was looking for.

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answers from Houston on

I love the washers and dryers by Kenmore which are sold by Sears. They last me for years. I've only had two each since my babies were small and they are now 24 and 22 respectively.

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