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Updated on May 18, 2011
P.A. asks from Newark, NJ
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My husband and I are trying to adopt a child for a year now, but have not been successful we are thinking about going with an Agency, but they are all so expensive and they all seem like they are charging so much money for not doing much. We are in NJ so we can not use "facilitators or referrals" Does anybody know agood adoption agency in NJ that won't charge us an arm and a leg?
Thanks for the advise.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much. These are all great answers. I did go to the State of NJ but because my homestudy was done by an agency they don't recognize it, so I'll have to start all over again. Which I may have to do anyway eventualy, we'll see. I'll definitely check out Thanks again!

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Best of luck to you both! What a joyous decision. I adopted my beautiful daughter in 2009 from Armenia and it is the best decision I ever made!
Adoption is expensive. I don't think most agencies are dishonest, but it is a business even when non-profit and it is pricey. I would recommend checking out Yahoo! groups for adoption groups. I belong to one that is specific to single moms, but I"m sure they're there for couples. There is a group (not sure it it's Yahoo!) that checks agencies specifically, so you might research that.
All the best to you.
And yes, foster-to-adopt is also less expensive but again a little chancy. I also know of people that have done that successfully.
I would recommend looking on line, researching and making the choice that works best for your family.



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Check out the Adoptive Parents Committee. It's a tri-state adoption support organization with lots of great resources and they have a New Jersey chapter (I'm co-president in Westchester).

Good luck!



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Have you tried to be in contact with your local Social Services Department? A friend of mine fostered 2 children for a year and a half through the Department of Social Services - and just 8 days ago - they became their legal adoptive parents :).. Best of Luck to you - there are LOTS of kids out there that need responsible adults in their lives!


answers from St. Louis on

I was adopted through Catholic charities. Not sure if they have them in all cities,



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Adoption is expensive no matter how you do it. You can foster a child that
is up for adoption. There is obviously no expense involved doing it that way.
Catholic charities might be an option, but I still think there are a lot of fees
involved. Not a 100% sure. There are seminars that are given on adoption.
I attended one in NYC with a friend. I would look on line for one. They
answer every question on adoption. There are agencies there willing to help. Good luck in your quest.


There are adoption seminars (sorry just realized I answered this already).



answers from New York on

Congratulations, though it can be a long and difficult journey, you are on the road to parenthood! We adopted our son at birth domestically through a private attorney. He is now a beautiful 9 year old, so this is not current info, but at the time we had worked with social services to foster/adopt, applied to Catholic Charities and worked with a private attorney. The attorney and the agencies were equally expensive. Social Services was the best option in terms of cost. Good Luck!

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