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Updated on June 28, 2010
K.G. asks from Auburn, IN
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hey my hubby wants to get a small above ground pool nothing major i found the intex (?) 8'x33 which is plenty big for our needs. I have found a 50/50 mix of love/hate. the biggest complaint is the filter not being big enough, I found one on amazon for 80$ for 1000 gal hr filtation so that is no biggie. and I am aware of the maintaince to go witht the pool. we have well water so that is my biggest concern. have any of you had one of these pools with well water? the faucet for the outside is not on the softener so it does tend to get rusty with the little kiddie pool we have, which is no big deal we pitch the water after every use. hubby put a little drain on it to make that job easier. any suggestions will be great.

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answers from Dayton on

We have well water and the Intex 8'X30". We used a product called Delux Iron Remover, sold at Knickerbocker, and it worked just fine. No problems w/ the filter, either.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am not sure about the well water, but i wanted to let you know that i love, love, love my intex! We just bought a larger one 18x48 a couple of weeks ago. We had our 18x42 for about 9 years... it only needed a few small patches and replaced hose. Just make sure that you really do level your ground and take it down after the summer. It should last you years :)

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about the well water, but my neighbor just put a big intex up, and he said he bought the salt water pump to make it salt water, and he said it makes it virtually maintenence free, you just add salt when it needs it. Might help the welll water problem?


answers from Minneapolis on

We have a 16x48 Intex pool we've put up for 4yrs now and we love it! We have well water and the first two years our outside water was not treated, we shocked it twice and ran the filter continuously for 3 days and it cleared thewater right up, no problems all summer. Now our outside water is treated (we have an industrial system on our water.... its THAT bad! LOL!) and the water looks green when the pool is being filled, but shocking it and filtering it clears it right up.

As for the filter... we've been using theo ne that comes with the pool for 4yrs and its suited us just fine. WE've never had mildew or algae grow. I'd love to get a salt water system filter, but its just not in the budget right now.

Go for it. You will love it! I suggest getting a metal frame pool versus the inflatable top one. Ours has held up great, only patching a few small holes over the years.



answers from Cincinnati on

We love our intex. No filter issues here. We bought our own vaccuum from the pool store for it so it would work better. I would suggest trying to fill it up with filtered water. It will take FOREVER to get it cleared up with unflitered water. :( I tried last year...I have both city and well water and had to empty the well water out and start over. You have to take it down in the winter or else the following year it will be no good. We have had ours up and running for over 5 years. My father in law and father both do a lot of fix it ups on their own and have come over to help with minor problems that I would have otherwise pitched the pool for. None of them started until after the third year.
I recommend them to everyone. For the price they are prefect...considering the alternative to a real above ground pool would be $7000-$15,000....Even if it had died out at year 3, I'd say we got our moneys worth!



answers from Columbus on

This is our 3rd summer with an 18'x48" Intex Easy Set. We absolutely love it and use it every day! The first year, we filled it with our well water and we will never make that mistake again! We have iron and it took several weeks to finally get the water straightened out. We have a local man deliver water for $125. Our pool takes over 5,000 gallons of water and his truck carries 4,200 gallons, so we start the fill from our spigot and finish it off after he leaves. No problems! The water is clear from the start.



answers from Cleveland on

We always have the water hauled in. We do have a larger pool so it makes more sense, but we were told that the pool chemicals may react differently with the excess amount of rust in the water. Nothing extremely harmful, but the recommended usage amounts might not be the same so we would have to experiment. We didn't like the idea of experimenting with hundreds of dollars of chemicals nor did we want to take the chance of something we were going to have for a long time looking all gross and rusty.



answers from Honolulu on

Maybe, consult/get advice from a swimming pool company, in your area.
See what equipment/filters you'd need, ideally, to maintain it etc.

My in-laws have an above ground pool, and a natural spring water well... which they used to fill their pool with. They have not had any problems.
They have regular swimming pool equipment/filters/use chlorine as well.



answers from Minneapolis on

We have one of those really big above ground pools and cannot use well water in it. We paid the fire department (which uses city water) to fill our pool. You can also "order" water from a pool company, but it was more expensive and if I am going to hand over $$, I would rather give it to the fire department :)

Good luck!

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