7 Month Old with a High Fever

Updated on July 14, 2012
S.!. asks from Groton, MA
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Hi everyone! My baby girl, 7 months old has a fever of 102.3. I took her to the dr today and they said her ears and throat are fine and its too high to be teething, She is not cranky or anything...just has a fever and eating a little bit less. The dr said to keep her in the a.c and make sure she gets plenty of liquid and on Monday if she still has a fever they will do blood work to look for infection. Now Im really worried that something may be wrong. Has anyone ever had a child get a high fever from cutting teeth? She is drooly and has no teeth yet. (She also had the fever on Monday, but was fine on Tuesday and Wednesday)

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answers from Missoula on

I would say virus as well.

I remember freaking out one night during the Superbowl, when my DD had a fever of 103.7. It was nighttime, so the doctor's office wasn't open. I called the nurse's hotline and they reassured me that as long as she wasn't ACTING sick (lethargic, throwing up, super grouchy...) that it was most likely a virus...

It was funny, because spent most of that night dancing to the superbowl commercials. In the morning, she was still a little warm, and by that afternoon it was completely gone.

The fever is a GOOD thing! It means that her immune system has kicked on to keep her from getting sick... not necessarily that she is sick. :)

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answers from Norfolk on

Our pediatrician didn't call a fever high until it was over 104.
At that age sometimes my son would spike a fever (103) and it would be gone an hour later without doing anything for it.
Keep monitoring her symptoms and see how it goes.

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answers from Tulsa on

I know it's scary, but 102 really isn't that high of a fever. Technically anything under 101 isn't a true fever, so as long as it stays under 104 try not to worry too much. Just do your best to keep her comfortable. As babies start teething (even before you can see the teeth) the tend to chew and put their fingers more in their mouths. Often they can end up with a little virus, which is most likely what is causing your little one's fever. You can give ibuprofen for the fever if she is acting uncomfortable, but if not then just let her body fight it. Fevers are the body's way to fight pathogens. We can live just fine at 102, but many viruses and bacteria can't. Keep her hydrated, and give her an extra snuggle. You'll both be fine!

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answers from Charlotte on

A baby can get a fever from teething, but not THIS high.

It sounds like it's a virus.

Did he do a strep test? If she's eating less, it could be because her tummy doesn't feel good, and strep can affect the tummy without it showing up in her throat.

It bothers me to go from Thursday to Monday with a fever around 102. If anything changes for the worse, I'd get her in earlier.

So sorry,


answers from Boston on

I agree - sounds like a virus. Keep the fluids going, and if you want to put her in a cool bath (not cold, just cooler than she is!), I think that would be fine. I'd keep her away from others just because her immune system is a little compromised, although as others have said, a fever is a good sign that her body is trying to heal itself. If she seems fine, then I wouldn't even give her baby tylenol - let the body do its work. If she gets cranky or lethargic, try some tylenol. If she spikes a higher fever, I'd call the pediatrician's weekend line but I don't think you need to do anything else unless it's way over 104. If she's drolly, she could be cutting a tooth as well but I agree that the fever isn't just from that. Try not to worry - kids get these things all the time. Even if she needs blood work, 99% of the time it's something simple and highly treatable. The weekend weather is slated to be very hot, so do cool her down in a bath or even a swimming pool if you have access to one that isn't full of a zillion germ-laden kids!


answers from Milwaukee on

I would not worry about a 102 fever even for a few days. Sounds like a virus to me and it's happened to all my kids that it was that high for no apparent reason. Which I always just figured it was a virus (after seeing a doc to rule out infection of course). I usually wait 2-3 days with a fever that high and if it does not go away on it's own we go in and get their ears and throat checked. If they come up ok,it was a virus. We have never had to do bloodwork.

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