6 Yo Daughter Dribbling in Her Panties

Updated on June 02, 2008
J.M. asks from Collierville, TN
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Hello Ladies,

I don't know what to do. I have a 6 yo little girl just finishing 1st grade. She is healthy. The only problem is that she dribbles in her panties during the day. This is so bad that she has to wear adult-sized pads used for bladder weakness, otherwise, her panties get so wet that it soaks through to her pants/shorts. The interesting thing, though, is that she does not have this problem when she sleeps at night. She gets up in the middle of the night to go potty when she needs to, and her pad is completely dry in the morning. She saw a urologist when she was 4 who treated her for constipation and said that she would outgrow this. Well almost 3 years later, she still has this problem. It seems a little better, but still there. My hubby thinks I need to get rid of the pads for fear that she is using them as a crutch, and see if she will stop. He believes, as do I, that if she has good control at night while she is asleep, then she should be able to control it during the day while she is awake. My daughter is beginning to become more aware of the fact that she could be ridiculed by her friends if they found out. Has anyone had to deal with this with your daughters? Any advice would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Well I took my daughter to a pediatric urologist yesterday, and he believes that she has a "duplex collection system". What that means is each kidney has a tube that leads to the bladder which drains the urine from the kidney to the bladder. He believes that one of her kidneys actually has 2 tubes (ureters). The second ureter empties out past her bladder past the muscle that controls the ability to start and stop the urine stream, so the urine continuously dribbles out. The good news is that this is fixable. She will have some additional testing (an unltrasound and special x-ray) to confirm, but he says he is almost certain this is what is happening. He said that while he was examining her urethra (the tube that lets urine drain from the bladder to the outside) he could even see a small opening where urine was collecting. I am so thankful this is a fixable problem. It is a pretty big operation for a little girl, but should be successful. Since her daddy is a surgeon and I am an RN, we feel like surgical correction is our best option. Otherwise, she will have to go through life with this problem.

New Update: Well the x-rays did prove that she has some extra "plumbing." She had corrective surgery last Friday and did extremely well. She is so thrilled that her panties stay dry now!! Once she is recovered, she asked if we could go out and buy her some new "special" panties. That is one shopping trip I am truly looking forward to. What I have learned here is that when you KNOW something is wrong with your kids and a doc tells you otherwise, get a second opinion and keep searching for answers. NEVER GIVE UP! Thanks to everyone. God bless!

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It helps to have a conversation with your daughter first to ask her just what is going on and why-very important part here because she mqay feel the restroom at school or in public is anything (scary-yucky-smelly-nasty or all the above). Then talk to her teacher and see if she needs special times to go without any problem during school hours-some kids just can't wait and need toknow it is ok with the teacher and when they can tell their teacher that is where they are going. I think if it is my kid I might try to find another doctor to talk to and possibly one that specializes in pediatric urninary problems, maybe nothing but you will kick yourself if she can be treated and missed that call-I have done that and it leaves a real bad feeling with everyone for quite awhile. Also send a change of clothes for those accidents at school. Does she have ADHD?- Some kids can't bother to stop because they just don't have the time or reason to remember they need to do that and it shows up in school because there are so many activities to do. Or is she extremely shy? That too causes situations.



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I have 2 boys & have not delt with this type of problem, but you might get a 2nd opinion.

God Bless!



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I don't know but it seems more of a medical problem to me. My daughter has kidney and bladder problems and I think she used to have a bit of dribbling problem. She too was dry all night - even as a baby. The difference between day and night is that during the day she is eating and drinking and running and playing. So, she has more going into her and more strain on her muscles when active. If it's really a dribbling problem and not and an actual full blown accident, then it may well be a difficulty in muscle control.



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My sons hated going to the restroom at school. They would try not to do it. Still in high school they will hold any sitting till they get home. lol

When my #1 son was in kindegarten he told me that some older kids were teasing him and the other K in the restroom. I went straight to the priciple and the bathroom were off limits in that area for anyone older. Ask her if anything happened in the bathroom?

Does she dribble on a weekend when your home?

God Bless,



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My daughter told me, straight from the horses mouth, that the reason she wetted her pants is because she didn't want to take the time to go to the bathroom. By the time she went, she had to go so bad that she couldn't make it there in time.

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