5 Month Old in Swadddle

Updated on March 24, 2010
J.M. asks from Melrose, MA
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My (just turned) 5 month old sleeps well in her swaddle with one feed per night about 3 am, but the last 3 nights she has been heard making noise from trying to bust out and we found her squirming around on her belly. We've given her the pacifier and put her back on her back. Should I stop using the swaddle now? Will she then just sleep on her belly if she rolls over? Thoughts?

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answers from Boston on

when my daughter started to squirm out of the swaddle - we switched to the halo sleep sack - a little more room to kick her legs - but still keeps her nice & cozy warm.

also - my Doc had said as long as you start them on their backs, once they roll over, she can sleep however she wants.

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answers from Kansas City on

don't let it freak you out. first, the rule of thumb is that if she is big enough to roll over she is fine. S., keep in mind, there are lots of kids that are moblie just a few months from her age (my son crawled at 7 1/2, and walked at 9 months). you've got her so she can't even MOVE at night, that can't be helping her development. i'm surprised the swaddling lasted this long. there comes a point that it is not needed anymore. you're at that point! lose it, she's telling you she's ready! also, my ped. told me, some babies are just tummy sleepers and if that's the only way she ends up wanting to sleep, there's not much you can do. we had to stop fighting it with my son, because he wouldn't sleep any other way.



answers from Indianapolis on

If it were my child, I'd stop swaddling now that she's rolling over. I would be concerned that she'd get into a compromising position that the swaddle would possibly exacerbate.

Our daughter started flipping herself onto her stomach at 5-6 months, and I was completely freaked-out. We asked the pediatrician who said the real concern is for the babies who can't flip themselves back if there's an issue.

There was a study recently published regarding a possible cause for SIDS being related to the levels of seratonin in the brain. This is very preliminary research, but it's a good break through so far in understanding why it happens:


answers from Hartford on

My doctor said we could stop swaddling since our little one was getting out of the swaddle anyways. She said he can learn how to self soothe when he wakes up and it helps with his motor skills. I believe when babies can roll from their back to their stomachs, they can sleep on their stomachs.


answers from Detroit on

yeh she will sleep. she is telling you in her own little way what she wants. i know they say "back to sleep" but once they learn how to roll over and find that they like to sleep on their stomachs all the time or whenever they feel like it there really is nothing you can do. it scared me a little when my son started sleeping on his stomach on his own but you will learn to deal with it. your daughter is starting to show her indepence! good luck



answers from Atlanta on

I think at 5 months you are pretty safe to let the baby roll and move around in the baby bed sleeping. I think it's usually been younger infants to have SIDS. Your little one has moments of being awake when you aren't and they move around build strength kicking and rolling. You can double check with your ped but the baby is gonna work to get out of the swaddle at that age.



answers from Tampa on

We quite swaddling our son at about four months when he made it pretty clear he was no longer comfortable being swaddled. So that was that, warm PJs, an empty crib with nothing he could get wrapped up in and he was on his own.


We quite swaddling our son at about four months when he made it pretty clear he was no longer comfortable being swaddled. So that was that, warm PJs, an empty crib with nothing he could get wrapped up in and he was on his own.



answers from Los Angeles on

I went through the same thing right before 4 months. It was a tough couple days without the swaddle because he thrashed around a lot, but over time he would roll over on his tummy and sleep a lot better. Two things I learned from my ped:
1. It's okay for them to roll on their tummy if they can do a push up, which I'm sure your lady can do by now.
2. Still always put them to sleep on their back and let them do the rolling over themselves. (I don't know if my ped is just being super cautious but we'll follow this advice through the first year and check on him probably a little too much :) .) From what I've read, SIDS risk peaks at 2 - 4 months.

Also, a halo sleep sack/wearable blanket is ideal while they're in this developmental stage, as you don't have to worry about a blanket getting all over the place or over their mouth while they squirm around. We used it every night in the winter.

The bonus is once they're sleeping on their tummy, they do tend to sleep a lot better, if they're the kind to flail around a lot like my guy.

Good luck!



answers from Wilmington on

Yes stop using the swaddle. I JUST saw on the Doctor's TV show where Dr. Seers (pediatrician) said not to swaddle after 3 mos. They need to develop rolling and it will hinder developement. You may want to go to the Doctor's website and see if there is anything on there about it.



answers from Kansas City on

If she is trying to get out, it might be time to get her out. My dd was in it for 9 months, she couldnt fall asleep without it, but she would break her arms out once she was asleep. You could start by leaving one arm out at first, letting her get used to falling asleep that way. that was the hardest part for my dd, learning to fall asleep with free arms. We left one arm free for 1 week, then moved to just a Halo Sleep Sack. She ended up being a belly sleeper, which she still is now.



answers from Boston on

my daughter was swaddled until around 6 or 7 months. we used the miracle blanket. i was pretty certain she was going to be a stomach sleeper and as soon as we let her sleep on her stomach (around 6-7 months), she no longer needed the swaddle and began to sleep for longer stretches. if your little one is able to roll over and pick her head up those are good indications that it is ok to put her on her belly but always good to run these things by your doctor.



answers from Burlington on

My son stopped being swaddled at about that age. We switched him to a sleep sac and at 23 month he's still sleeping in them. I swear by them! Heavy weight ones for the winter and lighter ones for the summer. We've always used Grobag brand and to save money go for the larger rather than smaller ones. Some little ones I know eventually found them too restrictive but it hasn't stopped our son from moving freely around his crib. Good luck.

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