4-Year Old Son Has a High Fever with Cold Hands & Feet

Updated on February 28, 2012
D.F. asks from Twinsburg, OH
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I tried googling the answer first and I only saw scarey responses. My son started out with a high fever and a headache yesterday. We are on day 2 now and his fever has gone as high as 103.8. I brought him to the CVS minute clinic and said his tonsils are huge. Rapid Strep Test was negative, but he has a start of a double ear infection and prescribed amoxicilin. This high fever is not from the start of an ear infection. He gets ear infections whenever he gets a cold or sick, but he is very sick. High fever with swollen tonsils and cold hands & feet. Have you moms ever experienced cold hands and feet with a high fever? It has me worried. Also, his tongue has red dots on it. Maybe it is red because of the high fever. Should I take him to the ER? Or wait until tomorrow after he has been on penicillin for 24 hours? I just get so worried! Thanks Moms :)

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So What Happened?

He went to bed last night with a fever of 103.4. I gave him Ibuprofen and checked on him twice throughout the night. For the first time his fever is gone! He is under 100'! So I guess the Amoxicillin is working then. He still has a hard time talking because his tonsils are so enflamed. So I believe Marda's answer was right! He has tonsilitis. And I tried paging the doctor last night but apparently they are not on call anymore. It went to a nurse line instead. I don't like that! I already saw a nurse that day!

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Sounds like he has tonsillitis. Did the clinic say that? I had tonsillitis often and always had a fever that high. I also had red spots on my tongue. All a part of the same infection.

I agree with Lynn M. If you feel that you need more info, call his pediatrician. There is nothing the ER can do that CVS can't do. ER would likely refer you to his pediatrician for follow up, anyway.

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Call urgent care or the ER and ask to speak to a triage nurse to run this by them to see what they recommend, praying he feels better soon!

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Are his hands and feet cold to him or cold to your touch? I ask because when I run a fever, I tend to feel very cold so that would seem normal to me. If you are feeling his hands and feet and they feel cold to you, that does seem odd. My daughter doesn't typically run a fever w/ an ear infection (usually we don't know unless she's at the dr for a well visit and they find it) but she has upon occassion.

Did he have the spots on his tongue when he was seen at the clinic? If so, what did they say? If not, call them back and tell them and ask if that changes things. OR (and this is my preferred action) call his regular doctor. Give him/her the run down and see what they say. They know your child better than the CVS pharmacy doctor.

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Like Marda's answer. Call his Pediatrition and he'll tell you what to do.

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I know I'm a bit late.
I would call the pediatrician first because chances are they would have you come in so they could check your son out. This way you save yourself a 5 hour stay at the ER and the cost of the ER visit.

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My kids get fevers every so often and not all of their body parts get hot. Sometimes it is just the trunk, back of the neck and forehead. Even when it is a high fever. My kids also have large tonsils even when they are not sick. If they look red or have white spots or a white film on them then they do have some sort of infection. The Amoxicillin should work but I would still go in for a follow up just to make sure he is better. Hope he gets better soon!!

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My daughter is 2 and is sort of having the same symptoms. She started out with a fever yesterday morning but no other symptoms at all and today again all day with he fever but she has cold hands and feet too. We have no idea what it could be from either. She seems completely normal other than the damn fever. I just posted a question asking if ppl thought it could be her molars coming in
Good Luck

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