2 Yr Old Son Has a Rash

Updated on April 10, 2009
L.O. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My 2 year old son was running a fever for about 2 to 3 days last week. He has since got over it but today i he has a rash on his face that he's never had before. It looks like a heat rash. I called the pediatrician to make an appointment but unfortunately they are booked for 2 weeks! (i really need a new pedi) He has also been grabbing and hitting his forehead leading me to believe that maybe his head hurts. This is the first time he's really ever had a fever and acted this way. Has anyone ever noticed their child get a heat rash on their face after having a fever? Or hitting their heads? I also noticed the hitting is more after he's been crying for a while... The rash appeared after we had gone outdoors, so i was also thinking maybe allergies??

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much. The rash went away after a total of 3 days with it. Lots of baths and TLC healed my little love! He is eating again and is back to his normal self. Now i just have to break the habit he's got going of wanting to be held and sleeping with mommy and daddy! Oh and i found a new pedi and he's great! Thanks again to everyone who responded!!!

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Get a new pediatrician. Hometown Pediatrics on Lake Front Drive has a great group of doctors who will always see a sick child THAT DAY. Especially an infant!
Sounds like roseola that my oldest had. I gave her cool baths, and lots of TLC. Her rash cleared in 2-3 days.
Good luck.

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It sounds like Fifth disease. This has been going around my son's daycare for about a month now.

The following is from babycenter.com

My toddler's cheeks are suddenly bright red. What's causing this?
It could be fifth disease, also known as parvovirus B19 infection, erythema infectiosum, or "slapped cheeks disease." Fifth disease is one of the red-rash diseases common in childhood, along with scarlet fever, measles, rubella, and roseola.

Fifth disease is caused by the human parvovirus B19. Despite all these scary sounding names, it's a relatively mild illness. It shows up most often in preschool- and school-age children in the spring, and most kids recover from it with no problems.

Babies and adults don't often get fifth disease, but they can. Over half of the people in the world have had the virus and are therefore immune to it.

What are the symptoms of fifth disease?
About a week before the rash appears, your toddler may run a slight fever, feel achy all over, or appear to be coming down with a cold. When the rash shows up, your child's cheeks will be red and look as if they've been slapped.

A red rash may also appear on his trunk, hands, and feet. Sometimes the rash is itchy, but otherwise your toddler will probably feel fine while he has it.

While the rash can last for months, it usually disappears in a week to ten days. It may reappear if your toddler is very warm — from a fever or on a hot day — or if he becomes very upset. As the rash diminishes, it sometime looks lacy.

Not every child infected with the virus will get sick. About 20 percent of infected children and adults have no symptoms at all. And while adults often feel joint pain with the disease, children rarely do.

Hope this helps!



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It could definitely be Fifth Disease...or a multitude of other viruses. Treat him with painkillers to alleviate his headache and hydrocortisone if he is experiencing any itching. There isn't much the doctor is going to be able to do besides telling you to make sure he gets planty of fluids and watch for any worsening symptoms (in case it IS an allergic reaction).

Doesn't your office have early morning/afternoon walk-in hours? You definitely need to find a new one...two weeks for an unexplained rash with headache is unacceptable! Who knows what this could be or how quickly he could decline.



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My daughter used to get rashes during/after high fevers. Sometimes on the body, sometimes just face. She is my only child who did this (she is the last of 3) Needless to say I did the quick care a few times due to being quite nervous about this problem. Every time they suggest Benadryl. Make sure to give plenty of water. I believe the dosage for her at that time of being 1.5 was 1 tsp, you can also look up the dosing chart online :)



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Yes you definitely need a new Ped. if you are in the spring/woodlands area, Texas Children's pediatric assoc. is great--they have 3 locations and one in Conroe, 2 in the woodlands, b/t the 3 of them one is open on Saturdays until about 12, it's not advertised and I just call all 3 until I find the one open, if needed.
I haven't dealt with this, but given the circumstances, you could take him to one of the Minute Clinics at CVS stores or even the HEB has a Redi-clinic (I prefer HEB). I think the office visit is about $45, they take some insurance. My oldest always seems to get sick on a Sunday or Holiday and sometimes, we need to get her antibiotics quick for strep or an ear infection and this way we don't have to visit the ER or wait until Monday.

Hope he feels better.



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It doesn't sound like allergies to me but rather a virus. Rashes are very often virus related. I would take him to an urgent care clinic. When our pediatrician's office is closed, we have found a great one that cost no more than a copay (assuming you are insured). There's not much you can do for a virus rather than let it pass. What seems most concerning to me is the headache. Maybe they can suggest something to give him.



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Is or has your son been coughing. My son had a fever and then a rash. His rash looked like heat rash also. I took him to the doctor straight away because it could have been Russian fever or something like that. It wasnt because he didnt have the coughing along with it. What I did was ask people then ended up looking on line at images of rashes. I was told it could have been slap cheek. Because thats what it looked like to that person. Looked online and it did not look simular. Hope your little one is feeling better quickly. Get that new pedi, now. < saying in a cheerful way.



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It could be fifth disease that is highly contagious, but once the rosey red cheeks appear it is almost over and not contagous anymore. If the child is around other children (school.daycare, sunday school etc) then you might check with some of the moms or teacher to see if anyone else has shown up with rosey cheeks. Both of my children have caught it in their younger years and it is amazing to see all the rosey red faces. Also, if you want to get in to see the ped then sometimes you have to be a little more desperate and call first thing in the morning. Alot of times they have a nurse practitioner that can also see patients.



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Your poor baby. Definitely look for a new pedi.
My son had roseola 2 weeks ago. He started with a high fever and no other symptoms. The day after his fever went away he woke up with a rash on his face, tummy and back. There was nothing to do except make him comfortable: warm bath with baking powder to calm the itchiness. It went away after 2 days.
I would take him into urgent care just to be sure, though.
Good luck.

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