3Yr Old Bday Party

Updated on May 23, 2008
R.C. asks from Columbus, IN
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I am having a b-day party for my son who is turning 3 on Sunday. Does anyone have any ideas for games. The kids are 3-9. I just need something simple and that can be done indoors. The party is a fireman theme. Any input would be appreciated.

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We had a great party and used several of these ideas! Thanks so much! I did a firetruck cake, decorated cupcakes to look like dalamations, play pin the tail on the dalmation, my brother brought his fire gear the kids had races to see who could walk in it, we talked about stop, drop, and roll and the kids loved it! Thanks so much for your ideas! We also drew pics and took them to the local fire dept, the guys were thrilled to get them!

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When my kids were that little, I got some butcher paper that comes in long white roll. We cut it into sheets about 4 feet long and then we traced the kids bodies. They got to lie on the floor and color themselves in. They had a blast and it takes up some time! You could get stickers, crayons and markers and let them go.

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Possibly a Piñata. One that is easily busted. The have almost every character or theme. You could play Pin the Hat on the Fireman instead of pin the tail on the donkey. I would leave the games somewhat short and simple being he is three.



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How about making a game out of Sto, Drop and Roll kinda like simon says or a dance. Might be fun and they would learn something also.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Sounds like you have received some great ideas. Scavenger Hunts are also usually a time consuming good time, but I am not sure how to tie it into a fireman theme. I am sure it can be done.



answers from Evansville on

Hi R.! My husband is a firefighter so firefighter themed bday parties are awesome in my eyes...lol Here's a link to some great ideas for the party I think you might find useful. They make mention in there calling the fire dept. and seeing if a fireman can come to the party or maybe even going to the FD. I think that's a wonderful idea! Firemen are cool to kids so imagine the fun they'd have if one showed up in full turn out gear. Not only would that be fun for them, but no fireman is going to show up without doing some fire prevention...lol


Hope that all helps!!



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how about pin the hose on the fire man...you know like pin the tail on the donkey. party city has all sorts of different themes for kids parties...you might me able to find stuff to make goodie bags for them there...like fill a fire man's helmet with candy.



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Try animal BINGO. We played it at my daughters 3rd b-day and they loved it even the teenagers!



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Another good source to find themed party ideas is www.birthdayexpress.com. They sell party items, but they also have lots of ideas for games and activities for all the different party themes. I was on the site getting ideas for my son's party coming up. I'm pretty sure they have a fireman theme. Once you find the theme, there will be a link for party ideas.
Good luck and have fun!



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Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, try pin the tail on the dalmation. Something messy but fun...get construction paper and cut out fake flames and tack them to the wall...get cans of silly string that they can pretend are fire hoses and let them spray the paper flame with the silly string fire hose(yes I made it up, but it sounds fun..lol), have them draw pictures (or paint) of firetrucks and firemen to give to the fire department. Make a fire prevention trivia game to play with them. Make up cards with things like "fire hose" or "firehat" and one person draws a card and reads it (you'll have to help with the reading)...say they draw a card that says fire truck, the person has to give clues that it's a fire truck without saying firetruck and the kids have to guess and/or draw what they thing the person that drew the card is describing. Or you can hang up various pictures of fire department stuff and play I spy...I spy something big and red with 4 wheels...fire truck. Be creative.



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My little girl just turned 4 in Nov and we hired "Binky the clown" to do her party and it was a BIG hit we had kids here rangeing from ages 3 to 13 and everybody loved it even my husband's grandfather, he did magic tricks and brought special things for my litle girl and included her in helping him do some magic tricks he really is awesome it was a very enjoyable party and every one had a great time....If you are intrested you can check him out at www.binkythemagicclown.com. Hope this helps good luck!


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