3 Month Old Is Tired and Not Eating Much.

Updated on June 20, 2009
A.S. asks from Yukon, OK
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my 3 month old has been sleepy alot today and has been eating fine until after i put him down for a nap around 6:30. He woke up at 7:45 i gave him a bath and played with him then around 9 i tried feeding him but he seemed to get so mad at scream and fuss, so i would feed him again and he would suck like 3 or 4 times then get fussy again. I finally got him calm and eating but he only ended up eating an 1oz. in 4 hours and coldnt stay awake to eat anymore. I know its not the flow because i have a cereal nipple on the bottle because at night i put cereal in his bottle. i went to the doctor on june 3rd cause he had an ear infection but he has been off antibiotics for 2 days now and has been fine until tpday so im worried. can anyone tell me what could be wrong?

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So What Happened?

Ok well i went to the doctor tonight because he would not stop crying. we waited like ten min and he would not stop so andrew was bouncing him and he burbed and then completely stopped! we went into the room and they checked him and everthing was fine but they said he might be colic. but ever since he burbed he has been fine i brought him home fed him and he went right to sleep! i dont think he is really colic i really believe he just had trapped gas. i cant be sure though. but i still do think he is teething even though the doctor said its too early because he drools alot and never stops sucking on his fist. I hope everything goes well tomorrow, i have a feeling this was just a one time thing and that he is not colic. lets hope!!

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answers from Jackson on

He might be just changing his own schedule to go to bed earlier or changing his feeding time. Take the cereal out of the bottle and mix it pretty thick and feed by spoon breakfast & supper (plus regular amount of milk). This worked for me. My pediatrician recommended 1-2 Tbsp 2x day by spoon at 3 1/2 months, but said never put cereal in his bottle. He sounds like it could be his ears or just really tired. Give it another couple of days before you go back to the doctor unless he really gets worse!



answers from Little Rock on

It could be that the ear infection has returned. I would definitely have the doctor check his ears again. My baby, now 9 months old, has had recurring ear infections for SEVERAL months now. She'll be fine for about 3-4 days and then it comes back. Also, on the rice cereal. You do what you think is best for your baby. I have a 19 yo that I did the same thing with. Started him on rice cereal VERY young to help him sleep through the night but this time around it didn't work so I quit doing it. It seemed to upset my 9 month olds tummy and nothing made her sleep through the night. She finally started sleeping through the night at about 6 months. If he doesn't have the ear infection back, you could always try stopping the rice cereal to see if that is upsetting his tummy. But I have a feeling it is his ears.

Best of luck to you and your precious baby.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

Babies with ear infections won't suck. It could be that the antibiotics didn't work all the way and it's back. It's a good idea to have the doctor check the ears again. Ours always wants us to come back after we're done to make sure it's gone. The other thing that might cause this is the cereal in the bottle. Unless the doctor tells you to do it for reflux (too much spitting up) cereal in the bottle is not recommended. A baby's stomach is not ready to digest cereal until about 4-6 months of age. It's an old wives' tale to add cereal so they sleep better. Cereal makes many babies hurt and actually they sleep poorly. Hope this helps!



answers from Enid on

You have got some very good advise. The only other thing you might look for is thrush. Does his tongue,checks, gums have a white coating? Thrush is very painful for them to suck and in general.



answers from Oklahoma City on

A. --

My boy is 3 months old, too, and he is already starting to teethe (drooling a lot, chewing a lot, etc.) and the past couple of nights he's been acting the same way as your son. Some infant tylenol (w/ your doc's approval) or Orajel (I'm going to try that tonight) might help, if once you've ruled out ear problems he's still having a hard time. Best of luck!



answers from Tulsa on

My daughter is 4 months and does the same thing when she is gassy. It's very frustrating as a parent. I would rethink the cereal in the bottle. It's hard for the baby to gauge how much he is eating. I would give him more cereal at other times during the day (when he is hungry enough to eat at a sitting). As I gave my daughter more solids durnng the day, she slept 8 hours last night! You may just have a few more weeks of sleepless nights ahead of you...but a happier baby!

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