3-Year-old with Husky Voice

Updated on September 22, 2010
M.P. asks from Blair, NE
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My 3 year-old-daughter has always had a husky voice. Some mornings she can barely talk. When looking down her throat it almost looks like the tonsils are too big? Her throat looks really small. She never complains of a sore throat-but she does snore, chokes on common foods, and sounds like a raspy old lady. Is this something I should be concerned about? My doctor said she has allergies and a possible infection in her throat so she is on a antibotic and she wants me to put her on allergy medicine all the time. Kind of accused us from having a dirty house? However, her nose is never runny nor eyes ever scratchy and she has had a husky voice for her whole life. Thanks!

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answers from Omaha on

I would take her to see an ENT. My son snored and his ped (which happens to be the other bast doctor on the planet) said kids are not supposed to snore. I took him to the BEST ENT I know and I know a lot of them (I work at Boys Town National Research Hospital) and both is adenoids and tonsils were HUGE. He ended up having his adenoids removed and his tonsils shaved. He is a totally different kid now. I wish I would have taken him sooner. Contact me if you would like the name of a physician. He did first try him on some allergy nose spray to see if that would help first. He did that for 2 weeks with no change.

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answers from Boise on

I would get a second opinion if you are concerned and maybe find a new pediatrican.

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answers from Madison on

Insist that you get a referral to a Pediatric ENT. If she snores, chokes on food, and sounds raspy/husky, her tonsils are probably too big.

My daughter had continuous ear infections when she was younger. She used to also snore; had her adenoids out when she was three. Then when she was seven we elected to have her tonsils taken out because she was suffering from system-wide strep infections. Good thing we did--her tonsils were full of strep! And they were WAY bigger than the doctor had originally thought--went way back into her throat. She'd also started snoring again at that time, so they went in and recauterized what had grown back from her adenoids (yes, they can grow again).

I would be very leery of a doctor who states "she just has allergies" and wants to throw her on meds right away without checking into all the possibilities and making sure that there isn't another reason. My daughter's doctor did the same thing--and every single time, when I pushed and got my way and took my daughter to see a specialist--guess what? It wasn't what the doctor said at all.

Trust you instincts. If you think there might be a problem with her tonsils and/or adenoids, then take her to a Pediatric ENT specialist to find out for sure--or rule that out as the problem.

Good luck.


answers from Norfolk on

Take her to an ENT (ear, nose, throat) dr and see what they have to say. My son didn't have a fever, but his tonsils swelled up till they were almost touching each other. We tried to shrink them with steroids but they swelled right back up again once we were finished. He couldn't swallow well and he snored very badly when he slept. We ended up having his tonsils and adenoids out as soon as he turned 4. He healed up quickly and we're glad we had them out when we did.



answers from Madison on

Enlarged adnoids(Spelling?) maybe? Someone I know had a daughter with this condition. She always had a husky voice as well. She ended up having them removed. You may want a 2nd opinion or see a ENT specialist.



answers from Omaha on

Boy does this ever take me back to when my oldest son was little. I would take your DD to another physician and get a 2nd opinion especially since she is choking on common food and snoring.. a good indication that her tonsils are too big. If the antibotics and allergy medications don't do the trick other options may have to been checked into. Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I'd be very suspicious of any pediatrician who is so quick to put her on antibiotics. Especially if she doesn't have a runny nose or scratchy eyes!

Sounds like there may be a structural issue (enlarged adenoids, tonsils)inside her throat where her vocal chords are. Please take her to a ear, nose, throat specialist (ENT).

Good luck.



answers from Duluth on

Get another doctor and most likely the adenoids need to be removed. Good luck!



answers from Duluth on

do you or someone else smoke in the home or while caring for her? have you ever had a mold issue in your home or the home of someone who cares for her (i dont know if you have her in child care or babysat or something)...

what do you mean by 'king of accused us from having a dirty house'?

does she have sleep apnea? when shes sleeping, does she sometimes stop breathing?

what i would do is get a second opinion from another doctor. than a third if you have to.

maybe shes just got a husky voice. when she cried as a baby was it about the same?

i dunno . i wouldnt get so personally offended over the doctor saying anything about your house because unless it has a mold issue, there is nothing wrong with having a 'dirty house' what ever that means.

theres nothing wrong with trying the allergy medication and seeing how it goes. i have heard this year both spring and fall (this spring the pollen counts were THOUSANDS OF PARTICLES higher than normal) more people have had symptoms of allergies - even people who have never had any allergies before. even me! :P



answers from New York on

My little cousin had a deep raspy voice as a toddler. We used to joke that she was sneaking in a pack of ciggs everyday. Turns out her adnoids were covered with mucus and swollen. They took them out and although her voice still has deepness to it, there is no raspiness.



answers from Sheboygan on

Take your daughter to see an ENT - ear, nose, throat - specialist. They would be able to tell you more diffinitively if there is something wrong.

Good luck!

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