24M Versus 2T?

Updated on February 23, 2011
K.S. asks from Chicago, IL
14 answers

What is the difference between 24m and 2T clothing sizes?

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answers from Orlando on

2T tends to be a better fit with underwear (slimmer), and 24 months is made for children still in diapers.

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answers from Youngstown on

2t is slimmer and longer and 24m is made shorter and slightly wider to acconmadate a diaper.

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answers from Washington DC on

2T's are a bit longer. Longer pants and longer sleeves.

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answers from Peoria on

24m have snaps in the crotch and legs and 2T doesn't.



answers from New York on

All the responders are right but all brands cut differently and even within the same brand there can be some variation. I find the Gymboree and Gap cut their pants long. My son is tall so I like that. Kohls brand "Jumping Beans" is a slimmer cut while Old Navy is just genrally smaller and slimmer. Gymboree cuts their shirts wide and bigger and Children's Place and Carters seem pretty true to size. I am not sure if this is true for girls but its true in my experience with a son.



answers from St. Louis on

in many cases, the 2T is more likely to have zippers/snaps....as opposed to elastic waists (or a combo of elastic/zipper). I prefer elastic....it's so much easier when it comes to potty-training!



answers from Johnstown on

2T are a smidgen longer.



answers from Rockford on

When my daughter was in them, the 2T's were a good bit longer. But that was about it.


answers from Bloomington on

My son wore 24 months between 18 and about 26 months. He wore 2T between 24 months and almost 3 yo. It depends on your child. My oldest was long torso'd and short legg'd, so he could wear 24 M top and 18M bottom. Now he wears a 4T top and 3T bottom...


answers from Norfolk on

Some brands run larger, others smaller and it makes no difference what labeling method they use (24m vs 2T).
It's no different for adult clothes.
Standardized sizing conventions are anything but standard.


answers from St. Louis on

Haha! Good question. I think 2t is a little bigger.



answers from Milwaukee on

someone explained to me that 24m was cut to fit a diaper more than a 2T so 2T will be a little slimmer adn 24m a little more room in the diaper area.


answers from Lafayette on

my daughter is in that size range. i prefer 2T for her because they are longer in the legs and sleeves and tummy, however, they don't fit the diaper as well. right now i'm having trouble finding 2ts. we mostly shop at walmart and i found one pair of 2T pants and everything else, including shirts was 24 months. anyone have any suggestions on where to find 2T stuff with prices as cheap as walmart? we are on a tight budget.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Theoretically 24 m should fit the average baby from 18-24 months of age and 2T from 24-36 months. However there is a huge variation in sizing between manufacturers. Also some European brands do both 24 m and 2A/2T which looking at their sizing charts fit the same size child. In that case, the styles for 24 m are usually 'baby' styles and for the 2T, more little kid style. All manufacturers provide a size chart.

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