What's the Difference? 24Mo Vs. 2T

Updated on December 19, 2010
C.H. asks from Castle Rock, CO
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I am ready to start buying clothes for my daughters next size and wondering if there is any difference between 24mo or 2T size? When she went from 6mo to 9mo I didn't notice the difference, pant & arm lengths were virtually the same. I felt ripped off since we could have just gone from one or the other to 12mo. Specifically Carter's brand, it is the only brand I have found that is true to size & consistent, not to mention durable. Thanks Mama's.

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So What Happened?

Glad I asked, all of the responses have been very helpful. Seeing that our little one is on the petite side I will be stocking up on 24mo clothes first. Thanks Mama's!

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answers from Fort Collins on

24months is usually for the kiddo that is in diapers. It has the snaps for diaper changes. 2T is more for the kiddo that is potty training, no snaps, basic pants and shirts. This is what I was told when I was working retail...

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answers from Austin on

2T can be a bit longer. Longer legs and sleeves..

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answers from Omaha on

I agree with other posters...24 months is a bit smaller (especially Carters brand) My daughter has always been a bit on the chunkier side so we didn't hardly buy any 24 month clothing, she went straight to 2T.

Children's Place 24 months runs a bit bigger...

Gap clothes infant 18-24 month vs. toddler 18-24 month, infant has more room in rear for diaper is what the sales associates told me...(i didn't see much of a difference)

Gymboree (my favorite and VERY durable, also very true to size)

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answers from Redding on

I think that the "T" sizes take into account that a child's arms and legs might be a little longer.
It's so hard to go by sizes any more. All brands are different. There just isn't anything universal about it, in my opinion.
Both of my kids were long limbed and thin so I had a hard time. Typically, I bought things a little on the bigger side because at certain times, my kids outgrew things before they ever had a chance to wear them much.

Maybe it's true....
"If they could just stay little til their Carter's wear out".

Best wishes.

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answers from Dallas on

I think that 24m has a little more room for diaper, but really there is no difference.

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answers from Atlanta on

I've found with both of my boys that the 24m size runs a bit smaller than 2T. There isn't that much difference, but their 24m stuff gets too small a bit before the 2T stuff. My youngest was 2 in October and is firmly a size 2T, but we've already had to put away several 24 m items. The other 24m stuff he has is snug.

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answers from Chicago on

24 mos is designed to last the child from approx 18-24 mos. After that, the rate of growth slows pretty drastically, and over the course of the next year a 2T should last until approx 3 yrs old, when you'd then move into 3Ts.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Portland on

with our daughter we just bought 2T. i really felt the sizes were pretty much the same.



answers from Denver on

24 months is a bit smaller than 2T but they are virtually the same. I always size up especially with tops. My 2 y/o is wearing alot of 3 and 4T shirts with a cuff in the sleeve if need be.



answers from Springfield on

I have found that with my daughter, she is tall and skinny, the 2t pants work so much better. the 24 months are very very baggy in the butt. (She is still in diapers, but they are so baggy!) But I have been buying her 3t tops. The 24 month arent working. I guess she must have a long torso too.



answers from New York on

About 25 years ago I worked in JC Penney's infant dept. Supposedly a 24mo. is cut large in the bottom area to allow extra room for a diaper. The reason I say supposedly is because it seems like there is no true size anymore, it varies so much from manufacturer to manugacturer. It's also been my experience that 2T seems to be slightly longer in pants and sleeves.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Usually it is the snaps in the crotch. 24 mo's usually still have the snaps for diaper changes and the size 2 toddler has regular seams.

Size 2 T:
The hinney area is usually slimmer on the 2's. They are made for kids doing potty training and often have elastic waists so they are easier to get up and down. They are slimmer too. Narrower legs for walking instead of crawling. The styles are usually not so cutesy either, more like a little girl and less babyish. They might be a little longer in the inseam but that is because they are not leaving room for a diaper. The crotch measurement is less due to no diaper too so that is why they look different.
Sizes 6 month and 9 months are almost always the same size. Most designers label the 6 mo clothes 6-9 months then the next size is 12 months.



answers from Goldsboro on

24 months does seem to be smaller in certain brands. I've found that I can hardly find any onesie style tops in 2T, but can find them in 24 months.



answers from Fort Wayne on

your best bet if your child is on the taller side go for 2t. just roll up the sleeves and pants. the waist band is adjustable inside so if she is slinder you can cinch it up for a better fit. I skipped the 24m all together but my dd is in the 100% for height and weight. I just roll up if the brand is too long.



answers from Cincinnati on

2t is a little longer than 24 months. i dont know about carters being consistant though my son has carters clothes that range from 9mnths to 18 mnths that all fit him the same

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