2 Year Old with a Fever but No Other Obvious Symptoms...

Updated on June 30, 2011
M.E. asks from Brunswick, GA
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My 2 year old daughter has had a fever off and on for going on 2 days now. I usually freak out everytime one of my babies gets a temp of 100 or higher and want to take them to the doctor right away. But the last several times it has not been anything major, so I took the wait and see method for the first time ever. (Not easy for me) Anyway, the fever started out at 102 on Tuesday morning, but has not been over 101 today (Wednesday), and for a large part of the day she had a normal temp. She is not teething and has no other obvious symptoms besides fussiness and whining. I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow if she still has a fever. I am just wondering if anyone may have any ideas what it may be. She is not pulling at her ears or acting like they hurt. A friend said she may have a UTI? But she's never had one so I don't know if I'd recognize the symptoms in a toddler.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the great advice and encouragement! She does not have a fever today. She is still whiney, but hopefully her body was able to fit whatever this was off on its own and she is on the mend. Thanks again!

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I can only speak from my experience with my kids. All 3 have had fevers before with no other symptoms. Sometimes they are just viruses. It doesn't have to be anything like an ear infection, sometimes the body is just fighting something off. Hopefully that's what it is.

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Could be a virus like roseola. It's mild, common in toddlers, and usually comes with fever. You do get a rash with it at some point, so be on the lookout.

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Sometimes we, kids and adults, have a fever and we and the doctor doesn't know what is causing it. The pediatrician usually says that if they are otherwise symptom free just wait it out. When we take the child in, they say, it's probably a virus. Just wait it out. I would call and talk with the advice nurse before spending money on an appointment.

Over time, you'll get accustomed to these little "glitches" and not worry so much.

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If she isn't having any other symptoms and seems comfortable, I would not worry too much. Keep an eye on it, give her lots of liquids (because with less fluids, a fever tends to rise thus making them not want to drink and causing dehydration, and thus causing the fever to rise), and see how she does. Her body is obviously fighting something but without other symptoms, it is impossible for you to know what it is (sure a doctor could speculate and treat). As long as she is comfortable and the fever is under control, I would not stress...her body is working properly.

My daughter never pulls on her ear or runs a fever with her ear infections. It's not uncommon to be surprised to find she has one.

If she is still running the fever on Friday morning I would get her checked out before the holiday weekend.

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Around the Chicago area there is a virus going around with a fever and no other symptoms. daughter has had it twice and niece twice. If they check her out and don't find any cause, it will have to run its course. Don't give her antibiotics that are unnecessary. Symptoms of uti in anyone are frequency in urination, pain/burning with urination, blood in urine....might not notice frequency if she is still in diapers but you might notice the others... Hard to get a kiddo that age to pee in a cup- I successfully did with my daughter at 3 but not prior. Good luck!

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My 6yo just yesterday came down with a fever of 102.8 with no other symptoms. Today he had a very low grade temp for the 1st half of the day, but then was ok. Tonight my 8 yo has a fever.
I'm guessing just a virus.
Try not to worry =o)

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You totally sound like me. I get so worked up anytime there is anything remotely wrong with my kids and I always think it is something terrible. It bothers me when there is a fever with no other symptoms. My son had this last year. It was just a fever and it was off and on. I would go away and come back a day later and this went on for 11 days. Freaking out!! It was just a summer virus yet the ped did do a urine test for a UTI. Better safe than sorry on that end. He also had an unexlained fever once and it was because he had a tick on him and his body was trying to fight the foreign body. I did just hear from my cousin that her 2 yr old had a fever off and on without any other symptoms. What about coxsakie? my son used to get that often in the summer months and there would be no other symptoms but a fever until I took him to the ped and they would look in his mouth.
Good luck!

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My five year old just had a fever for 48 hours, no other symptoms. He was tired and not hungry, but no nausea, vomiting, rashes, cough, runny nose etc. I read that there are a few viruses (like coxsackie) that can show up as just a fever that clears. Bring her in to have her ears checked but hopefully it's just a virus that will clear up on its own. Oddly, my kids have had other things with no symptoms at all - I had one who has been dxed with an ear infection and pneumonia at well visits, so you never know what the doc will find, if anything.


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is it possible her two year molars are coming in? that might explain it - feel the back part of her jaw to feel for a lump or the tooth "breaking" through!

I hope it's something as simple as teething and nothing more serious!



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Sometimes they just get viruses. My oldest did his he had a fever for almost a week it suddenly broke and he broke out with a rash turned out he had roseola.
Good for you relaxing and waiting a few days. Our ped always says to wait 3 days for a fever before bringing them in unless they have symptoms that indicate something (ex. Sore throat= bring them in to get tested for strep) or their behavior is cause for concern (ex. Lethargic or unable to comfort)


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Here lately, my children have had mysterious fevers stemming from 100 to 103. I have taken them to the doctor but all they tell me is its viral. however, they do check other things to rule out ear infections and such. So to be on the safe side, if she is running fever tomorrow, I would take her to be seen.


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It could still be an ear infection. Even if she doesn't seem bothered by her ears. My son ran a low grade fever for about 48 hours when he was 3 yrs old. No other symptoms that I recall. No complaints of any kind. No issues sleeping or lying down. Nothing. He woke up on a Saturday morning saying his ear "felt full". I went to get his pillow off the bed so he could lie on the sofa and watch cartoons or a Winnie the Pooh movie while I nursed his baby sister and found a quarter sized circle of blood on his pillow, from where his eardrum had ruptured during the night.
Not trying to scare you at all. But just because she isn't pulling on or complaining about her ears, doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't have an ear infection. If she still has the fever tomorrow, I'd take her to be seen. 3 days in a row is indicative that something beyond "just a cold" is going on.



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my daughter just had a uti. my pedi says wait 4 days if the fever does not go away with meds even if controlled and on day 4 it peeked and we took her in and that night we had to take her to the hospital becasue they wanted to get a urine sample and she wouldnt/couldnt pee and they did iv fluids and took a urine sample and tested and it was the beginning of a uti. if she is drinking i wouldnt worry i would hold out until friday and see what happens even if she is not really eating as long as she is drinking. If she is not drinking i would take her in


answers from Kansas City on

it's probably some kind of bug. good for you not rushing to the dr. at the first sign. most likely after another day or two it will be gone. honestly i wouldn't even go to the dr at this point at all, especially if it's staying down with ibuprofen and tylenol. unless it goes back up or lasts for another few days.



answers from Orlando on

You could check to see if there are small little bumps on her body for meseales.


answers from Wichita on

I would honestly wait another day or two to see if it breaks...especially if she doesn't have other symptoms. Both Fifths Disease and Roseola are rashes (very common in children) that appear after 3 or 4 days of unexplainable fever. You can do a search on both to get more information. Just be on the lookout for a rash. With Fifths Disease, her cheeks would get really red and look like they have been slapped (but you'll definitely know it is a rash). :)

As far as a UTI is concerned, many times for small children, the symptoms are not as clear as with an adult. As a general rule, make sure that you always wipe her from her front to her back so as not to introduce excess bacteria into her vagina. If it IS a UTI, getting a urine sample can be very tricky...I have heard from another mom that she first gently cleaned the area down there (this is a must for a urine sample), then she and her husband ran some warm water in the bath, stood their daughter up in the warm water and had the cup already in position. They were able to get a sample that way.

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