Bday Party Ideas for Boy/girl 5 Year Old Twins

Updated on August 17, 2010
A.J. asks from Minneapolis, MN
7 answers

My boy/girl twins turn five in September. We will be having their first ever "friends party" this year. We will be hosting it at our house. I am looking for ideas and suggestions on what theme(s) to have. Also, almost all of my twins friends are girls, should I try to round up some boys to invite too? Any input would be greatly appreciated, including game and food ideas.

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answers from Minneapolis on

It can be a little expensive, but weather permitting, renting an inflatible bouncer is a lot of fun and appeals to both boys and girls. This was years ago now, but my oldest son's first friend b-day party was also age 5. He invited both boys and girls, and we had a castle-shaped bouncer and a castle-themed cake. The kids go home tired!! The adults even jumped in it at the end of the day after all the kids went home.



answers from Sioux Falls on

My boy/girl twins turned 5 in March. We went to the dollar store and I let them pick the plates, napkins, cups in whatever theme they wanted. We ended up with princess and mack trucks. I have also done two cakes for them. Just because they are twins doesn't mean they have to share everything. I have bought two store bought cakes before but this year and last I made them myself. I just did two layer round cakes. I let them choose what kind of cake (white, choc, marble, confetti etc) and what color frosting (i bought vanilla and used food coloring) and then just wrote happy birthday and their name in a different color or shade of frosting. I bought rings or whistles or plastic cars (the kind you buy for treat bags) and used those to decorate the cake. They loved their cakes. I did different treat bags for boys and girls with some similar items and some different. I decorated the house (we stayed inside since it was still winter) in multi colored streamers and balloons, keeping that part more generic so it would work for both boys and girls. I have always served little caesars pizza at birthday parties. it's cheap, easy and most kids love pizza. I make koolaid which is a treat for my kids as they don't get it other then on special occasions or maybe vacation. All kids love koolaid and its cheap. They go through lots of it so I make two pitchers and have extra if I need to make more. If you don't think your son will mind the boy to girl ratio being off then I wouldn't worry about it. If you know of some boys to invite (from school, sunday school, the neighborhood) then go ahead and round up boys. I think it really depends on what your son will most enjoy. For games we have done pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, pushing a peanut down the hall way with your nose racing against another child. Check for peanut allergies of course. The kids loved this game. Simon says, races with balloons between the knees if you are outside, also tie a balloon with curling ribbon to each childs leg. let them chase each other and try to pop each others balloons. the last one with a unpopped balloon wins. they loved this game also. Also, we always sing Happy Birthday twice and let each child blow out their candles seperately. Each kid deserves the limelight!

Good luck and have fun! Boy/girl twins are awesome!



answers from Pittsburgh on

What about a nice old fashioned backyard fall party? Cook burgers/dog on the grill, chips, cake (or better--cupcakes) and ice cream.
You can do: a piñata, limbo, pin the something on the whatever, bean bag toss, drop clothespins into a bottle, sack races, egg on spoon races, wheelbarrow races..........

I would invite their friends be they boy or girl--no biggie if it's mostly girls if those are his main friends.



answers from Omaha on

Are your kids in school?I would let them each invite 3 or 4 kids that they are friends with, don't worry if boy or girl- let it be their choice. My brother has boy/girl twins and he gets a quarter sheet cake and has it decorated half for her and half for him. Never had a problem getting anyone to do it that way.
I have never offered food at my sons birthday party other than cake or icecream and often found that we have way more cake than we need- cupcakes are also a good idea. I am not good with games- so i can't help you there. Have fun!



answers from Rochester on

My daughter turns 5 in September also, so I've been thinking of this, too! The Disney Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse theme would work for both of them, and I saw plates/decorations at Target that would definitely work for a boy or a girl.

Last year we held her party at a large park so all the kids could play, and did sub sandwiches, salad, fruit salad, cupcakes, chips, etc. It worked really well, was easy, and everyone loved it. Hamburgers and hot dogs are always a big hit with kids and adults, too, although they require a little more effort.

I gave each of them bags of fun dollar store type favors to play with. The kids loved drawing with sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, and playing on the playground. If it is warm enough you could even have them play in little pool. (We have a blow up one that is bigger and more fun than the hard plastic ones- about $20 at Fleet Farm). We have "The Cat in the Hat" game which is a lot of fun, and I think would work pretty well at parties. Pinatas are usually a big hit, too, so I'm thinking of doing one this year.

I think if you can round up a few boys your son would appreciate it, but if he normally plays with the girls and isn't that close with the boys then it probably isn't a big deal to him.

Have fun!



answers from Milwaukee on

We've done a prince & princess theme, Mickey & Minnie, & Dora and Diego. They all lend themselves to boy/girl twins very nicely. Good luck and have fun!



answers from Sacramento on

I love any occasion to have fun and dress up! Birthday parties for kids are fun because they're so imaginitive and excited to put on costumes and play a part. There are so many themes that are possible with a co-ed party, but I'll just suggest three to keep this shorter.

Since the party seems to consist mainly of girls, I'd say the best fit would be a castle party. Of course, many girls love to dress up as princesses but your son and other boys can be princes or even knights. You could have a royal feast, pick up some horses (I saw some of those horse toys on sticks at our local dollar store) and make an obstacle course that they have to navigate while pretending to ride the horse, decorate crowns/tiaras, play musical chairs and each kid wins their own sceptre, and you could even draw a big castle on a roll of paper and pin it up for kids to color during the party.

Another cute co-ed theme is a Rodeo party. The kids dress up as cowboys/cowgirls. If you find those horses at the dollar store you can still create a rodeo-themed obstacle course using the horse. Make up some games using the horses. For example, have them place the horse on the ground, put their forehead on the horses' forehead and spin around the horse three times, then have the kids stand and walk to a designated finish point (make sure there's nothing to hit a head on because they'll be dizzy and uncoordinated). Find some white or solid bandanas and have the kids decorate them. Play horseshoes.

My favorite home party that I've repeated is the Circus/Carnival theme. Kids can dress up as circus animals or clowns. If you don't have kids dress up for the party, you can offer face painting instead (if you or a friend can do it). Kids can play games to win tickets (found at WalMart and some party stores) which they redeem at the end of the party to select their own party favors. You can have any combination of games at the party (i.e., bowling, throwing a ping pong ball over a collection of plastic cups to see which it lands in, etc.), the kids don't care what the actual games are -- they really just want to win the tickets. Offer a handful of, say, ten games and ask parents to man each station as well as give out tickets. The kids can go to each station in any order. We've also done a fortune teller and fishing for treats. After the games, the kids can line up, someone counts their tickets (I told all the parents to be leisure with the tickets since they come in such a large roll. The actual ticket count doesn' t matter. I always just pretended to count and when I'd announce the ticket number, the kids would all have similar amounts). Then have a line of a few parents and send the kids through one after the other. Tell each kid they can choose X # of items (whatever you choose, depending on how much you bought, everyone gets pretty much the same amount).

As for food ideas, I think finger foods are easy for the kids and you. I have been successful with pb & j's cut into quarters and cut up fruit, as well as crackers and cheese slices. From my experience, kids will be itching for the party games, cake, and their treat bag, not for what food they'll eat.

There are so many more possible themes you can imagine. But, those are my favorites, especially since I love any occasion where we can dress up in costumes. A couple of websites I really like for costumes and party supplies are or Hope my post starts you off on some party theme inspiration! Good luck!

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