Relief for Pre-nauseous Pregnancy Symptoms?

Updated on April 13, 2012
K.R. asks from El Cajon, CA
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Yay I'm pregnant! I'm 6 weeks along and experiencing a sour stomach--so far not vomiting, but a semi-nauseous feeling all day long. I never felt this way in my previous pregnancies, so I can use some suggestions. What do you do to feel better?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! I might try Ginger Ale when my burping subsides; I think the most fun suggestion was lemonade and Sun Chips!
I have headaches too--Tylenol helped.

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answers from San Diego on

I liked those pregnancy pop drops and the pregnancy popsicles. I found the pop drops at a maternity store and tried them and they were great. I didn't ever vomit either, but often felt nauseous. And, the very thought of chicken made me want to puke;)

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answers from San Diego on

I second the sea bands. They are my saviour while pregnant. I even keep them on hand for stomach bugs. Candied ginger is a good thing to nibble on to help keep your stomach calm as well. Ginger beer is really ncie too drink too, it is a soda and not alcholoic as the "beer" in the name implies. Ginger ale is good too but I like the mild bite of ginger beer.
Make sure to not go too long between eating so you don't get overly hungry.
One thing my midwife recommended was to eat a few Sun Chips with a little bit of lemonade before eating a meal. It was the weirdest thing and she admited it was weird too but it actually worked. Something about the salt and acid of the lemonade. It has to be Sun Chips too, it didn't work with others.

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answers from Houston on

You can buy the sea bands that help with nausea, they sell them at CVS, Walgreens and such and they are helpful. If the nausea gets severe, I highly recommend the prescription med Zofran... it was all I could take to function or eat at all.

Eating small meals frequently, bland foods, (toast and such), a carb with a protein (like cheese or peanut butter on crackers or toast) also helps. Most swear by ginger, it didn't work for me. In early pregnancy, a few sips of Dr. Pepper really helped me, of course I don't recommend chugging soda on a regular basis though.

Some good relief ideas here:

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answers from New York on

for me it was tums(theyre perfectly safe they were on my list from my doctor of safe medicines/foods), gingerale and crackers.. i consider myself lucky i only felt the morning sickness for about 3 weeks.. im 24 weeks now and havent felt like that in months .. it started at about 8 weeks and was completely gone by the time i had my first ultrasound between 11 and 12 weeks my big issue was the headaches.. xtra strenght tylonal definatley helpd.. i also got a tip from a friend of mine.. she said to drink something warm like green tea lay on your right side and put a pillow between your knees, for me it was likea miracle cure it never failed. congrats and dont worry it will get better

-oh and if your taking prenatal vitamins make sure u take them with plenty of food i know they say to on the bottle but one morning i was in a rush and just took them and it made the nausea 10x worse



answers from Savannah on

peppermint and ginger



answers from Los Angeles on

I kept a bottle of ground ginger next to my bed and inhaled it every morning. I also dropped it in my purse and sniffed it during the day. Helped me as did the wrist bands for sea sickness. But it could have been all in my head!



answers from Los Angeles on

Sucking on lemon wedges really helped, so did preggie pops.



answers from Detroit on

Congratulations on the baby! I know how tough it can be to manage morning sickness, but keep in mind, it's all worth it! Here are some suggestions to combat the nausea:

Small protein meals every few hours like cheese and lunchmeat
Sea Bands on the wrists
Saltine crackers
Ginger ale
Seltzer water (has no or little calories, no salt, no sugar)
Preggy Pops (Suckers for pregnant women)
Melons--watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe
Plenty of rest

If it gets too unbearable, contact your ob/gyn and they can prescribe some meds to help ease the nausea.

Best wishes:)



answers from Shreveport on

In our family, it seemed like we needed to eat properly or we would get sick. Gingerale or sprite helps, and I kept crackers by my bed.Like saltine crackers. I found out out it would hit me late at night/ early morning. Another trick is to put a cool rag on your neck or under your nose, above your lip. Congrats!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I wish I could help. I was sick for 8 1/2 months. I puked at least 3 times a day most of the time. I craved chocolate and oatmeal. Then it came right back up.....

Congrats on the baby!



answers from Washington DC on

Starlight mints - the kind restaurants give out. Peppermint is known to help with nausea. You can buy a package of them in the grocery store or Walmart.



answers from Portland on

I had severe morning sickness during my last pregnancy. Sucking on hard candies (I liked citrus flavored one) and drinking cold water seemed to provide some relief.


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