16 And Pregnant,getting a GED??

Updated on September 22, 2010
S.H. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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hello,im S.. i am 16 and 3 months. i am also 4 months pregnant. i was wondering,can i have a GED and go to collage and be a therapist? or would i deffinatly need a diploma? i need help. this is my dream,and i cant give my baby away or anything of that sort. this was and is my fault so i have to find a way to deal,help?

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So What Happened?

thanks for all the support and tips and what not. just for everyones info, i am staying in school as my boyfriends mother and my mother watch for the baby whike im in school and why hes at work. This is going to workout,we have it all planned out! so perfect!! im ready for my lil baby to come into this beautiful world!!! ((:
and in 30 years when shes prego ima recommend this website,lol

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answers from Columbia on

sweetie, I just got my GED and i have a 9 month old, granted i am 20 but ive been trying to get my GED for a long time (unfortunately moving and pregnancy complications prevented me from getting it sooner) i'm enrolled in college for Forensic science. You can do whatever you set your mind to, colleges accept GEDs as well as diplomas. figure out whats best for you and your baby and go with it. Its not easy but i promise you can do it, you just have to stand strong and not give up.

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answers from Chicago on

I just googled it & it appears you can get into college with a GED.
I applaud you reaching out for help in this instance. You are already a good mom for having this baby. Stay strong & be sure to ask family & friends for help if your situation allows. I wish you & your baby the best!

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answers from Houston on

Talk to your local community college counselors. A lot of them offer high school courses and can get you the GED test. You can go to a community college with a GED without having a high school diploma. The thing is, most universities require the ACT or SAT to get in, which you would typically take in high school, but if you get your GED and get an associates degree in a community college, you will save time, money and can get into a university as well. Just make sure that the University accepts the classes you take at a community college, not all transfer, but most should and if you go over your schedule with your school counselor, they can help you figure out which ones will.

good luck!

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answers from Columbus on


A GED is just as good as a diploma unless you want to get into a prestigious ivy league college. As a matter of fact, both my daughters and I finished high school early with a GED and started college. We all have graduate degrees now. Their Ohio GED certificates say DIPLOMA on them and the letter from the Ohio GED office says this is your DIPLOMA.

Don't let people tell you a GED is not as good. Good luck! It's going to be very hard and take a long time, but it will be worth it. Do you have a parent or relative that can help you get started?

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answers from Kokomo on

Yes you can get into your local community collge with a GED. Make an appointment to talk to someone in admissions and they will tell you what you will need to be accepted, programs that are available, and things like grants and childcare.

Do it soon and then you will have a plan in motion already, and steps accomplished before the baby comes.

Though sometimes it will be hard there will be an end in sight with a fullfilling future. Becoming a mother gives you an inner strength like you can not even imagine that will get you through those difficult times.

This will be the best thing you could possibly ever do for yourself and child!

PS. I just saw you are in Indy, I live in Kokomo and am going back to school at IUK, I got in with a GED.

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answers from St. Louis on

So I know a lot of people on here are talking about speaking to your guidance counselor at school about everything. You can get into college with a GED. My brother went to a 4 year university with one, so it is very possible. I would also talk to your guidance counselor about options in the school district also that would allow you to take care of your child and continue going to high school if you want. The school district that I work in has childcare available and the one that I went to school in had an alternative program for mothers. Also, you might be able to get some state assistance to pay for childcare (something you could qualify for even as a college student, although several college campuses now are providing childcare for students). There are LOTS of opportunities that your guidance counselor and school social worker (if you have one) can help point you in the direction of so that you can fulfill your dream and have the best outcomes for you and your baby. Congrats too! I know you will be great even with all the changes.

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answers from Cleveland on

You've had a lot of support so far but really I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that at your age you sought help and are accepting responsibility for your situation. It's hard, and I was 17 when I got pregnant, and a senior, so I didn't have graduation to worry about. Find a college that you like and start asking questions. Do you want to be able to take some classes online? Part time or full time? how flexible is the schedule? do they have on site child care? what does it cost? what financial aid options are available, and does a GED versus a diploma have any affect on that? I'm just now finishing my degree (11 years later, married and expecting baby number 4) and it's certainly worth it. A good school in going to be able to answer your questions and get you started on the process of enrolling and making a life for yourself and your baby.

Congrats, you may be young and it may be hard but enjoy this, you'll only be pregnant with this child once.

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answers from Redding on

Talk to your high school guidance counselor.
They can help you by explaining the details.

Best of wishes to you.

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answers from Austin on

Here in Austin we actually have an alternative school that allows a student that is classified as a Junior to work at their own pace to finish and get their high school diploma..

We had a neighbor who the moment she had enough credits to be classified as a Junior she went to this school and finished in 3 months.. She ended up graduating with my daughter and she was 2 years younger than my daughter.

Is there anything like this in your school district?

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi S.
Welcome to this site. It shows that you are showing a great maturity connecting with mothers and asking for advise about your future education.You are planning the best future for you and your baby.Sorry I can't answer your question as I don't know how the education system in America works. Maybe you could do some research or ask your career guidance counsellor.
Just to wish you all the best with your pregnancy and future.
Take Care

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answers from Chicago on

Hi S.,

Congratulations on your baby and your courage to keep the baby. I know SO many girls from my HS who had babies in HS, while everyone around them told that they'd ruin their lives. Guess what, none of them did, as they all had the same attitude that you seem to have--this is your dream and you can't give it up. You can do pretty much whatever you want, even though it will, indeed, be difficult.

Come to this website as much as you need to for support and advice. The moms here have some GREAT ideas and have helped me out tremendously!

God bless,

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answers from Austin on

definitely finish your education. A diploma would be better, but a GED is better than nothing... My fiance has a GED because he was home-schooled, and people see it and immediately assume he couldn't get a diploma, so he has a harder time getting job offers. (one employer told him to his face that they didn't hire drop outs, even if they got their GED!) A GED should allow you to get into college, especially if you study hard and do well on your entrance exams. It's going to be hard at first, but sooo worth it in the long run for you and your baby! Where is the dad in this picture? If he isn't going to help take care of expenses, MAKE SURE to get child support from him! I know a lot of younger mothers feel bad about "ruining" the dad's life (if that is the case...) but this is his fault just as much as yours...( I know that can sound bad... I totally didn't mean it in a mean way!) and he needs to step up. Also, apply for state aid. As a single mother (if that is the case) there are tons of resources you can take advantage of. Good luck! :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Hi S.,
First I want to say that my mom was 16 when she got pregnant with & had me. I am so glad that she kept me, rather than giving me up for adoption. It may not be easy, but you already sound determined & that is a great start!
You shouldn't have a problem getting into college with a GED. You may need to take a placement test, which may require a fee & pay for registration. Other than that, you may be able to apply for financial aide and/or scholarships to help with your tuition. My local college has reduced fee childcare for students who have children, so your child can be on campus while you are in class. That is something that you may want to look into (if your college has it) if you do not have other child care arrangements. You should also be able to set up a meeting with the advisor of the program that you wish to enroll in to discuss your best options for your schedule, along with any other classes that you may need to take.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it! Best of luck to you & your baby!

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answers from New York on

Your best resource is your guidance councelor at school. You should schedule a meeting with him/her to discuss your options. They can also give you information on financial aid.

You will have a very difficult time getting excepted at a university or four year college without a high school dipolma. However, you would have no problem getting into a community college.

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answers from Canton on


I have a daughter who is also 16 and 5 months pregnant. We live in Ohio. First of all, most colleges will accept a GED and you don't need a high school diploma to get into college. This is because a GED comes from an accredited source just like a high school diploma. We looked at various school options for my daughter and chose an online school that is accredited with the state of Ohio so she'll receive a diploma just like she would in a regular high school. Also, she's able to work around the baby's schedule when the baby comes and still get her school work done. So it was a win-win option for my family. I'm not sure of the online school options for Indiana but it's worth checking into. Just make sure the online school is accredited with the Indiana department of education and that the diploma is the same as a high school diploma. There are online schools that are not accredited and colleges won't accept their diploma. I'm glad to hear that you still want to further your education even though it will now be a little more difficult to do.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi S.! Kudos to you for wanting the education and future you deserve for both you and your baby! As others have said, check with your high school to get your GED, BUT, have you considered attending an online high school? In our state, there is at least one that is FREE (Ohio Virtual Academy at k12.com, it is a bonafide school district of its own). I *think* this one may be free in Indiana, http://info.connectionsacademy.com/national/search , but you'll want to make sure it goes through grade 12. I searched for "free indiana online high school". And yes, SO many colleges now offer online courses; in fact, University of Phoenix has a completely online program in many specialties. Many community colleges also have programs that are in tandem with universities (entire program can be taken at the community college OR be completely transferable to several universities).

There are also resources for expecting teens in most communities that will provide you with a crib and other necessities. The very best of luck to you and your little one!



answers from Atlanta on

Talk to your guidance counselor, and, if your grades are high and you've been doing well in school -advanced placement, etc. talk to you local community college about just enrolling. I never got my GED, but I went to college straight out of 10th grade by scoring high enough on the SATs. Either way, you certainly can go to college with your GED and become a therapist! Check into all the options your high school has as well and see if there are any groups that help teen mothers stay in school by providing child care. I know a few of our area high schools have day care centers in the high school for faculty children as well as teen parents. You can do it!



answers from Portland on

You do not need a HS diploma to get into college, even an Ivy League one.

You can't do both; you can either get a GED or a regular High School Diploma.

You have to be 16 to get a GED.

I was 15 when I had to leave school.

I finally got my GED when I was 33.

I went to community college for a year, and after maintaining honor roll status, I received several transfer offers at really good Universities all over the country. I chose to finish my Associates degree at the community college, as it is cheaper. I am currently working on my Bachelors at a private University in my city. I am debating where I want to complete my Masters, either at University of Hawaii or Smith College(one of the Seven Sisters schools!)in Massachusetts. I may even transfer to one of those two next year to finish my Bachelors.

I have an Associates in Early Childhood Development. I am working on a Bachelors of Social Work/Human Development. I plan on attaining a Masters in Infant/Toddler Mental Health and working as a therapist as well.

To be a therapist in any field requires a Masters degree. Counselors only need a Bachelors.

I have Pells grants, financial aid, and scholarships.

Hope this helps and good luck!



answers from South Bend on

First off, don't say this was and IS my fault...it takes TWO to get pregnant! Unfortunately, many times, we women are stuck with all the responsibility if the man isn't 'man' enough to get involved & do the right thing.

Secondly, you can do anything you set your mind to! I think once this child is born, you will have even more of a determination & drive to further your education and provide this baby with the best of everything you can possibly offer. :) Good for you for having your head on straight. Best of luck!



answers from Dayton on

Hello S.,
I am a mother of a 16 year old daughter. I would hope that if she were in your situation that she would have the same attitude that you have. I applaud you for wanting to still pursue your dream of becoming a therapist. I do believe that the GED is the same thing as a high school diploma.Your life is about to change drastically, but if you keep your determination and keep working on your goal, you will achieve it. God Bless You and your new little one, T.



answers from Cleveland on

You can definitely go to college with a GED. Each college has some form of entrance exam etc There is no rason to not follow your dream and there are all kinds of financial aid available for students. You can do anything that you choose to do so follow your dream. You should feel very proud of yourself for accepting rsponsibility, not blaming anyone else and wanting to move forward. If you live near a community college that is the place to start. Ask questions, look for financial assistance and there is usually some sort of child care. I wish you the best!!



answers from Huntsville on

Yes, you CAN! My husband has a GED and is in the process of joining an online college. Late start for him to start college, but it is definitely something everyone should do! He had a rough high school experience, then joined the Army, and is now finally taking the time to get a degree.

You are already a good mother by thinking about your future and knowing how to ask for help. Good job! And congrats on your little one!



answers from Indianapolis on

Good for you for wanting to make the best of your situation:) Yes, you can get your GED and attend college. Look into the community school programs in your area. Many have GED prep courses you can take :)
Good Luck with the pregnancy and birth!



answers from Dayton on

Hi S.,
I'm glad you are doing the mature thing by having your baby and yet still trying to set goals for your future! There are many young ladies that have dealt with the same situation and luckily there are many organizations in the community that can help. Elizabeth's New Life Center has 5 Women's Centers around Southwest Ohio. They offer material assistance programs so you can earn cribs, strollers and other baby supplies. They also have a social worker that can help you achieve your goals by referring you to other organizations that will help you get your GED or even stay in school, if you wish. Give them a call at ###-###-####. Good luck to you.
I was in your shoes when I was young and you can do it! BTW, my church helped me a lot too! I hope you have family or friends that will be there for you. If you don't I would be happy to mentor you as much as I can if you want. Take care! ~N.



answers from Terre Haute on

I commend you for taking responsibility. Contact the school of your choice and ask. Many communities now have alternative schools so that you can attend school and raise a child -- on site child care. You might want to check that out as well.
Either way continue your education - seek out support groups for young parents.
Bless you and your unborn child.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi S.,

I understand you are in a tough spot right now. There are places that can help you! I would go to the high school and find out how you can take your GED. Then after getting your GED, you can apply for a grant to get into college and make your dream come true of being a therapist. You need a diploma to do this-so get your HS diploma first. Stop blaming yourself for your choices. You are choosing a better life for yourself and your baby. Work on getting a good degree will make a good life for your baby. Is the father involved? If not, make sure he is making child support payments. Get some housing assistance-- you can go to your local state office and apply for state aid and in the mean time, get a job and start saving. Open up a savings account for your baby so you can start acquiring some funds. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It is so good that you reached out to the mamas on here. Do you have family? Can they help you? If not, get involved with a church--churches are wonderful resources in helping you learn about God and get back on your feet. Best wishes to you and your baby.




answers from Cleveland on

A GED is almost as good as a diploma, but I think you might have to be 19 to take the test, at least that is what my friend told me.
You should talk to your guidance counselor at your school. they often have accelerated programs to get you through faster, or you could look into online schools.
You are entiteled to a free appropriate public education, so I would go that route if I were you.
Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

You can, and it won't be easy. Talk to your hs guidance counselor and an admissions counselor at the colleges you'd like to apply to. It's going to be harder than you can imagine, but don't let anyone look down on you or tell you that you can't do it. You can, and you have to keep your eye on the prize, have patience and a LOT of support.

Good luck.

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