10 Month Old Not Napping!!

Updated on April 22, 2009
C.G. asks from Rockland, MA
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does anyone have a baby that doesn't nap!!! my 10 month old will not go down for a nap. she wakes up at 6:00am and by 11 i would think she was pooped, but she will not go down. she is perfectly happy when she is up and playing, but i know she needs to get sleep and i also need a break!!! yesterday she woke up a 6am and wouldn't nap all day, went to bed at 6:30. i guess i just have to get used to a baby that doesn't seem to need sleep?

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I read the book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child and used that for reference with my kids... I would recommend putting her down within 2 hours of when she wakes up (even if she doesn't seem sleepy) and see how she does with that. Often times if they get past their point of tired, overtired kicks in, but it can look like full of energy. That's how my kids are for sure. Then put her down for her afternoon nap as well.. Even if she doesn't always sleep, if you establish the routine and the schedule, she will fall into it, I'm sure. My kids did the very same thing you are describing (which is why I got the book! smile). I don't know all of the history here, but I noticed that my kids are very restless when they are cutting teeth and don't sleep or seem to be ABLE to take naps very well during that time, and then after a few days they are back to normal again. Even with that though, I put them down and let them look at books or "play" quietly in their beds. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Anyway, I got that book from my library, and it was very helpful, just to know in general how much sleep they need at what ages, and how to work with their "internal clock" if you will. You might not have time to read the whole thing from start to finish, but the good part is that you can pick the chapter where her age falls and go with that until you have time to read through it more thoroughly. Sorry this is so long... just wanted to respond with details since I know what you are going through, having been through it (and worse!) as well.

Best wishes,



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When you say she won't nap, do you mean that you put her in her crib and leave her there for half an hour and still she doesn't fall asleep? Or just that she fusses about napping and seems happy to be awake, so you don't push the nap? My older son was always an incredible napper -- took two naps longer than most and still sleeps for 3-4 hours at almost 3.5! But my younger son (almost 1.5) needs less sleep, so it's clear to me that every kid is different. He switched to one nap fairly early on and sometimes only sleeps for an hour at naptime. Like your daughter, he seems perfectly happy when he's awake. I know he needs the sleep, though, because if we're in the car or sometimes even if he's in a sling, he'll fall asleep around 11:00. I try to hold him off until my older son's afternoon nap around 1:00. He has never gone down for a nap easily, and even now he cries for a bit when I put him in his crib. But he does fall asleep after a little while. I guess it's possible your daughter really doesn't need the sleep, but I think it's unlikely at only 10 months, so probably you just need to figure out when she gets really tired and then be persistent about naptime. Make sure it's always at the same time of day so she gets on a schedule. If she really won't go to sleep, then I agree with the person who advised you to put her in her crib so you can take a break! At least she'll get a rest, and you will, too.



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Both of my children gave up napping by 1yo. The upside was that they both started sleeping better through the night around the same time. If you need a break, just put your daughter in her room with something quiet to do or put a video on & take a 30 minute break for yourself. Good luck.



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My mother said I was the same way. She put me in the crib and took a nap herself. I entertained myself for about an hour and everyone was happy. W..



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My mother swears up and down that I refused naps at 12 months old and never needed one after that. She says she'd put me to bed early and I'd sleep right through the night.
As much as it stinks to miss that quiet time for yourself.... I guess some kids just don't need it!
Maybe she'll need naps again once the busy summer activities start up.
Good luck!



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Hi C.!

My daughter went through the same thing around the same age and it was a few-day phase. Sometimes little things upset them (like staying out all day for a day or two, or cutting teeth, or learning new things), even if you can't figure out what it is.

Your daughter is probably coming upon a time of transition soon (see the 14 month old "2 naps or 1?" question from today), so you should try to use a mixture of her cues and a time schedule that is acceptable for you. Your daughter is old enough that you can probably put a toy or two in the crib with her that she can entertain herself with until she falls asleep on her own. My daughter sometimes would play (happily) for nearly 2 hours before sleeping for another 2-3 (what a WONDERFUL break!).

Best of luck, and remember that her being awake doesn't mean you don't get a break. Playing alone is an important skill! :)



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she should need naps..might be a phase. put her in her crib and let her "rest" (for both of you) leave her there as long as she's not crying.

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