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Updated on March 25, 2011
J.O. asks from Milford, OH
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My 1 year old has been walking for about a month or so now but he's still pretty new at it and falls all the time trying to walk to fast, different flooring, not making a sharp enough turn etc. We have had several close calls but he has never really hit his head too hard. Yesterday he hit his head on the corner of a cabinet at the babysitters. He was chasing the other 2 kiids around and came around the corner and ran right into it. She text me right away and told me what happend and said she was sitting with him with ice on it but it was indented and swallen. By the time I got their that evening it was just a little mark but starting to bruise and just looked like it hurt. So as we were talking about his day he went from her hardwood floor with his shoes on to the capet and tripped, i caught him lucky but he did hit his ear on another corner fairly hard. Poor guy. yes it bruised :( This morning we were marching down the hall and he turned around and grabbed his blankie that was laying on the floor. He went to step and got caught under his feet and he fell face first into the corner of the table and now has a straight mark right under his eyebrow that is nice and red. I feel so bad? Any advise. I can't keep him from walking but these all happend right around when he was getting super tired right before nap time. Should I take him to the doctors to get his little marks checked out...or am i overreacting to something that is a completely normal stage???

Thanks so much!!!

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answers from Norfolk on

My kids were both big stumblers while learning to walk, and it increased exponentially when they were tired. You've got to do what you think is best, but I wouldn't take him to the doctor if he's behaving normally, pupils are the same size, etc. In the meantime, cushion the more dangerous corners in the house (coffee table, etc) or remove items that seem most hazardous, e.g. a footstool that would be easy to trip over. This will pass soon. He'll get more confident on his feet and fall less.

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answers from Phoenix on

Kids fall and there is not much you can do about it. If your son ever seems to lose concionsness, or doesn't cry right away (if he is a crier) or can't seem to balance after, then there is cause for worry. But most of the time, there is nothing to worry about and this is a stage where he will be bruised up. Mine always started around their 1st birthday so I couldn't get any pictures without bruises. Its par with the course right now.

Since I am not a dr, if you are worried you could always call the dr first before making an appt.

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answers from San Francisco on

It is totally normal, and very very hard to watch! I don't think you need to take him to the doctor unless you see signs of concussion -- passing out, vomiting, listlessness, etc. I think you probably just want to concentrate on guiding him to be more careful, and get the babysitter's help on it -- slow down buddy, and verbally announce the obstacles he needs to be aware of. He's feet are just going faster than his awareness, and you guys need to help him figure that stuff out. He'll get it though, it will happen less and less and you will start relaxing, eventually!

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answers from Denver on

Totally normal stage - although stressful for the parents! If he didn't vomit or become disoriented or have large pupils, I agree he's fine. If you feel you need more reassurance you can call the Dr. and get their opinion. Do what you need to to feel better, but I do really think he is fine... hang in there : )

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answers from Phoenix on

My son fell on the coffee table and got a dent in his forehead. We took him to urgent care to make sure he didn't fracture his head and they said he was fine. He still has a dent. They normally don't fall hard enough to cause damage because they're so short but if there is a particularly bad mark or something unusual that seems bad, take him in to be checked just to be safe.

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answers from Austin on

All great advice.. Keep some boo bunnies handy for ice..

We aways tried not to over react. By saying, "Uh oh".. with a calm, but slight surprised reaction it shows you noticed, but sets a calmer tone. . Then try to allow him to get up on his own and THEN, give him a moment before you pick him up to check on him.. Too much reaction, can scare them and then make them cry, thus learning how to get your reaction. Of course if he is on his face, you can help him get up, but try not to make big deal out of it.

I was going to add.. if you have any plans for a family photo, a wedding to attend and important gathering of family.. I will guarantee your son will have the biggest fall that week and end up with a bruise, black eye or big egg looking protrusion.. It never fails.. But the photos will be priceless.

Parenthood is not for the faint of heart..



answers from Minneapolis on

I think it should be ok . Check with your doctor if you are too concerned. It's always better to be safe. Do you have a nurseline you can call for advise? They will tell you if it's okay or if you need to bring him in.
My son fell hard on his head while sitting. He just fell back on the hardwood floor, the loud 'thud' scared M.. I called the nurse and she told M. that it's fine for kids as long as they are acting normal, eyes/pupils look fine, not vomitting or kinda dazed etc. Also she asked if he cried too much when he fell. Also, about concussion she told M. that it doesn't happen unless they fall from somewhere twice their height - like changing table.
For the edges, you can buy those cushions available in babies r us. It's little expensive buy according to M. worth it! My son isn't a year old yet and always tries to pull them out. If you use it, you would need to teach your son not to pull it out.



answers from Columbus on

One suggestion: don't put him in hard-soled shoes. If you really feel you want to have shoes on him, get shoes like Robeez (you can sometimes find used ones at the children's resale shops), or let him go without. He'll get a better grip on the floor in just his bare feet and can balance better in his bare feet than he can in tennis shoes.... We had our little one in Robeez and socks (the only way he'd keep socks on was if we had the Robeeze over them!). It helped some, but it's a big learning curve, and he'll probably keep bumping his head for a while!


answers from Chicago on

Oh lord. my son started walking at 9mos. At that stage, they have no aim, they just go where their little legs take them!

Don't worry. The rule of thumb a friend gave me was as long as it's a bump and swollen, it's fine.
It's only when there's no external swelling and they start to act a little off that you need to worry.
You feel so bad for them, but you're right, you can't stop them from moving around! Things happen.
As his balance gets better, this will happen less. :)


answers from Nashville on

is he wearing ankle shoes? ( the shoes that come up and support the ankle) Because that makes a difference when they are first learning to walk. It helps them stay stable when walking. You can't just put cute little shoes on him with out no ankle support until he has the hang of walking around good. If he doesnt then you can get some at walmart and that should help him from not falling so much :) These are what i got for my daughter when she first started to learn to walk.

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