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We Need a Guidance Before Buying a Car

E.V. asks from Phoenix

Hi. So, my husband and I decided to buy a car. We arrived in Az on august and we had friends took us to groceries, now they told us to get a car. Oh my, if only az isn...


Memories? Let's Go Even Further Back...

K.W. asks from Bismarck

The other day I asked a question about everyone's earliest memories. I loved reading all of the responses, and it got me wondering what your thoughts are on reincarna...


To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate Moms with Small Biz Experience Please Help.

E.W. asks from Fresno

My boyfriend and his silent partner own a small 'head shop' tobacco store. He was told when getting an insurance quote that he needs to incorporate. I have tried to ...


Why Do People Think Women Are Bad Drivers?

L.B. asks from Phoenix

i have not gotten into any crashes.My husband got into 2 crashes.Only one out of my female friends got into at lease one.And one of my male friends got in a minor on...


Homeowner's Insurance

S.G. asks from Dallas

We are buying a new construction home and are looking for an insurance company for our homeowner's insurance. We moved here from Michigan, so we don't know who to go ...


Car Seat Question

C.B. asks from Chicago

My van was damaged in a minor accident recently. The passager side door was scrapped up and so was the rear quarter panel. We've had the damaged repaired, but someone...


Health Insurance in Ohio?

M.H. asks from Lima

I am wondering if anyone knows any health insurance in Ohio that is affordable? Right now, we pay $200.00 a month for a family of 4 that doesn't even cover hardly anyt...


Au Pair Question

T.M. asks from New York

I wanted to find out from anyone who have used an au pair. I have three boys ages 9, 7, 5 who I would need help with them in the summer. I usually send to camp two day...


AZ To PA Move - Info on Colonial SD Housing & Mental Health Field Needed.

D.C. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Ladies- I realize that is this request is probably way ahead of time, but I (now with a family) am moving back to the Montgomery Co area next summer (2009) and ...


Car Got Hit While Parked on Our Street HELP

S.C. asks from Detroit

Does anyone out there know if we let our insurance company know about our car getting hit if we would have to pay a ded. Or if our premium will go up? Any info would...