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Purchasing House

K.D. asks from Denver

I have two questions. The first is broader. How much do you pay for groceries a month for a family of five? The second is: We are looking at purchasing a home ...


CA Driving Age Changing?

S.H. asks from Santa Barbara

I over heard parents talking about the age to get drivers license changing to 18 in CA. They were saying one teen is still eligible to take driver's ed and drive at 1...


Accident with an Uninsured Driver

H. asks from Chicago

Hi girls :) I need some help, and always get great advice I'm hoping you can help me. Here's the scoop....... My brother was hit the other night while p...


13 Y/o Boy???

M.F. asks from Kansas City

oh my goodness! ladies, i'm about to go berzerko! i'll just post one thing at a time. my son refuses to conform to the rules. now, he's not mouthy. he's very passive,...


Fighting Insurance Regarding a Car Accident

S.B. asks from Dallas

So my sister was in a wreck the Monday before Christmas. Thankfully, battered bruised, but no one was hurt seriously. She was stopped at an intersection and then t...


When to Stop

D.D. asks from Phoenix

Our 18 year old senior has played sports since he was 4 years old. When get got to mid-school he did year round sports and student council. His dad shared with him th...


19 Year Old Daughter Trying Tough Love Being a People Pleaser Isn't Easy

J.F. asks from Philadelphia

My 19 year old I think is very spoiled, hasn't ever taken well to the word "no" and confused over her recent decision to leave her out of state college and attend a ...


How Did You Teach Your Teen About Money

K.S. asks from Denver

Currently, DD is 15 and is super busy with sports and school, so she relies on us for money. She is pretty good at accepting limits and understanding when something i...


Geico, Allstate or Statefarm

E.B. asks from Miami

I currently have allstate however the premium is outrageous. I know statefarm is at the top of the list for great insurance as well as allstate. What about geico? I w...


Can I Ground My 22 Year Old Stepson?!?!?

A.D. asks from Dallas

He pulled out in front of someone last week, big deal, we all make mistakes.. HOWEVER, I looked up the police report today online and I found out he got a ticket for...