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Yellow Skin Around Neck

My husband and I have notice that my son is getting yellow around his neck. Every time I bring it up to the docotor they say it is nothing. I seems to be more and more noticable. He was tested at birth for jondice(spelling??), but it came up negative. Is this a normal thing? Will it go away? He has always had strong smelling urine and very very smell bowel movements. He also has been very gassy lately. Does anyone know if they are all tied together? This is very flusterating for both my husband and I.

What can I do next?

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Does he eat alot of yellow/orange veggies? Carrots, sweet potatoes, squash. My daughter would only eat carrots for awhile and turned a little yellow from them. If not, go with your mommy instinct and see a specialist.

I assume that you are not still breastfeeding -- but, I was reading the package insert on my birth control pills and it said that breastfeeding while taking this pill can cause yellowing of the babys skin. Just thought I would mention it!

I'm no doctor, but I am a mom of 4 and also a daycare provider, but with the very strong smelling urine and bowl movements, I would consider having his liver checked to see if it is clearing out all the toxins in his body like it's supposed to be doing...hense the strong odor. I don't know, but it wouldn't hurt just to have it checked out. Best Regards.

Get a second opinion with another doctor.

google yellow skin and you can see it could be all sorts of things causing it. i agree with the other posts, get a second opinion...maybe asks for a specialist. does he get a lot of water to drink?? this could possibly help.

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