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Long story....daughter Holding Urine for Long Periods of Time

My almost 3 year old daughter is holding her urine in for unbelievable amounts of time. Saturday she didn't go for 24 hours and today it had been 26 hours since she went. For the past 3 weeks, she has been complaining that her "bo bo" hurts and was crying every time she peed. Most days she was holding it for 8-9 hours or we were lucky to get her to go once a day. I think it started as a control, stubborn thing because she wants to wear a diaper and then I started worrying that it had turned into something more serious. I took her to the dr. on Feb 19th and he said she probably had a yeast infection and told me to put monistat on the outside area and to keep an eye on it. She also had the flu at that time, so we weren't sure what was causing what. Then it just kept getting worse and she kept holding her urine longer and longer. On top of everything else she was throwing up in the middle of the night for almost 2 weeks. Finally this past Monday I took her back to the dr. and he said she might actually have a bladder infection and that could be what is causing her to throw up. They sent us home with a kit to get a urine sample to get a better idea what was going on in there. For 2.5 days we were unsuccessful at getting a sample and he told us to take her to the ER to cath her. With a long wait and lots of begging she finally peed after 26 hours of not going. We were able to get a sample without having to cath her (THANK GOD). The ER ran the lab and everything is okay with her urinalysis (THANK GOD again!). So my question is, have any other parents experienced this or had problems with their kids holding their urine this long? Her teachers at school said it is not normal and the nurses and dr. said so too. I am wondering what in the world could be going on if their is no infection? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Thank you so much for all the helpful hints and advice. I talked to a wonderful nurse at Children's Hospital in Urology last week and she has given me great guidance and has me keeping an eye on a few things. I also put my daughter back in diapers all weekend and she went several times each day again. I still am not sure what is going on, but I am backing off the potty a bit and taking all your suggestions to heart. I also wanted to clarify that the whole time between her 2 doctor visits & trip to the ER, I was in contact with the nurse at her dr's office many times (since one mom mentioned I waited too long to get back to the dr). They kept acting like it wasn't a big deal, but the more time that went by between pees and seeing my daughter in pain, the more worried I got. That was the frustrating part. That's why I decided to ask on mamasource... because I knew all the moms would be more helpful and offer some suggestions. I am definitely going to find a new dr and keep a close eye on this. Thanks again to everyone!!!

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Hi L.... It sounds as if you have done everything pysically... How about taking her to see a child psychologist? Maybe its just a matter of some kind of attention she is needing? Worth a shot.. Aj

Maybe she needs to see a thearpist. Maybe something has happened to her that has her out of sorts causing this. She might have seen something scary to her, maybe a pet has died, or maybe a kid told her something that didn't set well with her. I am so sorry that something like this is happening to her. But there has to be some reason that she is doing this and the mind can do weird things to the body. Maybe her talking to someone professional that knows how to get info out of a kid might be able to get to the root of what is going on. It is just a suggestion. Good luck and I hope that you are able to get this problem solved.

What detergent do you wash her clothes in? I used Gain and it was cause my daughter to be very irritated there. We had no idea what the problem was and we tried everything from diperrash cream to yeast infection med. Finally I switched to Tide for another reason and her irritation cleared up almost instantly. I finally put the two together and I will never use gain again. Just something to try. Hope it works out.

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I'm a little late in replying to this and I see all the suggestions that you have been given and taking her to a urologist is needed. HOWEVER! I'm seeing alot of people talking about DRUGS and MEDICATIONS! In my opinion....ONLY IF THIS YOUR ONLY ALTERNATIVE AND BECOMES LIFE THRETHNING. Too many parents are way too quick to allow doctors to give medications to their small children who are still growing and developing! Taking a medication for the rest of her life from this age now will probably cut years off her life becuase of the damage the drugs are doing to her liver and kidneys! DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS AT ALL! Yes, holding her urine is not natural and I do not believe she is holding it at all. NO ONE CAN HOLD THERE URINE THAT LONG! If she is not urinating there IS A PROBLEM! How is her WATER INTAKE! Stop all store brought fruit juice and other drinks, including cow's milk! WATER AND FRESH JUICES ONLY! Please until you get this under control, I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO ELIMINATE ALL JUNK FOODS, PROCESSED FOODS AND SUGAR-use grade B maple syrup instead. Start squeezing lemon in one glass of her water w/some maple syrup every morning. Give her as much RAW, ORGANIC-ONLY fruits, veggies and grains as you can and also do this in liquid form. In other words start JUICING at least once a day! Give her carrots, beets, spinach, brocolli, cabbage, kale and all leafy greens, onion, ginger, apple. You can do all these together or you can do in different variations. The ORGANIC carrots, beets, and apple will give the sweetness you and her need when juicing the greens and onion(small piece of onion) Also do fruit smoothies for her...strawberry, blueberry, stoneyfield yogurt, bananas, and ice.

Because of this problem you need to make sure that she does not get too much poisens and toxins building up in her system and her blood. Our diets need to be 80% RAW and until we start eating they way human beings are meant to eat, Americans will continue to have the unexplained health problems seems like only we are dealing with in America!

I also strongly suggest that you get connected with Holistic minded doctors, other moms and dads, and start learning about alternative and intergravtive therapies! Often times when children have problems like these when they are this young, if they don't take care of themselves while growing up, they will usually start dealing with other issues as a result of whatever the unerlining problem was when they were young. I DO SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE! I have two kids one 26 now and my daughter who is 13! Girls will have lots of issues especially as they enter into puberty and start their period!!!! GET YOUR DAUGHTER HEALTHY NOW! Look up & join www.holisiticmoms.org (Holistic Moms Network-National organization) and buy these three books as a start and reference point for you: Prescription for Nutritional Healing and Prescription for Dietary Wellness:Using Foods to Heal both by Phyllis Balch, CNC; and Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Janet Zand, LAc, OMD; Rachel Walton, RN & Bob Rountree, MD

Something to remember...pH balance in our bodies should be 7.3 give or take a point. anything more or less means our body is out of balance and has an internal environment for disease.......DIS-EASE. Remember all illnesses are basically ONE. It starts inside by what we feed it. Water, frutis, vegetables, grains and legumes and you'll be on the right path to health. But remember once thing about our food supply....if it's not locally grown and picked when it's vine-ripened then it was picked to early and will not carry the nutritional value it should have and some of it actually does more harm than good. This is why AMERICA IS SICK! We need to stop messing around with our food supply and land and begin to go back to growing foods locally and eating foods "in-season" only. Your other solution is something called Juice Plus+. If you have not heard of this, you really should look it up.

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I had a very similar experience with my daughter the first time I tried potty training her. She was 2 1/2 years old. She said she wanted to go potty. I took her word for it and started the potty training. Two days later I noticed that she started holding her urine. Like your daughter she started complaining of pain, and I realized that she was in pain from holding her urine so much. Afraid that she would get an urinary tract infection from holding her urine, I stopped all attempts to potty trained and put her back in diapers. She just was not ready. I have a son in college and ironically he was easier to potty train that she was. However, I realized that not every child is the same. My daughter is now 3years and 4 months old. Last week I explained to her that it was time to wear under wears. She was not for it at all. I took her diapers off and told her that we didn't have any more diapers. After a few minutes she agreed to put her new "princess" under wear on. She had a few accidents the first day. She appreciated the fact that I was very supportive and did not make a big deal out of it. The fact that I didn't over react to her more than normal accidents encouraged her to keep trying. By the second day she went all on her own without any accidents and she has been doing great ever since. Her dad and I took her to toys r us to buy her favorite toy in recognition of her great efforts.

Every child is different and eventually they will let you know when they are ready to be potty trained. You keep trying until the day comes. In my opinion the best way to do it is at the child's own pace.

Good Luck and all the best for you and your daughter!

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I would definitely take her to a pediatric urologist! My daughter had bladder issues from age 4-6...She had accidents all the time. I thought it was just from her not wanting to take the time to go but her pediatrician said it was not normal and sent me to a ped. urologist at Children's hosp. They ran several tests and discovered she had a weak bladder which medication helped. My point is, if everyone says it's not normal you need to get to the bottom of it. and a ped. urologist knows what to look for and what tests to run etc.

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My heart ached for the Mother and daughter going through the painful experience of a small child having difficulty urinating. (And, also, to the mother a few days ago, whose child had difficulty with her stools.) Mom, have you ever had a bladder infection? They can be HORRIBLY painful! If she is having that experience, no wonder she cries! (I have personally had a bladder problem, after a long airline flight, that was so bad I had to go to a hospital. I was also throwing up! But, I did not show positive on their test for a bladder infection. I'm not sure that is the only way to ascertain a problem, particularly if it is caused from yeast infiltration. Does she ever have blood in her urine?) Anyway, in my opinion, the main treatment for both urine and constipation problems is as much water as you can get your child to drink! Maybe if you can find a way to correlate drinking more water with less painful urination, even she, at her young age, will begin to comprehend how important a good quantity of water is each day, as relates to easing her discomfort. (Try drawing pictures with her about how she looks when it hurts with only one glass of water in front of her: a frowny face; and how she looks when it doesn't hurt with several glasses of water in front of her: a big smile?) I have only limited suggestions; but I hope they will be helpful. Many years ago, I had a daughter who frequently had pain with urination. (She also had continual difficulty with elimination, and would sit for hours trying to "go", and cry and moan pitfully.) I finally capitulated and asked my Pediatrician to run whatever tests were necessary to see if she had any intestinal blockages of any kind. I STRONGLY REGRET having allowed them to run the tests, which involved a Barium enema on a four year old girl! In retrospect, the hospital lab's lack of sensitivity in handling that uncomfortable test, made me realize what a mistake in judgement I had made. I now believe it was as serious as the equivalent of a RAPE experience to her!! At the very least, it was a terrible violation to her. So, please think carefully about it before you move forward with major testing (and, if you have to have it done, insist that you stay with her during the entire time she is on the testing table! I begged to be allowed to stay with her while the test was done, but the hospital staff refused. I should have picker her up and walked out, at that point!) I forcefully insisted too late, ignored their instructions, and found my precious little girl crying and left ALL ALONE in a bathroom, to painfully expel the barium solutions they had injected into her! She did, however, have continual problems with yeast infections, clear through her young adulthood, affecting both her urination and bowel movements. I believe three things contributed to this: her love of milk (to which she was later acknowledged allergic to some degree); lack of sufficient water intake(there always seemed to be a strong odor associated with urination, or on her underpants) and her innate tension. (She continued to have intestinal problems all of her life, sometimes throwing up and having explosions of runny stools, both at the same time, after periods of stress!) I think yeast played a MAJOR role in both physical mal-functions! (Many physicians won't even acknowledge the negative effects of a yeast condition; so please make sure you have a pediatricion who does!) She loved juices and sugar in her iced tea; but didn't want to drink just water. I should have found more creative ways to encourage her to drink more water. (I did find a tiny little mug from an amusement park that we had visited, and provided her a small teapot of water that she could refill her little mug all by herself, over and over again. That helped with her quantity of plain water intake!) I now believe she had a sugar/insulin resistance problem that was overlooked by our Pediatrician, although he was recognized as a very good one. (A couple of ideas: Crystal Light artificially sweetened Lemonade is very good, if real lemon slices are placed in it and allowed to sit for a while, before pouring. Cranberry juice weakened with a small amount of water, and just a little bit of orange juice is palatable, too, and not so bitter as cranberry juice, alone.)The important thing is to STOP ALL SUGARED BEVERAGES, except for prune juice, if you can get her to drink it! (Put it in some unique little glass or tiny cup, just to tickle her!)She won't miss the sugared drinks for long, which is an interesting thing about sugar's compelling insistance! Our bodies forget our desire for sugar quickly. As for elimination or stool difficulties, again, I recommend greatly increased fluids with minimal sugar (as any sugar at all can cause severe constipation); and another idea: Orowheat makes an "extra fiber" wheat bread that is excellent. I think that would have helped my own daughter, had we known so much about the benefits of fiber, when she was young. Also, increase her fruit roughage, as in more apples, oranges, etc. I have fed my grandchildren Crispex, a Rice cereal, as opposed to any of the sugared cereals, which is also good fiber and low sodium, but it tastes good even for finger snacks! (Even prune juice won't help soften stools if there is not enough water intake!) Sugars, wheat and cream/milk all FEED YEAST! Please don't give up on getting answers about your daughter's potential yeast problems, as the resulting damage to my own child is that we have now been told that her continual yeast issues could now affect her ability to become pregnant, as an adult. Some damage was apparently done over the years. I encourage you to take her to a children's Urologist! And, maybe even a Holistic Physican, because they usually recognize yeast issues. (Surprisingly, many holistic doctors are also M.D.'s) Best of luck, for her sake, as well as your own!

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Be sure your doctor cultures the urine sample. Sometimes there is enough bacteria to cause problems, just not enough to show up without growing a culture.

Has your daughter ever had an accident at school? If the teachers fussed, she may be worried now.

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I would also try a little fresh lemon squezzed into water to drink or even some cranberry juice. They work wonders for the bladder and are a more natural approach. Good luck.

I hope you find some helpful tips. My daughter is 3yr and I have the exact same problem. I just kept thinking she would out grow this maybe it was a phase. So plan on making apt with the pediatrician to see what i can find out. Ive heard from a couple of different people that if ur spine isn't alligned right that could have some affect and they she may need to see a urologist.

My brother and sister in law experience that sort of thing with their girl. After years of doctor visits they actually found her urethra to be too small. So it did actually hurt her to use the restroom. She has since had that fixed and is now fine.

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