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Unusual Rash on My Three Year Old Son

My son developed an odd rash about seven days ago. There was no fever that we noticed however he seems to be more tired and irritable than usual. He hasn't complained about upset stomach or sore throat and my husband seems to be less concerned because of this. I thought it may be hives although nothing has changed in our house for several months so I administered two days of benedryl thinking it would clear up. Nothing has changed. It started on his chest and back and is spreading to his arms legs and face. I spoke to nurses and they seemed to think I am just a paranoid parent. Any advice as to what to do? Should I push for him to get blood work and stuff or just let off and see what happens? I just want the best for my son without putting him through a bunch of stress with needles.

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I took my son to the doctor and they told me it was nothing had blood work, and swabs, and many other things upon my insisting. I tried the hydrocortizone with no luck. This morning he woke up vomiting, and had such a watery bowel that it just spilled out of his diaper. I cleaned him up, gave him a bath and now he has these marks that look like blisters all up his arms and spreading to his legs. The previous rash that hasn't cleared up either is more like needle marks that are raised, kinda like goosebumps. This new one is on top of the old one and with the new symptoms I am lost. I am taking him to the ER in hopes that they will figure this mystery out. Thank you for all of your answers they were very helpful.

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You didn't mention if you took him to the doctor. That's what I would do. I'm one of those "paranoid" mothers who takes my kids when in question.

Sounds like classic fifth's disease to me. http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/bacterial_viral/f...

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i am pretty trusting of dr's and nurses in general, however, i would at least want some kind of explanation. (something i could google and feel better about doing NOTHING for) is it eczema, poison ivy, an allergic reaction, a skin infection? they should be able to give you a ballpark idea, at least, if they're telling you it's nothing to worry about. get them to tell you a little more, and then research online and find out for yourself, before you start worrying. at least that's what i'd do.

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Have you tried Hydracortizone cream? As far as being a paranoid parent, you are the parent and you know your child if you think something is wrong take him to the doctor. If that doctors makes you feel stupid for worrying take him to a different one. Doctors and nurses all not any smarter then you, especially when it come to your child. Good Luck.

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If it's itchy it could also be a virus called pityriasis rosea. I had it in high school...but it lasts about a month. I'd say the spots were about the size of the end of my pinkie, maybe smaller. It's supposed to start on the back in one spot, spread in a christmas tree shape, then spread to the chest arms, face...all above the waist. Nothing to be done for it but take benedryl for itching. But I'm not a doctor. It could probably be a lot of things.

You didn't mention if you took him to the doctor. That's what I would do. I'm one of those "paranoid" mothers who takes my kids when in question.

Take him to your doctor to be diagnosed if possible. It's hard with rashes if you aren't very experienced and even then sometimes hard to diagnose. Could be strep rash, 5th's disease, maybe even roseola or some other rash but also it may be gone in a few days. Strep you wouldn't want to let go. Has he had fever, sore throat, etc.? I think I would take him in if he's not better in two days or so.

If it is a "lacy" rash that started on the trunk it sounds like fifth disease. He'll feel "blah" for a few days and then it'll pass. Having said that, you are his mother and you know when something is not right with your child. Make an appointment and take him in if you feel the need. There is much to be said about mother's "intuition."

God bless & good luck!

you might get him checked for strep. that's the first thing I noticed when my son got strep was the rash on his chest and back.

I agree it could be dry skin so rather him up really good or it could be your laundry soap use an all free and clear soap both of my kids got rashes this young and that's what the doctor told me to do

I forget what it is called; but it's either fifth disease or sixth disease. It is something that goes with another problem. Nothing that can't be taken care of with antibiotics. Ask your doctor about these two. Did they do a throat swab. My daughter had this rash also. And now she is a healthy 32 year old. good luck.

My daughter developed a rash when she was young, her doctor said it was dry skin. It was, it was dry enough than when we put lotion on it it would hurt until we got it hydrated enough, then she would feel better. Try using a good lotion for a few days or put baby oil or Neutragina Rain Bath is the best, on hem when he gets out of the bath before toweling him off, yes your towels get dirtier, but it will hold in more moisture this way. My grandson has the rosy cheeks that go with dry skin and the whole family is reaching for the chapstick! Just wanted you to know that there is a milder explanation out there than disease!

Personally, if your dr. is not worried but you are I would take him to a dermatologist. I think it is something if your son is not acting normal.

God bless!

I would have someone look at it before dismissing it. Especially if your son isn't feeling well.

Good luck!

Good Morning C., By all means go ahead and make a appointment with his Dr.
I got really upset with gr son's ped awhile back, when Corbin ran a fever for several days spiking at 103.5 for 2 days. He was listless, wouldn't eat or drink anything, slept alot.
he said Fevers are nothing, if they have one his body is fighting the infection. only thing I want to know is how high.. WELL Crapola I told you it was 100. Sunday afternoon, then 103.5 from Monday -Wed, then 101 until today. Then he told me I was a overly worrisome grandparent. Good thing my DIL was there too or I would of bonked his bean and left....lol
If fevers are nothing why do they give us med's to bring um down huh?

Anyway have you changed laundry detergents, lotions, bath soaps? I would go ahead and make an appointment C.. If your not satisfied, like Denise said, get a second opinion.

God Bless you
K. Nana of 5
Merry Christmas to you and yours

Please visit www.webmd.com to view photos of common rashes in children. We too had a similar experience with a rash and being told not to worry. Turns out is was nothing to worry about, but it was comforting to know what we were treating. Hope your little one is better soon. Thanks.

It may be hand, foot, and mouth.


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